lockheed martin: skunk works

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Blake Singer Michael Andrews. Lockheed martin: skunk works. What is the Skunk Works?. What is the Skunk Works?. Mikes Internship. Blakes Internship. U-2 Dragon Lady. Designed by Kelly Johnson 1953-1955 Cruises at 70,000+ feet Bicycle Landing Gear Still in Operation Taiwan UAE - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Lockheed martin: skunk works

Lockheed martin:skunk worksBlake SingerMichael Andrews

What is the Skunk Works?

What is the Skunk Works?Blakes InternshipMikes InternshipU-2 Dragon LadyDesigned by Kelly Johnson 1953-1955Cruises at 70,000+ feetBicycle Landing GearStill in OperationTaiwanUAEGlobal Hawk CompetitorGary Powers Incident in 1960U-2S Revision Currently

Blakes Summer Assignment:Structural Design

1-L PanelSpeed BrakePanel Fastener InvestigationInvestigated Issue with Damaged Panel Fasteners on Aircraft in the FieldDesigned Test Panel to Analyze Fastener DamageContacted Customer and Vendor for Possible Solutions

Speed Brake RetainerSpeed Brakes Opening Unintentionally When Hydraulics are Disconnected During MaintenanceDesigned Component to Keep Speed Brakes Shut During Maintenance ProceduresCreated Drawing for Manufacturing and Installation

Mikes Summer Assignment:Operations AnalysisCreated to Assess Mission Effectiveness of Conceptual DesignsProvide Data to Decision MakersVarious Levels of Simulation FidelitySystem1 vs 1Many vs ManyCampaignCost Parameter IntegrationHybrid ConceptsHybrid Aircraft Address Middle Market80% Aerostatic Lift, 20% Aerodynamic LiftCataloging All HAV ConceptsCommercialMilitaryEnterpriseRepair Robot Testing

How Did Blake Get His Internship?How Did Mike Get His Internship?Questions?


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