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CBM’s vision is for an inclusive world in which all people with disabilities are given the opportunity to enjoy their human rights and achieve their full potential. This is an update of our recent work and ministry of building strong foundations… and setting people free!


  • They keep asking me what happened and I tell them that it is not me, it is God!

    God has sent an angel in the form of a person to come to our assistance!

    Eveline, Sikehs mum.

    See inside:

    Sikehs angel, a miracle operation and a pair of glassesTogether were making a difference


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    03 THE DIFFERENCE YOU MADE Responding to Ebola Miracles Day 2014

    04 FAMILY STORY Sikehs angel, a miracle operation and a pair of Glasses

    06 CBM NEWS Together making a difference

    07 LOVE IN ACTION Remember CBM in your Will Make your gifts go further...

    08 A CHILDS WISH CAME TRUE You can help a child like Sikeh see clearly in school

    Cover image: Your support is bringing sight-restoring help to children like Sikeh. Thank you!


    Dear Friends,

    Sometimes big numbers mean great sadness in our world. The statistics on Ebola are tragic and at the time of writing this, theyre still growing in places not yet reached. The figures on Trachoma present an enormous challenge for CBMs teams too, as youll see on the next page.

    Yet sometimes, a big number comes across my desk and its wonderful news.

    CBMs annual Miracles campaign broke all the records this year when four radio stations flew all the way to Tanzania for a live broadcast. And as wonderful Australians like you tuned in to listen, you also donated.

    And thanks to your overwhelming generosity, we raised enough money to perform 18,517 miracle cataract operations!

    Thats 18,517 people wholl soon open their eyes after surgery to see the smiling faces of their loved ones.

    What a wonderful gift of life for their families, who are among the poorest in the world.

    Thank you for being part of a ministry that makes miracles like these happen every day. I hope you enjoy reading more about the lives youve touched in this edition of LivesRestored magazine.

    God bless you,

    John Jeffries CBM National Director

  • Miracles Day 2014This year on CBMs annual Miracles Day, our friends at 89.9 Light FM, 96.5 Family FM, 98.5 Sonshine FM and Vision Radio Network broadcast their programs LIVE from our partner project in Tanzania.

    They watched as a miracle cataract operation restored someones sight in just twelve amazing minutes. And saw first-hand how your gift of $32 transformed the life of someone living in poverty with cataract blindness.

    Their nation-wide radio appeal also helped us raise enough money for another 18,517 cataract operations. What a miracle! Thank you Australia!


    THANK YOU for bringing help and hope to the worlds poorest people.


    Ebola CrisisThe deadly Ebola virus has spread across West Africa, taking thousands of lives and devastating communities. While Ebola cases are declining in some areas, they are still on the increase in some parts of Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. CBM is working alongside global NGOs and the World Health Organisation to combat the epidemic. Because CBM is trusted by local people, were able to provide vital education about how families can protect themselves from the virus.

    Donate now to help stop the spread of diseases like Ebola, online at or 1800 678 069.

    End Trachoma: Stop children suffering Right now, Australian gifts have been multiplied by health care company Pfizer to save 23 times as many children from the agony of Trachoma. In Nigeria, 800,000 children are infected with this disease which causes blindness. Antibiotics are urgently needed to kill the bacteria, so were deeply thankful for the support of generous donors like you. Your donation can help us reach these children and keep them safe from the pain and blindness of Trachoma.

    A Mighty Miracle! Our special thanks to CBM supporters Ray and Delphine Archer at the Archer Foundation, Dr Phil Greer, and George P and an anonymous donor (both from Perth). These generous supporters matched your donations enabling an extra 3,000 miracle surgeries to be performed!


    Sikeh was born with congenital cataracts. The older he got, the darker the world grew for him. By the time he was in school, he could barely see the paper in front of him let alone his friends in the school yard.

    You can imagine the torment of a young boy who just wants to keep up with his friends. Sadly, the loneliness and isolation can be harder to bear than the disability itself.

    Eveline worried daily for her son: I had to be begging somebody to come and watch out for Sikeh [when I had to work] because if I left him alone with food he would not eat.

    Thankfully, with support from CBMs wonderful donors like you, our outreach teams in Cameroon found Sikeh. He was given cataract surgery to remove the cataracts from his eyes yet that wasnt the end of his story...

    CBMs doctors realised that because his eyes had been blurry for so long, his brain hadnt learned to interpret images. Sikeh would need vision stimulation, and a pair of glasses, to be able to see clearly again.

    One of the most wonderful things about your support for CBM is that it enables us to see the full picture when we restore someones sight. The miracle operation might be over in less than fifteen minutes, but our care of a patient continues until we know their lives are truly restored!

    So after surgery at a CBM-partner hospital, their community-based rehabilitation supervisor, Mr Kenchi, kept a close watch on Sikeh. He even worked with his mum,

    his village and his teachers to make sure Sikeh would have a full life.

    The results speak for themselves. Eveline is beside herself with joy as she exclaims:

    People are amazed that Sikeh went back to school, and they keep asking me what happened and I tell them that it is not me, it is God! God has sent an angel in the form of a person to come to our assistance!

    Now he carries out so many household activities and chores: he washes dishes, he plays with his friends, he splits firewood, he prepares food And best of all, this mothers worry for her sons future is eased. Now hes okay, his self-esteem has improved. He doesnt believe as if hes not part of the community and he can live his life as if he had no disability.

    Sikeh agrees, telling us himself, I like to study hard and become somebody important in future When I complete school I would like to work in a hospital or in a government. It is because of [CBM-funded programs] that supported me and Ive had surgery, help in school, and I have improved in my studies to go further.

    His mother adds, I am very, very happy and grateful.

    And so are we. After a childhood in darkness, Sikehs future is bright thanks to the generosity of someone like you! Thank you!

    Sikehs angel, a miracle operation

    and a pair of Glasses

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    While Sikeh was growing he wasnt seeing well, his mum, Eveline, says.

    I was very sad.

    Sikehs angel, a miracle operation

    and a pair of Glasses

  • CBM NEWS0606

    TOGETHER MAKING A DIFFERENCEAround the globe, our supporters, staff and volunteers help CBM reach out in so many ways...

    CBM supporters Julian and Joan Hodges, recently participated in CBMs Field Engagement Program, visiting our partners in Tanzania and seeing the work theyve made possible, first-hand!

    CBMs Briana Wilson and Tamara Jolly join Ipul Powaseu, (PNG Assembly of Disabled Persons) and Belinda Bayak-Bush (Disability Focal Point for the Australian Aid Program in Papua New Guinea) at a workshop in PNG.Our time in Tanzania with CBM at CCBRT Hospital was

    remarkable and beyond anything we could have imagined. We thank... the entire CBM team for creating the Program and enabling us to participate. It was truly inspirational. We had no concept of just how valuable even the smallest contribution is and how hard everyone is working for the betterment of others. We especially admired the courage of the Tanzanians, their parents and their children and their trust in the CCBRT. We would love to be in their presence again. JULIAN AND JOAN HODGES

    Volunteers from a Melbourne-based tollway management company, ConnectEast, are making a difference!

    We see you [CBM] as a very important partner, because you have the technical know-how of how development projects work. We want to know how to pave the way, and make development more inclusive of people with disabilities. IPUL POWASEU, CO-CHAIR OF PNG ASSEMBLY OF DISABLED PERSONS.

    Volunteering at CBM was my first time as a volunteer ever. I have to say it was a humbling experience being of use to an organisation that does so much to help those less fortunate than ourselves. SUE

    I came away feeling I had done a good thing and would volunteer in-a-minute to help them out again. Thanks for the opportunity to feel good about helping others. PHYLL

    It was a great experience for me. The little that we did means a whole lot of help and it just feels so rewarding. Thank you for having us. J BI

    The opportun