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  • Little Brother of the Wolf Unit 4 Animals
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  • eradicate: completely get rid of something such as a disease or a social problem eradicate something from something We can eradicate this disease from the world. an attempt to eradicate inflation This problem has now been completely eradicated.
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  • exclusively: only This offer is available exclusively to people who call now.
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  • haunt: if the soul of a dead person haunts a place, it appears there often The pub is said to be haunted by the ghost of a former landlord. The old castle is said to be haunted. Mr Thompson is going to sell it because it is haunted." , " haunt: make someone worry or make them sad; obsess Clare was haunted by the fear that her husband was having an affair. a riddle that haunted me all morning I was haunted by his last words to me. I'm haunted with gloomy thoughts and sad memories. haunt: visit often, frequent , haunted the movie theaters
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  • haunt (used as noun): a place that someone likes to go to often haunt of The Caf Vienna was a favorite haunt of journalists and actors. This pub used to be one of my uncles favorite haunts. a haunt of criminals revisit the haunts of one's school days The college library is a favorite haunt.
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  • ingenuity: skill at inventing things and thinking of new ideas , , , The boy showed ingenuity in making toys.
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  • decoy: a bird or other animal, or a realistic replica, used by hunters to attract wildlife to a place for trapping or shooting; hunting lure to attract animal ,
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  • ban: say that something must not be done, seen, used etc=prohibit Smoking is banned in the building. ban somebody from doing something Charlie's been banned from driving for a year.
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  • predator: an animal that kills and eats other animals , see also carnivore
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  • meet somebody halfway: reach an agreement with sb by yielding on some points She agreed to meet him halfway. I am willing to meet him halfway.
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  • Comprehension Questions Why is the coyote said to be the smartest animal on earth? In what ways do humans cruelly kill the coyote? How do the coyotes manage to survive? Can humans make friends with the coyote?
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  • trap: a clever trick that is used to catch someone lay/set a trap (for somebody) Mr Smith has walked straight into a trap laid by the Tories. fall/walk into a trap Police had set a trap for hooligans. trap: an unpleasant or difficult situation that is difficult to escape from Amanda felt that marriage was a trap. people caught in the unemployment trap
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  • issue: officially make a statement, give an order, warning etc Silva issued a statement denying all knowledge of the affair. a warning issued by the General
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  • redouble your efforts: greatly increase your effort as you try to do something Both sides redoubled their efforts to end the war.
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  • prior: existing or arranged before something else or before the present situation=previous You do not need any prior knowledge of the subject. Changes may not be made without the prior approval of the council. Some prior experience with the software is needed. prior warning/notice: a warning or announcement made before something happens The society must give customers prior notice before changing the cost. The bomb exploded without any prior warning. prior to something: (formal) before All the arrangements should be completed prior to your departure.
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  • break up a fight: stop a fight Three policemen were needed to break up the fight.
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  • as soft as down I lay fast asleep on the couch, which was as soft as down, and did not wake until late in the morning.
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  • endanger: put someone or something in danger of being hurt, damaged, or destroyed Smoking during pregnancy endangers your baby's life. endangered (adjective) The lizards are classed as an endangered species (=one that soon may no longer exist).
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  • If your opinion or your reaction is favourable to something, you agree with it and approve of it. His recently completed chapel for Fitzwilliam is attracting favourable comment... The commission is cautiously favourable to Austrian membership, foreseeing few economic problems. If something makes a favourable impression on you or is favourable to you, you like it and approve of it. His ability to talk tough while eating fast made a favourable impression on his dining companions... These terms were favourable to India. = positive, good Favourable conditions make something more likely to succeed or seem more attractive. It's believed the conditions in which the elections are being held are too favourable to the government. ...favourable weather conditions.
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  • Award award: officially give someone something such as a prize or money to reward them for something they have done Moodie has been awarded a golf scholarship at the University of Hawaii. The judge awarded me first prize. award something to somebody A Nobel Prize was awarded to Waksman in 1952. award: officially decide that someone should receive a payment or a formal agreement award somebody something The government awarded a German company the contract. award something to somebody 45,000 was awarded to a typist with an injured hand.
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  • Reward with Such magnificent deeds of self-sacrifice cannot be adequately rewarded with money. I should feel amply rewarded if this little book could arouse the interest of more students in Chinese medical science. The team have worked hard and their efforts have been rewarded with success. Finally, Molly's patience was rewarded. reward somebody for (doing) something She wanted to reward the cleaners for their efforts. He gave the children some chocolate to reward them for behaving well.


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