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presented at LGcomms seminar 5/2/09


<ul><li> 1. New media: What has worked, what hasntand what have we learnt? LGcomms5 February 2009Simon Wakeman Head of Marketing </li></ul> <p> 2. Medway 3. podcasting 4. objectives Create a new two-way communicationchannel for young people in Medway Get young people actively involved inproducing the podcast Help the organisation learn about podcasting as a communications tool 5. equipment 6. sample clips 7. results 360-400 downloads per show positive face to face feedback limited direct responses experience of new communications tool 8. we learnt be clear why dont underestimate time investment accessibility pick the best technology 9. social networks 10. fuse medway festival 11. fuse medway festival 12. fuse medway festival 13. results more than 100 fans raised profile among new audience group maintain presence between festivals a starting point 14. we learnt more than just an online billboard invest time in interacting and responding need to offer a reason to visit incentives, exclusives need better online/offline integration 15. media relations 16. we learnt monitor as widely as possible be prepared to engage when appropriate internal communications be joined up how new media can lead old media 17. closing thoughts learn the ropes get the organisation ready present a balanced case risks and benefits dont be afraid to try and have fun! 18. any questionssimon.wakeman@medway.gov.uk simon@simonwakeman.com+44 (0) 7771 701902twitter: simonwakeman www.simonwakeman.com/lgcomms </p>