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For the Female Entrepreneur.


  • C O N T R I B U T I N G W R I T E R S

    E M O T I O N SCry BabyWhen it comes to crying, domen get a fair shake?

    L O V EBachelors in BusinessThe Fab Five

    22H I S T O R YBlack History ReflectionMeet some of the earlypioneers of Black Business.

    26E N T E R TA I N M E N TBorn for the StageTasha Taylor is charting her owncourse in entertainment.




    F E A T U R E S

    30 SHINE ON SISTA!Illumination(andinspiration for thedaily grind)

  • C O V E RBACHELORS IN BUSINESS(l-r) Leonard W. Underwood, Joffrey Smith, Michael Carter,

    Kris Ludwig, andAlfonso Santaniello



    Lioness Magazine is the firstonline magazine geared towardfemale entrepreneurs. We deliversharp and compelling informationon a variety of topics that are rele-vant to female entrepreneurs andprofessionals. Our mission is toelevate, educate and supportfemale professionals.

    We celebrate the unique challengesand achievements of women inbusiness. We believe women aremulti-dimensional creations whoflourish, personally and profes-sionally, when they take time tonurture their spirits.

    Editor-in-ChiefNatasha Clark

    Copy EditorJean Wroblewski

    Art DirectorLeonardo Pilares

    Director of PhotographyDenise Smith

    ColumnistsCrystal Senter Brown

    Brendas ChildErin Corriveau

    Dawn LeaksKatelyn Gendron

    Contributing WritersTony Gaskins, Jr.Lamara Hunter


    Where are they? My single girlfriends and I have shrugged over Happy Hour cocktails. They being awesome bachelors doing workthat inspires them, fulfills their dreams and makes the world a little sweeter to live in.

    Well, HERE THEY ARE! This month Lioness is highlighting bachelors rising in their respective industries. From a clothing designer toa financial advisor, these men run the gamut in professions, interests and what they are looking for in a significant other.

    Our feature cover bachelors were photographed in downtown Springfield, Massachusetts last fall. Jackson & Connor, a modern apparelstore for men, dressed the fab five and Denise Smith of Denise Smith Photography shot the quintet inside Monarch Place on Main Street,on the downtown city streets and on the steps of City Hall.

    Many of these bachelors fall between Generation X and Y, both of which are less likely to stick to the traditional roles of men and womenin the workforce, like previous generations.

    In the days of old, women entering the workforce seemed as if they were waging war on mens territory. What they really wanted was thefreedom to do as they chose whether that was dunking a basketball or running a fortune 500 company.

    Dennis Cauchon reported back in 2009 in USA Today that women were on the verge of historically outnumbering men in the workforce,part of it is due to the current recession. The gender transformation is especially remarkable in local government's 14.6 million-personworkforce. Cities, schools, water authorities and other local jurisdictions have cut 86,000 men from payrolls during the recession whileadding 167,000 women, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    So here is to all of the men who are carving their niche in business and all the women who are keeping an eye on the lookout for them.We had loads of fun putting this issue together and we hope you enjoy it.

    We also take a special moment to recognize those who have paved the way for African Americans in business. These brilliant entrepreneursand their inventions made waves and the ripples effects are still being felt today.

    Happy Black History Month!


    editorsTaking a detour to the world ofBachelors in Business


    Natasha Clark



    What do you do?For tCSA, I handle marketing initiativesfor several businesses. For TBC, I direct,produce, and edit all the web series, aswell as host two of the 15 web shows.

    Why you do what you do?I am a creative person. I have ideascoming out of my mind left and right, dayand night. This is a great, positive outletto help grow businesses throughmarketing.

    What is your motto in business?Think. Plan. Grow.

    What is your motto in life?Have an idea? Run with it!

    Favorite quote:Obviously everyone wants to be suc-cessful, but I want to be looked back onas being very innovative, very trustedand ethical and ultimately making a bigdifference in the world. - Sergey Brin

    What are youpassionate about and why?I am passionate about helping people.Its a natural knack I have. If someoneneeds something, and I have the capabil-ities to help them personally or profes-sionally, I will.

    Favorite Pastime?Spend low-key quality time withfriends and family.

    What other boards/committees/or activities are you involved inoutside of work?Director of Marketing & Board Member ofthe Agawam Small Business AssistanceCenter. Marketing Committee andMember of the Young Professionals ofGreater Springfield. OutreachCoordinator and member of ReferralPartners BNI Chapter. Volunteer forHuman Resources Unlimited.

    Do you have a unique talent?If so, what is it?Sometimes, I cant stop laughing.

    The 3 adjectivesthat best describe you:Entrepreneur, Creative, Laughter.

    What accomplishmentsare you most proud of?Starting my first business at age 24 andmy second at 26. I always wanted to ownmy own business, but to own two before30... I am happy where I am at.

    The first thing you noticeabout a woman and why?Her eyes. The simplicity and beauty ofthem just get me. Its like looking at whothe person really is.

    What do you appreciatein a significant other?Honesty and trust. I am a very honestand trustworthy person, so I would onlyexpect that from my significant other.

    What is a little knownfun fact about you?Ive been to Italy 16 times.

    AlfonsoSantanielloCity, State Agawam, MAHometown Agawam, MAOccupation CEO of Santaniello MediaGroup, Inc. (President of the CreativeStrategy Agency & The BusinewsChannel).

    Company/Organization Developinginnovative digital practices. Our compa-nies are all about getting the word out foryourself or your business. tCSA offersstrategic marketing, web marketing,mobile marketing and marketing consult-ing. TBC is a business web channel air-ing original business web series in anentertainment format. Where businessmeets entertainment.

    Title and/or specialty CEO

    I am a first generation Italian-American.My parents were born and married in Italyand then moved to America. I am an iden-tical twin but we are very different. I havea younger brother who looks nothing likeus, but character wise is a mix betweenboth of us. I am all about my family andfriends. I am a low key, fun person...and Ilike to think I have a great sense ofhumor... thats probably why you wouldsee me laughing 95% of the time.




    What do you do?My primary role at Junior Achievement is toplan our largest fundraising events such asour Stock Investing Competition, Bowl-a-thon, Golf Tournament and 5K Race. Theseevents allow us to keep providing our stu-dents with programs that instill the principlesof financial literacy, entrepreneurship, andcareer readiness. I am also working hard ondeveloping a marketing strategy to make ournon-profit organization more visible to thecommunity.

    Why you do what you do?I choose this occupation because of the pos-sibility of changing a young persons life. It isespecially rewarding to work with inner cityyouth, who go to the schools I used toattend. Introducing these young people to theconcept of financial independence, becominga businessman or woman is extremelyrewarding. I wish I had this sort of educationwhen I was younger.

    What is your motto in business? Our business motto is empowering youngpeople to own their economic success.

    What is your motto in life?My motto is Excellence and nothing less.

    Favorite quoteI arise in the morning torn between a desireto improve the world and a desire to enjoythe world. This makes it hard to plan the day.

    What are youpassionate about and why?I am passionate about a lot of things. I thinkthe order has to go something like: God,Family, Education, Food and Music. The firsttwo are kind of obvious and shouldnt needexplanation (hopefully). The last three mayneed some description. As a kid a hugeemphasis was placed on education, and nowthat I am older and have graduated from col-lege, I understand that my education hashelped me get where I am. I also understandthat it wasnt for me only, but that it needs tobe spread with others. I LOVE FOOD! Wantto win me over? Make me a meal I cannotrefuse! Music is my life; I cant get throughthe day without a song or six.

    Favorite Pastime?My favorite pastime is somewhere betweeneating a great meal and performing on stage.

    What other boards/committees/or activities are you involved inoutside of work?I am on the Advisory Board at TheSpringfield High School of Science andTechnology.

    Do you have a unique talent?If so, what is it?I am capable of eating afamily out of a house and home! But I alsoplay the piano and sing.

    The 3 adjectivesthat best describe youAmbitious, Humorous and Passionate.

    What accomplishmentsare you most proud of?I am proud that I am the first member of myimmediate family to go to and complete a 4year college. That was a very definingmoment in my life.

    The first thing you noticeabout a woman and why?I think thats a toss up between her hair andher smile. There is nothing more captivatingthan a woman with a lovely smile, but whenher hair is equally attractive Im beyondintrigu