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This presentation is about listing in Singapore and dual listing in Singapore for companies already listed on NYSE Euronext Paris.


  • 1. P A R I S - T O K Y O - S I N G A P O R E - D U B A I LISTING AND DUAL LISTING IN SINGAPORE Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited NYSE Euronext Paris
  • 2. WHY LIST ON SINGAPORE EXCHANGE SECURITIES TRADING LIMITED (SGX) SGX - Most Singapore - International Leading Asian Listing Venue Investment in Asia Centre WHY SGX? Active Retail Investors ParticipationSingapore - Leading AsianInvestment CentreStrategically situated in theheart of Southeast Asia,Singapore is recognised todayas a key global financial centrethat serves vibrant markets inthe Asia-Pacific Region and therest of the world.Active Retail Investors Participation Active Retail Investors Singapore retail investors can subscribe for IPOs via 2,000 ATMs Participation Strong retail participation in recent IPOsCompany Amount Public Retail Retail SGX saw resurgence of IPOs Raised Offer Size (Public Offer Only) Subscription in 2010 and recorded 39 new (US$mn) (US$mn) Subscription Rate Amount (US$mn) IPOs in 2010, being a 34%HUTCHINSON PORT HOLDINGS 5,454 187 2x 281GLOBAL LOGISTIC PROP LIMITED 2,111 154 11x 1,689 increase from 2009 (29 IPOs inMAPLETREE INDUSTRIAL TRUST 427 76 28x 2,108 2009). Its IPO marketSABANA SHARIAH COMPLIANT 404 60 12x 739 capitalisation in 2010 is almostTRUST five-fold of 2009 (S$51 billionCACHE LOGISTICS TRUST 304 26 20x 525 in 2010, S$10.4 billion in 2009).SRI TRANG AGRO-INDUSTRY PUBLIC 264 19 1x 21COMPANY LIMITED There has also been strongTIGER AIRWAYS HOLDING LIMITED 198 13 23x 306 retail investors participationSource: Company announcements in the recent IPOs.* Thai-listed and subsequent dual primary listing SGX; currently at premium to offer price 2
  • 3. "41% of the listedcompanies on SGX areoverseas companies(compared to 1.2% inHong Kong and 0.5% inTokyo), contributing to47% of the total marketcapitalisation." SGX ASIAS MOSTINTERNATIONAL LISTING VENUEAs an international exchange and listinghub, SGX has been the preferred choiceof many global companies with foreignorigins. As at the end of 2010, 321 out of782 listed companies were from overseas(China, Japan, Korea, South East Asia,Australia, India and Europe). 41% of thelisted companies on SGX are overseascompanies (compared to 1.2% in HongKong and 0.5% in Tokyo), contributingto 47% of the total market capitalisation.Prominent companies with secondary ordual primary listings on SGX includeJardine Matheson Holdings (UK), SPAusNet (Australia), STX Pan Ocean(Korea), Sri Trang Agro Industry(Thailand), Malaysia SmeltingCorporation (Malaysia), Prudential Plc(UK) and Golden Ocean Group(Norway). The secondary listing marketon SGX accounts for about 26.7% of themarket capitalisation. Source: Singapore ExchangeSGX also boasts a diverse set ofindustries, ranging from Marine and Oil& Gas Services, Financials, Real Estate,Infrastructure, Healthcare, Resources &Commodities. 3
  • 4. LISTING ON SGX An issuer may list on either of SGXs markets: Main Board and Catalist. SGX LISTING Mainboard Catalist 1) Regulatory approach: 1) Regulatory approach: Exchange-regulated Exchange-regulated Exchange-supervised market Sponsor-supervised market 2) Method of Listing: 2) Method of Listing: Offer of securities By way of introduction Offer of securities 3) Types of companies Fast growing companies (no 3) Types of companies quantitative entry criteria c.f. Established companies Appendix) (quantitative entry c.f. Appendix) Main Board Catalist The Main Board is the premier market for On the other hand, the Catalist serves as a the listing and trading of shares on the complementary fundraising and trading SGX. It features established companies platform with more flexible regulations for which meet its quantitative entry criteria smaller fast growing companies. While the (see Appendix). The Main Board is under Catalist is regulated by SGX as well, it is the direct regulation and supervision of supervised by Sponsors approved by SGX. SGX. However, SGX retains the power to discipline Catalist companies when there is a breach of the regulations. LISTING OPTIONS FOR ISSUERS LISTED ON EURONEXT / ALTERNEXT / MARCHE LIBRE Dual Listing of the securities on Dual Listing Euronext/Alternext/Marche Libre and SGX Listing of the securities of a Carve-out Carve Out on SGX Delisting from Delisting Euronext/Alternext/Marche Libre followed by re-listing on SGX4
  • 5. 1) DUAL LISTINGIssuers may list on the SGX


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