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  • 8/9/2019 Lit of the Apoc. Fall 2001 Poems


    Travis Jones

    English 630-05Fall 2001

    A group of poems which I wrote for a class on apocalyptic viewpoint

    And the veil is lifted

    A plethora of colorsPassion erupts

    the sun burning with desire

    seemingly awkward flashes of colorbursting past your eyes

    your nerves tingle and glitch

    as you ponder the deepest and most intensive of thoughtslife as if you are seeing it for the first time

    yet unlike as a child, you force yourself to try to comprehend

    That which in reality you have given up on

    your soul has found new meaning,To Become One


    As the door of the past slams behind,

    I walk down a dark streettrying to control the rage and confusion

    which grows stronger in my mind.

    lost and alone, I have no oneto call family and no place to call home.

    The only love that I find is cheap and untrue.

    Where my life is going, I have no fucking clue.The road is long and dark.

    Will it ever end?

    Will I ever see happiness and light again?Could death be the answer to this unending pain?

    Or would all that come if I could just force myself to travel

    another lane.Or will all this confusion just drive me insane?

    One thing for sure

    is that I will never be the same

    As Culture Shackles the Minds of Youth

    As I walk through the halls,

  • 8/9/2019 Lit of the Apoc. Fall 2001 Poems


    My creativity and energy are

    leached from my soul.I had at first thought that this

    place (school) was an opportunity;

    a chance to learn.But how can I learn when I am not taught?

    I can broaden my mind more in one week

    of traveling and exploring on my own

    in the real world than in a wholeyear of this so called opportunity given

    to me called school.

    Yet I am for some REASON driven tosit and finish my sentence.

    A sentence where my opinions are seen as

    somehow threatening to my so called teachers.But they are the ones who need to be taught.

    In the confines of this jail-like system,

    my thoughts and mind are shoved backso that they can fill it with what they

    think I should know.In this world the students are seen as

    in a way evil; unwilling to learn.Maybe the rest need to learn from the

    students and how they need to be taught.

    And then as I leave the mind, slowed and dulled, is somewhat

    overwhelmed by this outside world.

    And for the rest of my life, I struggle toovercome this REPRESSION!

    United in Truthfree your mindfrom the grasp of Babylon

    as in it the answers you will not find

    and in its heart blazes the most destructive of firesfor within its grasp lies the deceit of man

    and of the greedy and lazy upon themselves

    the itemizing and controlling of I was not HIS planWe, his children must unite

    to tear apart that upon which Babylon stands.

    The Wave of TruthIt crashes into the water above you

    An eruption of whiteness engulfing you

    and tearing at every part of your bodyIts fury forces you down and down

    Deeper and deeper into your watery confines

    Hectically flailing your body upwardsthrough roaring clouds of water.

    You are thrusted back down,

    Down into the blackest confines of your soul.Surfacing into a world which is much different

  • 8/9/2019 Lit of the Apoc. Fall 2001 Poems


    than that which you knew before.

    Release Me

    Losing my mind

    let me outFree me from these confines

    of body.

    And these tortures of thought

    For true bliss lies in ignoranceWhen you are blind to what is wrong.

    For the child, when weaned from its mothers breast,

    is thrust into a world confronted with wrongs.

    Flight of Life

    Fly higher and higherto the crest of the world

    Pushing and pushing to

    break through the curl.As the water beads off like

    sweat on my faceI know the road is long

    to reaching the peace that I chase.Im over a hill and on to a mountain

    of knowledge that flows like an

    endless fountain.I have pain in my heart for those

    who have reached the crest

    But for those who are readyits like leaving the nest.

    MAN WITH NO WALLSIm lost in a worldwith a bright light in the sky.

    My only goal is to reach it and fly.

    Im alone in a roomwith blackness surrounding and

    closing in as Im pounding and pounding.

    My only thoughts are way tooconfusing, but my only escape

    is to keep using and using.

    The only way out is to scratch

    and crawl.But until them, Im a man

    who knows no walls.


    visions on a wall in a padded white room

    or dreams of a child still in the wombrandom thoughts in a comatose brain

  • 8/9/2019 Lit of the Apoc. Fall 2001 Poems


    this world made up to escape from the pain

    Just a trance as i stare into space

    with unfocused eyes and a blank look on my face

    while i sit by myself alone in a cellunconsciously dreaming to escape from the hell.

    as i write this, am i asleep in a bed

    with this entire existence made up in my head?when i dream, am i truly awake?

    You show me whats real,

    ill tell you its fake.By Jason Barger


    I am here

    You are not

    Anything but a part of my thoughtsAll alone in an asylum of craze

    Lost in the haze of my self construed dazeInside these walls I dream up a life

    Most of which I dont dream up rightLost in a world of dreams uncontrolled

    Forever I wander a lost troubled soul.

    added in fall of 01

    But upon the horizon, in the darkest of nights.

    One is most able to pinpoint the light,and in doing so one is then reborn,

    Once again finding newness and compassion

    in the prick of a thorn.