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Started Dreaming... with 10 More Matches to Go...


  • 1. IPLE RLO V O

2. IPLE RLO V O 3. L I V E R P O O L 4. C H V M R P O O L L I A E P I N S 1985-86 1978-791905-06 1981-82 1900-011976-771982-831946-47 1963-641972-731989-90 1983-841979-801922-23 1987-881921-221975-761965-66 5. C H A M P 13-14 N S 20 I O. .. W E H A V E STA RT E D DREAMING ...A GA I N 6. MAKE US PROUD!!!!. .. W E H A V E STA RT E D DREAMING ... MA GA I N 7. MAKE US PROUD!!!!YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE