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  • Harsha Bhogle says,

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    Hello room, I am here to field your questions. Fire away!

    Hi Harsha, who do you like most Rahul or Sachin? no reason required.

    i fear that we in india have a disease of comparison. why? can't we enjoy

    both without rating? anyway, thanks guys for participating. i had a great time. please do follow

    the step out with harsha blogs with samsonite. remember if you can answer the questions on the

    blogs and get the right slogan from the samsonite facebook page you could go to australia and we

    could do a blog together. cheers. see you guys in australia

    Hi Harsha, Do you feel that your command over English language and marketing

    skills helping you to be far more better than others in the commentary box or it is just your

    passion for cricket?

    it is important to be comfortable with the language otherwise you end up

    saying something you don't really mean to say. also if you don't enjoy commentary, if you don't get

    excited every morning, you shouldn't be doing it

    Hi Harsha Would you like to be your son to do MBA first and then follow his dream???

    hi damn, i hope you are not his classmate. he is already doing his mba. i

    would be happy with anything he did as long as it was ethical and honest

    Harsha,i really admire your commentary since the past 10-12 years..But

    unfortunately i have never got a response from u..:-(

    here you are kaushik. are you following the video blogs i do? why don't

    you post a question there? might be able to answer it in vision.

    I started watching cricket after sachin started playing, i will end watching cricket

    after sachin retires. No quality in today's cricket, No genuine Fast bowlers or spinners, Match

    fixing, too many games. Golden era for cricket is over. Agree?

    no, i don't agree. we always glamourise our generation and the one just

    past and are apprehensive of the future. but the truth is that newer players, like the tides, always


    Which language do you think in, Harsha? English, Marathi or Telugu? Please


    actually maybe i should do a video blog in each of the languages i can

    work in. could be fun, what do you think?

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    Which language do you think in, Harsha? English, Marathi or Telugu? Please answer!

    hi vinod, think in english and occasionally in marathi and hindi. my telugu has grown rusty and my french is almost gone.

    do you think that BCCI, in looking for maximizing profits, is killing the game of cricket? if we look at the quality of cricket played now compared to 10 years ago and with a few cricketing boards failing to even manage a proper team with eleven good players and their respective countries losing interest in cricket and moving on to other sports? is cricket on a path to be a predominantly indian sport like kabadi or kho kho with a lot of money and viewership?

    but what is wrong with profit? when you get money into the game, you can distribute it, promote it better, encourage more people.

    Hi harsha, am a big fan of you & u r one of the best commentators as of now. I saw ur speech on achievers of excellence that you gave at IIM & i found your views very inspiring. My question to you is that since cricket played 365 days in a year & with hardly any rest for our players, i wonder about whether cricket in india has become more of a short term money making strategy where they can play series after series, do commercials, play in IPL, tests & one days.. i really wonder how indian team don't die of fatigue & boredom & also whether they are physically fit as well..

    hi devil, unfortunate tag but guess you chose it yourself!! that is why teams of the future will have many more than 15 players and players will have to miss games. all sport is eventually about profit; witness the nba or the epl....the problem with cricket is that it has too many formats and too many owners

    Harsha, how much the role of a coach play in the performance of a team? I remember India performed well under Kumble in the last series against Australia in Australia without a coach.

    hi venkatesh, the role of a coach is vastly over-rated in the media. his is a supportive role but eventually it is a captain's team

    This is going to be the question of the day : "With Kochi players being sold, who do you think will be the best buy other than Brendon Mccullum?

    here you go manoj. jadeja, jayawardene, parthiv?

    what is the reason, you think indian fast bowlers lose their pace like Zaheer/Munaf?they were the fastest in the they are all medium pacers..

    hi danish, with zaheer it is now a question of fitness. and i never saw munaf bowl fast

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    hi Harsha.. i really cant understand y BCCI is against UDRS? Even if, its not fool

    proof, it should have been used, coz,it will applied for both the team, not just against India. I

    really cant uderstand logic behind not using UDRS. If there is a tecnology availble,one should use

    it, wt say Harsh??

    well, the technology fell short in england. of particular concern was hot

    spot. and i have never been a fan of ball tracking post the point of impact

    Given a choice from 1983 ODI world cup which match you will prefer to make


    kya hai sahabjee....of course the final. would have loved to be on air

    while kapil was coming under the viv richards catch

    hemanthlife asked 5 questions and not even one question answered

    ridiculous.. i won't be part of rediff from now on wards .... Harsha bye take care

    what was your question hemanth. there have been far too many....may

    have missed it

    prathamesh says:if i used to ask u who is & was ur role model?..for me shahrukh &

    sachin & harsha bhogle

    my greatest role models were and are in my family. i have been

    disappointed by external role models a couple of times!!

    Hi Harsha, We come to cricket for entertainment ("unscripted drama") and to

    unwind. You work in cricket. How do you unwind or what do you do for entertainment?

    hi venmkat, i don't get too tired doing cricket. it is the travel that kils

    you. doing radio or video blogs like i will be doing in australia is not a bother. but if i can i like

    going for walks, or watching whatever is on television!!

    If Sachin is called the "GOD OF CRICKET" then harsha ur the "GOD OF

    COMMENTARY"..we really condemm the decision taken by could they even think of

    doing this?

    they must have their reasons. eveyone seeks to put out the best possible


    will you do commentary with sunny leone ?

    who's that?

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    Harsha Bhogle answers,

    why we indians are always in a hurry to make any player a star or a villian?

    hi jais-kool we are to blame ourselves. we are obsessed with celebrities,

    it is an unfortunate trend

    Hi, instaed of 5 over Power Plays, can we experiment with 5 - 1 over set

    which captain can decide anytime?

    hi KamalKApoor, some interesting questions. why don't you keep your eyes

    and ears open for when we answer questions on our samsonite step out with harsha blog? on this

    one itself, i think we need to keep the game simple. also many power plays will slow the game


    Hi Harsha, from the present cricketer, whom do u expect to be best commendator

    in future.

    hi subashj it will depend on whether they look upon commentary with the

    same rigour with which they did their cricket. sourav has made a really good start and i have no

    doubt that rahul will take to it quite well too

    Hi Harsha, Modern cricketers are expected to be roll model for the kids & that why

    some crikcet boards do keep a check on player behaviour. Similar to that do we have anything on

    the commentators. We had someone call player "Terrorist" another one calling "Donkeys". In

    today's Aus - NZL test match, we had Tony Creig concerned about India controlling the ICC affairs.

    With commentary reaching larger audience, this sends a wrong message to people & could have

    an adverse impact on players when they visit Australia.

    the responsibility of keeping commentators under check lies with the

    television channels. there aren't normally any restrictions as long as you are not abusive or racist.

    i know