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This is a presentation on how to best utilize LinkedIn as a nonprofit. It was part of series of presentations for the Center for Nonprofit Success in Washington, DC.


  • 1. LinkedIn for NonprofitsCenter for Nonprofit SuccessSeptember 8, 2011Leah Schklar, The National Society of Collegiate Scholars
  • 2. About LeahLeah is the Manager of Social Mediaand Interaction at The National Societyof Collegiate Scholars, an honor societyfor high-achieving college students. 300 Facebook pages 3 Twitter accounts 1 LinkedIn group 2 blogs
  • 3. Objectives Your Personal LinkedIn Presence Managing a LinkedIn Group Fostering Discussion and Engagement Incorporating LinkedIn Tools and Apps
  • 4. Your Personal LinkedIn Presence Fully completed profile Linked with Twitter and blog 500+ connections
  • 5. Your Personal LinkedIn Presence 5 recommendations, all from different work experiences
  • 6. Your Personal LinkedIn Presence Many interests and specialties Member of numerous groups
  • 7. Managing a LinkedIn Group Public or private? Public Private Everyone can see it People are more likely to join People can browse easily Ability to e-mail members with Non-members will be able to group discussions comment Less spam to moderate Moderation of spam is required Limiting potential audience
  • 8. Managing a LinkedIn Group Monitoring group joins If your group is private, decide if you want to approve all requests or will only certain people are accepted Set up automatic messages to be sent to new members or those who request to join
  • 9. Managing a LinkedIn Group Lay some ground rules Establish some posting guidelines and rules Include community contacts, specify where certain types of content should go and describe conduct that could cause members to be banned
  • 10. Managing a LinkedIn Group Highlight valuable contributions to the group When needed, give warnings privately Use your best judgment Help your members promote themselves Follow the input of the community Send announcements Use other social media to promote the group
  • 11. Fostering Discussion and Engagement Post genuine discussions and thought provoking discussions Empower members to meet offline Thank people for their participation You should participate, but avoid self promotion Share helpful information and relevant articles
  • 12. Incorporating LinkedIn Tools & Apps Subgroups RSS Feeds Blog Link Polls
  • 13. Questions!