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workshopHow solo business owners and freelancers can use to their advantage!

Why bother?

Online reputation + social proof Provide credibility + context for your business467 million global users (Oct 16)SEOReferralsInformationCommunication

Be seen and be foundFree options - building and keeping relationshipsPremium account features connecting to decision makersCompany pages + paid advertisingTargeted paid advertising Market researchUnique URL

The BasicsGetting over that icky sales/corporate/networking feeling. HELPHave a presenceEngage with new peopleLet people find youProve yourself over time

The BasicsPhotography.Profiles with photos are 7 times more likely to be visitedInvest!SmileConsider your background image too

A great headshot is clear, high quality, free of distractions and cropped to the face and neckNo hard and fast rules for creatives!

The BasicsDefine your LinkedIn goalsDecide which keywords you will useTest your keywords periodicallyCommit to setting yourself up well

The HeadlineNot your title120 charactersOpen your storyDefine your market

The SummaryOne of the most important and most neglected sections.2000 character limitTell your storyUse a basic format if youre stuck: who, what, why?Provide a call to actionProvide your contact detailsUse the first person if you canUse bullet points for your skills or other listsUse the active voiceCut jargon

The Experience SectionLink back into your company profile page. Let people know what your business does, how you offer value and who you work withAdd relevant past positions and a summary of your roleInclude key achievements and weave your storys loose endsInclude your keywordsAsk for recommendations

RecommendationsKey for taking your profile up a notchBe strategicProvide recommendationsInvaluable for social proof and credibilityShow your unique value and people skillsAdds to your profiles personality

Using search functions

LinkedIn EtiquettePersonalise connection requestsAdd who you know, follow up with new connections you havent personally metAccept legitimate connection requestsPost professional contentOffer value

Building your profileAdd contacts: the magic 500+Join groupsComment (thoughtfully)Publish content: quick updates + long form content

Question and Connection time!Lets get connected.Feel free to contact me with any questions about your profile

Beth Barrett 457 714