lip reconstruction following traumatic lip injuries | dr. alfred khallouf

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  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery



  • Outline

    Anatomy Basic Surgical Principles Case reviews Summary

  • External Anatomy

  • Surgical Anatomy

    Skin Muscle Vasculature Mucosa

  • Basic Surgical Principles

    History of accident Medical status of the

    patient Immunization history Dont throw anything


  • Basic Surgical Principles

    Copious irrigation Exam Identify and align

    landmarks Work inside to outside

  • Basic Surgical Principles

    Suture material related to: Tissue type Age

  • Suture material

  • Suture material

  • Suture material

  • Principles of wound closure

    Anatomic closure Obliteration of dead

    space Tension free Eversion of margins

  • Basic Surgical Principles

    Antibiotics Post op instructions Follow up

    Suture removal

  • History Medical status Save all tissues Irrigation Exam

  • Identify landmarks Suture materials

  • Antibiotics? Post op Follow up

  • History Medical history Irrigation

  • Antibiotics? Immunizations

    Human rabies immune globulin 20 IU/kg

    - human diploid cell vaccine (0, 3, 7, 14, 28)

  • History Medical history Irrigation Exam

  • Closure Antibiotics? Post op care

  • History Medical history Immunization Irrigation

  • Thorough exam Work inside to out Antibiotics?

  • History Medical history

  • Airway Extent of injury Oral intake Short term concerns Long term concerns

  • Post-op day 2

  • Post-op day 4

  • Post-op day 7

  • Post-op day 7

  • Post-op day 18

  • Post-op 2 Months

    Pearl Dont throw anything


  • Post-op day 3

  • Post-op day 5

  • Post-op Day 8

  • Post-op day 21

  • 2 December 2002

  • Summary

    Anatomy of the lips Surgical principles Different degrees of injuries

  • Pearls

    Clean wound and perform thorough exam Save all tissues 3 types of sutures required

    Fast absorbing gut Home care instructions

  • Pearls

    Antibiotics Keflex 500mg PO QID x 10 days Augmentin 875mg PO BID x 14 days

    Immunizations Tetanus prophylaxis Rabies status

  • Questions?