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  • Living LeadershipDavid Stevens, M.D.,M.A. (Bioethics)Executive DirectorCMDA

  • What is Leadership?

  • What Do Leaders Do?Lead ChangeFill the Tank Read the MapStep on the GasSteer the VehicleLube the GearsRepair MalfunctionsTrain New DriversAnd More

  • Is it Right to Have an Ambition for Leadership?Should you then seek great things for yourself? You should not. Jeremiah 45:5 To aspire to leadership is an honorable ambition. 1 Timothy 3:1 NEB

    Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be a slave of all. Mark 10:44

  • Real Leaders Are In Short SupplyGods SearchDavidthe LORD has sought out a man after his own heart and appointed him leader of his people 1 Sam 13:14 EzekielI looked for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so that I would not have to destroy it Ezekiel 20:30PaulI have appeared to you to appoint you as a servant and as a witness of what you have seen of me Acts 26:16

  • Good leaders are so scarce that most people are just following themselves.

  • Nature or Nurture?NatureJosephHitlerNurtureMaking LeadersMilitary AcademiesCombinationBest

  • The Vision ThingDissatisfied with status quoKnows where to goUnderstands the missionDetermined to get thereArticulates the goalFocus is on the future

  • The best test of whether someone is a leader is whether anyone is following.

  • Strategizer Develops the Map Creates Strategy Worthy Effective Doable A leader is man who knows the road, can keep ahead and who pulls others after him. John MottWorking Backward from Your GoalStrategizer

  • MotivatorCommunicates with:ConvictionConfidenceEmpatheticallyUnderstands what motivates peopleSet of ValuesHere is who we are and how we actWhy it is important

  • A leader is someone who can get others to do what they dont want to do and like it.President Harry TrumanLeadership may be defined as that quality that inspires sufficient confidence in subordinates as to be willing to accept his views and carry out his commands.Admiral Nimitz

  • RecruiterAttracts the Right Kind of FollowersCant do the job aloneTo determine the value of a leader, you must look at who is following.A RecruitingSmarter FollowersStewardship

  • A good leader inspires men to have confidence in him; a great leader inspires them to have confidence in themselves.

  • Creates a Psychological BondConfidenceCertaintyActionStrengthExpertiseCourageOptimismConviction

  • Problem SolverIf we didnt have problems we wouldnt have a job!Kites rise highest against the wind - not with it. ChurchillDifficulties mastered are opportunities won.Churchill

  • ExemplaryStrong ValuesRespectedOrganizedResponsibleAccountableIntegrityBalanced

  • Steward of PeopleDivine TrustHelp them succeedWaste not, want notDevelop themTakes timeAvailabilitySuccessTraining - knowledgeEquipping - toolsDelegation - amountPerformance standardsMaintain Culture

  • Willing To be ScrutinizedTo Pay the PriceTo Take a PunchTo FailTo Stick it OutTo Seek Gods Will

  • Maintain Your BalanceBalance the demandsBoard, staff, partners, volunteers, members, public, donors, other org. Political AstuteBetween relationships and getting things done

  • Power PlaysPositional PowerExpert PowerKnowledge or AbilityPersonal AttractionAffective PowerEffort PowerCommitment

  • Spiritual LeadershipGod Assigns UsPrepares UsSuffering is involvedRequires a Spirit of Servant hoodBlends Spiritual & Natural Qualities

  • A True Leader Makes an Enormous DifferenceDr. John GeddieWhen he landed, there were no Christians. When he left, there were no heathen.

    leader n1.somebody who guides or directs others by showing them the way or telling them how to behave2.somebody or something in front of all others, for example, in a race or procession3.the head of a nation, political party, legislative body, or military unit4.the principal performer of an orchestra or of a section of an orchestra5.a conductor of a band or group a short length of heavy fishing line or wire tied to the end of the main line to prevent sharp-toothed fish from breaking off the hook

    The Ability to INFLUENCE PEOPLELeaders lead change. People want leaders when change is needed Things are unpredictable, Uncomfortable, Out of control. Lead ChangeFill the Tank Read the MapStep on the GasSteer the VehicleLube the GearsRepair MalfunctionsTrain New DriversAnd More

    They want managers when change is not needed Life is orderly, Predictable, Most things going well, -- People want tweaking of what exists without major disruption or emotional consequences Leaders in this instance are people who simply have power. People dont like to change.EX: Winston Churchill vs. Nevel Chamberlain 1. Wartime conditions vs. peacetime conditions.

    Jeremiah 45:5 Should you then seek great things for yourself? You should not. 1. For yourself ambition for yourself (ambition --means campaigning for promotion in Latin). b. To aspire to leadership is an honorable ambition. 1 Timothy 3:1 NEBc. Not wrong to seek great things. i. If have right ambition servant leadership vs. power, prestige and wealth. 1. Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be a slave of all, Mark 10:44 ii. Samuel Bringle Sal. Army revival preacher, The final estimate of a man shows that history cares not an iota for rank or title a man or woman has borne, or the office they have held, but only the quality of his or her deeds and the character of their mind and heart. iii. Think about our leader example 1.Someone said.. Because the children of Adam want to become great He became small. Because we will not stoop, he humbled himself. Because we want to rule, he came to serve.

    Joseph - circumstances brought out his natural leadership ability. -- told on his brothers bad conduct. Sold into slavery - Poptiphers house - in charge of everything. Leader in prison. Leader in Pharoahs court. Didnt want to be a servant leader so God let him become a servant. Hitler in Germany - natural ability to take what is there and develop it. - military leadershipCombination - Natural and trained - boarding school. Tenwek. Innate bent, teaching, mentoring, opportunity to lead and learn, working with other strong leaders. Characteristics of a Leader Dissatisfied with the Status Quo EX: There is a better way to do everything Knows where to go Understands the mission - EX: Mr. Phelps, your mission should you choose to accepted itUnderstands the mission Defines the business of our business Articulates the goal - not nebulist. Can communicate to others where we are going. EX: Captain of the ship - . Came on at CMDA - we need a mission statement, va vision cast. Focuses on the future - ahead of the pack - the lead dog. Develops the MapCreates Strategy - Worthy goal to be reachedStrategy is effective in accomplishing the mission, Doable - within resources - financial and personnelEX: Work your way backwards, like Google search EX: Impossible Goal - If it was possible what would I do first? EX: Community Healthi. Communicator can communicate persuasively EX: Bert and I teaching persuasive speaking to missionaries. Media training. 1. Strong convictions and not hesitant to convey them. - Ex: identity, product, belief, desire to excel - Recruiting Coke Executive 2. Empathetic ability to get into others heads to understand their needs. EX: Media - killing grandmother in nursing home. Cloning - no one likes to be fooledCommunicate strong set of values this is who we are and how we act. EX: Go and be Godly a. Why is this important to the organization and to you. EX: Healthcare is important. It will effect you. We are creating the kind of doctors you want. b. Understand what behavior or attitude they want to change. EX: Competence, Compassion, Communication, Control, Reproduction.

    Apply to family and practice

    i. Able to motivate others to accept the vision and to become committed to make it happen.

    Attracts the Right Kind of FollowersCant do the Job AloneTo determine the value of a leader, you must look at who is following. EX: Bob Scheidt Comment - the best measure of a man or women are the people who are attracted to work with him or her. A Recruiting - leaders, dont need closely managed. Smarter Followers - Stewardship EX: Legacy in other people CHH Supervisors

    An A employee is an innovator and problem solver. They take you to the next level. They are like a dovetail joint. They perfectly fit their position and as a leader take their work arena to higher plane of effectiveness. They often do their job better than you their supervisor could. They are knowledgeable, organized, self-disciplined and a leader that their staff admire and follow. They are a visionary that can make their vision become reality.

    A B employee does a good job at their duties but lack the vision to innovate and the skills and initiative to solve difficult people problems. They can grind the gears but dont pour oil in them or design a better machine through strategic planning and implementation. You, their supervisor, has to step in and do that part of their job and which pulls you away from your responsibilities. If you have lots of B employees, you dont have enough time to do this and problems multiply or the organization fails to move forward. A B employee is an adequate manger but lacks the leadership and vision of an A employee.

    A C employee is a mediocre one who does not do even the nuts and bolts of their job that well. Th