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Brief outline of the process


  • 1. LITERATURE CIRCLES withiPADSMonday, 1 September 14

2. LITERATURE CIRCLES....... Structured reading activities that allow high-ordered thinking,reflection and discussion Focus on Literature (text), responses (roles) and discussion(presentation, reflection) Structured for student independence, responsibility ownershipand collaboration Guided by student insights and questionsMonday, 1 September 14 3. HOW ARE THE ORGANISED? Students are placed in groups of four based on their LearningStyles and Lexile reading level Each student has a role Roles are: Discussion Director, Connector, Literary Luminaryand Vocabulary EnricherMonday, 1 September 14 4. HOW ARE IPADS USED? Research Apps Saf Reflection Apps Analysing Organising Evidence Presenting CreatingMonday, 1 September 14 5. WHAT DO STUDENTS LEARNOTHER THAN THE TEXT ? The dynamics of team work Different perspectives using the Six Thinking Hats Higher and Lower Order Thinking (LOTS, HOTS) Their Learning Style(s)What app to select with regard to the task How to present and communicate to peersMonday, 1 September 14 6. Some great moments........Monday, 1 September 14