Literacy Memoir Reflective Essay 1st Draft

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Literacy Memoir Reflective Essay 1st Draft


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Sonny Vue Professor Camargo English 1101 Reflective Essay When we were discussing about reflecting over our literacy memoirs I wasnt too sure on what I was going to write about. Once I figured what I was going to write about I had to think back and reminisce about my past events that helped mature me as a writer. The process I went through was trying to assemble multiple details I could get from past writings Ive done in high school and information from my parents. What I chose to write about were my Literacy Sponsors those who helped shape me as a reader and writer I am today. During our In Class Proposals Professor Camargo and I discussed what I was going write about in my literacy memoir. After discussions about my In Class Proposals I went straight ahead into writing. I wasnt too sure how to start my introduction, so Professor Camargo insists I just start writing until I start recalling past events of literature and writing skills that Ive learned throughout my life. What I felt that I struggle the most in writing essays were giving supporting details in my explanations. When I write I just write, I dont know why I end up leaving so much detail behind. Before peer editing I felt like I was going to get bashed on for my terrible writing skills and use of grammar and punctuation. Whenever I write I usually cared about criticism, but I learned that the critical feedback benefits you. During the peer editing review we discussed as a class how peer work shopping benefits one another. Its not supposed to scare the writer, or bring them down it helps you understand where youve made your mistakes and what are your flaws.

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During peer editing it was a lot different due to reading our papers aloud to one another in our groups. It aids us to hear ourselves and seek out our own mistakes. The whole peer editing went very well due to the fact that everyone was helping each other by giving them more ideas on what to write about. Everyone followed by the brainstorming list we came upon in class. The list consisted of very helpful peer revision tips on how to revise your peers paper and the proper ways to give feedback. What I learned from peer work shopping, as you are revising your peers paper you shouldnt sound like a teacher, or a judge during revision. You should just be yourself and not be apprehensive on your errors and mistakes. It helps you improve your paper in many ways due to the ideas given to you from your peers after revision.