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Complete portfolio for Little Sunshines, Ilkeston childminders. Includes our policies, procedures and general informaations


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  • Little Sunshines is run by Anna and Kelly both registered by Ofsted.

    The setting is run from Annas home located in the Hallam Fields area of Ilkeston. Anna is a

    mum of 6 and also has a level 3 NVQ in Childrens Care Learning and Development. She is

    currently studying for her Early Years Professional Status at Derby University. Having started

    the business in the summer of 2008 Little Sunshines was graded as Good by Ofsted in Octo-

    ber of the same year.

    Kelly joined Anna in June of 2010 as the business grew. In addition to having gained a Level

    2 NVQ childcare qualification, Kelly spent four years working at Children. First Day Nursery in

    Long Eaton and so came with a wealth of relevant experience. Shes currently undertaking

    her Level 3 Childrens Workforce NVQ.

    Finally in January 2011 Rachel began working for Little Sunshines as an assistant to ensure

    that we continued to deliver the highest levels of care as we grew. Rachel is a mum of 2 and

    has previously worked as a deputy manager at Paper Moons Nursery. She is Level 3 qualified.

    All three members of staff are trained in paediatric first aid.

    All About Little Sunshines

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  • As a setting we strive to provide high quality resources

    and experiences that benefit all the children in our care.

    We essentially believe that childhood is precious and as

    such we aim to ensure that time spent with us is positive

    and enjoyable and contributes to the overall development

    of the children. We believe that all aspects of develop-

    ment are equally important but our main priority is to en-

    sure that the children enjoy coming to us. To achieve

    these aims we provide a vast range of activities, a small

    taste of which are listed on the next page. Please forgive

    us if this portfolio seems a bit formal but we feel its im-

    portant that everyone knows where they stand from the


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  • Below are listed a sample of some of the activities we have enjoyed over

    the last few months to give you an idea of how we spend our time. Of

    course some of the activities are more suited to certain age groups than

    others but we always ensure that something is on offer for all ages and

    activities are altered accordingly. We do however, try and encourage all

    the children to interact and play together at times as we feel this pro-

    motes positive relationships within the group.


    Giant wall collages based on our weekly themes

    Marble run paintings

    Cotton wool sheep

    Paper mache balloon heads

    Paper plate animal masks

    Wood and wool threading dream catchers

    Pebble painting to create an outside sensory mural

    Life size portraits

    Musical instruments (both childrens toys and real instruments)

    Gloop, play dough, slime etc

    Dressing up clothes and toys

    Communication and Literacy

    Visits to the library

    Constant access to a book basket (the contents of which are

    changed regularly)

    Access to white boards, chalk boards and pens, crayons and paper

    Outside chalking on the fences and patio

    Access to specific programmes on the computer (ie Textease for

    older children and the Vtech motion for younger children)

    Writing and posting a letter

    Magnetic letters

    Songs and rhymes

    Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy


    Hamma beads


    Science experiments (ie foaming dragon, paper aeroplane competition)

    Bingo, card games etc

    Discovery trays full of things like rice, pasta etc to fill, empty, pour etc

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  • Physical

    Olympic day where we took our Olympic equipment (javelin, dis-

    cuss, shot put) down to the park for a mini competition

    Access to scooters, trikes, bikes, roller skates, skate boards, didi

    cars, bucket stilts, hoops, skipping ropes etc

    Sand and soil sinks

    Water play


    Creation of obstacle course

    Tree climbing

    Tap and nail boards

    Lace threading cards

    Healthy eating and living projects such as smoothie making & slip,

    slap, slop worksheets

    Visits to local parks

    Knowledge and Understanding of the World

    Creation of a tadpole habitat

    Vege patch planting and upkeep

    Small world toys such as cars, little people or the farmyard

    Access to various ICT resources such as walkie talkies, mega-

    phone, torches, camera as well as a

    couple of computer consoles

    Construction toys such as meccano, lego, scalectrix and train sets

    Participation and encouragement in recycling and composting

    Making clay divas for divali

    Personal, Social and Emotional

    Portrait drawings of each other as part of our activities based

    around anti-bullying week

    Encouragement to play together and look out for each other

    Childrens involvement in choosing activities, outings and topics

    Outings we have been on!

    Nottingham Castle and Brewers Yard Museum

    Beach at Nottingham Slab Square


    Matlock Bath and Matlock Park

    WestMidlands Safari Park

    Erewash Museum

    Birmingham Sealife Centre

    Derby Museum and Art Gallery


    Markeaton Park

    Wollaton Hall and Park



    Crazy Crocs

    And many more!!!!

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  • In recognition of the special levels of care needed by babies we have

    prepared a special care sheet identifying all the different areas of care

    and the way in which we will deliver them.


    We will attempt to follow any sleep routines established by parents

    wherever possible. However,

    we will remind parents that we have other commitments, for exam-

    ple school runs, that may mean there has to be an element of flexi-


    We will always provide a suitable sleeping area, be it a pram or crib,

    for your baby to sleep in

    Babies will have their own bedding

    We will check your baby at regular intervals and use a baby monitor

    Even if not wanting to sleep we will do our best to ensure that your

    baby gets quiet or calm time if required

    If your baby uses dummies please could you send us a couple of

    spares because its inevitable some end up on the floor

    If your baby has a comforter to get to sleep please remember it!


    We will store bottles appropriately be it breast or formula milk

    We will endeavour to always hold your baby whilst feeding them

    We will endeavour to work alongside parents with regards to any

    feeding routines they may have


    We would request that parents ensure they supply us with adequate


    We will note when and how much your baby drank


    We will take direction from the parents as to how and when they

    want to wean

    We will supply appropriate cutlery and seating equipment

    We will feed your baby the food chosen by you, be it food cooked at

    home, jars or food we have supplied

    We will note any particular likes and dislikes expressed by your


    We will note when and how much your baby ate

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  • Little Sunshines Portfolio Page 7


    We will ensure we change nappies as and when required, and we will

    note when they where changed

    We are prepared to use any type of nappy, including eco friendly ones

    We would ask parents to ensure an adequate supply is sent with the


    If creams are needed parents need to provide them


    We will ensure we supply plenty of appropriate toys both in and out of

    the house

    We will spend time with your baby interacting and playing with the


    We will try to ensure your baby regularly hears music and that we

    sing songs and nursery rhymes

    We will read appropriate books with your baby

    When doing activities with older children we will make sure your baby

    can see us and feels involved and where possible adapt the activity so

    that they can join in, for example finger painting

    We will expose your baby to different sorts of play environments, for

    example water play, play on the grass or noisy play

    We will make sure your baby has lots of varied physical contact

    throughout the day. For example cuddles and tickling

    Most importantly we will spend time with your baby communicating

    and interacting with them as much as possible

    Out and about

    We will take your baby out of the house every time he/she visits so

    please ensure they have suitable

    clothing especially hats!

    We will make sure they are comfortable in their pushchair, warm or

    cool enough and that I have

    appropriate weather protection ie sun parasols or rain cover

    We will ensure your baby is safely secured into a suitable car seat and

    that the way we travel complies with all legislation ie no rear facing


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