literacy: l anguage, reading, and writing

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LITERACY: L anguage, Reading, and Writing. Write 2 Nonsense stories. BELKJS - K1h, B2g, J3g, E4f, S5s, L6o. LITERACY and LANGUAGE. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


LITERACY: ABC Activities

LITERACY: Language, Reading, and Writing

Write 2 Nonsense storiesAfter their bell quiz and while they wait, work on the nonsense stories.1Nonsense Stories #1 and 2Use the formula to create another version of a story:1. Name a person or animal.2. Their means of transportation.3. Where the action is taking place.4. What he is doing there.5. Why he is doing it.6. An encounter with someone or something unexpected.7. What happens from this encounter.8. How it is resolved.Participate in the NonsenseStories by selecting a sentencesfrom one ofthe group of eightstatements.2

BELKJS - K1h, B2g, J3g, E4f, S5s, L6oSnowflake story3LITERACY and LANGUAGEYoung children need writing to help them learn about reading, they need reading to help them learn about writing; and they need oral language to help them learn about both.

LanguageLanguage is the basis for understanding and communicating. It is developed through:Talking, listening, reading, singing, writing, playingStages of Language

MirroringImitating the childs sounds and gesturesBa Ba Ba Ba Ba BaSelf-TalkTalk to yourself in front of the child and describe what you are doing, thinking, and feeling. Give a travel log.The fish are hungry. Time to feed the fish. Come and eat fish.Turn-talkingEstablishing a conversation pattern by listening and responding.blah blah blah Wow, What happened next? What do you need?Let the child ask for things, needs, and objects.Horsie, Horsie You want the horse. I will get it for you.Tell Me moreRepeat the childs message in a more complex manner by adding words and phrases.Cow eat Yes, the cow is eating the hay.Parallel TalkSaying what you see, feel, think much like a sports announcer.You are feeding one baby and putting the other baby to bed.ReflectingRepeat what the child is saying using correct pronunciation and grammar so that the child hears correct speech.Tat tar and Goggy. Yes, that is a car and a doggy.READING CENTER UNIT 1 Setting up the reading center, choosing books, and telling stories


Turn one of your Nonsense stories into a mini book8Read your illustrated story and 1 of your nonsense stories.

Get into groups and read the illustrated story assignment.9


11CURSED TEXTOn this, Sopt 1708, the rseidnets of Graves End fuoght a btatle agiasnt the priate Captain E. Ville Dewar and his wckied cerw. The btatle wnet on for tirheten dyas and edend Octoebr 31, when the ctizeins sank their sihp. Some say the veengful Captain apaeprs ervey Haloleewn to cuase msicheif in the twon. Msot cizitnes rfesus to bleeive in the ghsot leegnd, clalnig it nnonesse.

12PROMOTE LITERACYFill their environment with words and letters:Place word labels on items throughout the room.Dramatic play area always includes literacy items.All areas should include literacy opportunities especially the nutrition and food experience.Sensory letter activities to experience the letter.Magnets letters, salt letters, puzzles, Daily songs, books, and gamesAsk if they hear the first letter sounds.When sitting at lunch, you can say the names of foods and their beginning sounds and ask if they can hear what the sound is.Encourage familiar Word, sound, and letter recognition within words and signs that the child sees.This word starts with the same letter and sound as your name!Children learn the Sound of letters first and then the letter.Mimi Mouses Song(tune: This Old Man)Mimi Mouse, Mimi MouseMinds her manners in the house.When she sips her milkShe never makes a mess.Mud pies never mess her dress.

Action AlphabetLlLizard licks lollypopsHold a lollipop and lick the lollypop as you say the phrase and make the L sound.TtTiger TapsTtttt tap your tooth

S the snake slithers Z the zebra zips

PRE-WRITING Activities1. Two skills are needed before a child can successfully write letters:

Write 1st and last name and birthday as slowly as possible. What muscles are you working?

17a. Small Muscle CoordinationSkill needed to hold a pencil and to make basic strokes.Provide activities where the child is using their fingers to help develop the small muscles. Like What?Puzzles, building blocks, play dough, clay, rubber stamps, magnet letters, small cars and trucks, crayons, etc.18b. EYE-HAND CoordinationThis allows the childs hand to react to what the eye sees.Like what?Drawing, tracing, cutting, painting, pasting, finger paints, typing (key boards) lacing cards, stringing items, etc.

192. PRE-WRITINGAs a child begins to represent different pictorial ideas using straight lines and circle drawings, they are beginning to write.

20Make writing & letters FUN!At first, the majority of preschool children lack the skills for traditional writing.Provide a variety of early literacy ABC activities without holding a pencil.

First have groups make a letter out of bodies. Show Brooklyns book of letters.21

Handwriting22Childs Name1st ask the child if they want to have you write their name on their paper.Maybe they want to write it.Maybe they dont want their name written on the paper.a. Take the time and effort to learn how to spell the childs name correctly!

They learn this by watching you.23

b. Teach the child to write in lower case letters. Only the first letter in their first and last name has a capital letter.

REVERSALS:c. Young children will often reverse letters or write parts of the letter backwards. ball = dall The order of letters in a word may be reversed.Tom = mot = o m tBoth are normal and should not be a concern, yet.


Handwriting TestToday is your handwriting test on correct printing.Write the entire Alphabet, numbers 1-10, and Your First and Last Name. Correctly!

Do handwriting test and letter centers26GOODBYE SONG (Tune: Popeye the Sailor Man) The morning has just flown by I bet I can tell you why Ever since it's begun We've had so much fun Now it's time to say goodbye... Goodbye (clap clap) Goodbye (clap clap) It's time to say goodbye.MUSIC is next time!27


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