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<p>AngelHall</p> <p>Nicholas A. Furry</p> <p>248.881.9320 5470 Starwood Dr. Commerce Twp., MI 48382</p> <p>OBJECTIVETo be hired full-time as an engineer by a company that is on the forefront of technology and innovation in order to use my skills to solve the worlds most pressing technical problems.</p> <p>EDUCATIONUNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, Ann Arbor, MI August 2015</p> <p>B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering, Summa Cum Laude GPA: 3.84/4.00 Coursework: Thermodynamics, Electric Circuits, Systems, and Applications; System Dynamics and Controls, Multidisciplinary Design and Manufacturing, Technical Communication, Behavior of Materials</p> <p>EXPERIENCEHOMEWARD HEALTHCARE, Ann Arbor, MIJune 2014 Aug. 2014</p> <p>Intern Developed a web application using Ruby on Rails, Git, and HTML for patients and nurses that streamlined the hospitalization process Created algorithms that predict a patients likelihood of hospital readmission using linear regression and Nave Bayes classifiers to better allocate hospital resources </p> <p>ELEMENT MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY, Warren, MITechnicians AssistantJune 2013 Aug. 2013 June 2012 Aug. 2012</p> <p> Prepared and performed burst, impact, helium and nitrogen leak, deflection, and temperature cycling tests on car parts to assess their design quality Collected and organized test data for easy interpretation by the customer Utilized calipers, torque wrenches, strain gauges, and dial indicators while doing a test to measure deflections caused by exerting a force on the trunk of a car </p> <p>LEADERSHIPZERO-PRESSURE BALLOON Jan. 2015 - April 2015</p> <p>Co-Team Leader Cooperated with another team member to lead a team of 7 students from 3 different majors in designing and manufacturing a zero-pressure balloon for a student group to use in atmospheric research Communicated on behalf of the team with the sponsor and advising professors to ask questions about the project and schedule meetings Designed and built the hardware on the balloons ballast system that regulated altitude Presented a 5-minute elevator pitch to a group of about 50 students and professors at the Design Expo detailing and critiquing our design, as well as explaining why the system was needed</p> <p>LASER REFLECTION PROJECTSept. 2014 Dec. 2014</p> <p>Team Leader Directed a team of 4 in designing and manufacturing an automated laser-reflecting four-bar linkage for a class on mechatronics Fabricated another teams design using a lathe, mill, band saw, drill press, laser cutter, and water jet cutter to expose us to the difficulties in building what someone else designed Spearheaded the programming process, using Arduino Uno with a PID controller to make the linkage automatically move to one of four positions based on an input </p> <p>M-BALL VEHICLE Sept. 2013 Dec. 2013</p> <p>Team Leader Elected leader of a team of 5 who successfully designed and manufactured a remote-controlled vehicle that advanced to the semifinals against other vehicles in the class Scheduled meetings and allocated work so everyone knew their responsibilities</p> <p>SKILLS Programming: C++, Objective-C, Xcode, HTML, Ruby on Rails, and Arduino Uno Software: MATLAB, Simulink, SolidWorks, Microsoft Office, LabVIEW, and ADAMS Fabricating: lathe, mill, band saw, drill press, laser cutter, water jet cutter, and 3D printer</p> <p>ACTIVITIES INDEPENDENT MATLAB PROJECTSJuly 2013-Present</p> <p> Developed MATLAB programs that solve Sudoku puzzles, solve Rubiks Cubes, and assist in the playing of Texas hold em poker as a hobby and to improve programming skills</p> <p>iOS BASKETBALL STATISTICS MOBILE APP May 2015 June 2015</p> <p> Constructed an iOS mobile app in Xcode using Objective-C that allows a user to record statistics while watching a basketball game in order to feed my passion for programming </p>