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My virtual vacation to Rome, Italy


  • 1. Thomas Lindsay BITE 5390: Web Technologies 07/01/2014

2. Trip to Rome, Italy I chose to visit Rome, Italy on my vacation due to its rich history and art heritage. I will be traveling with my girlfriend, who is also an avid history and art lover. Most of my activities during my trip will consist of visiting historic places and museums, ideal places to take lots of photographs. Activity costs will be kept at a minimum because some places I plan on visiting are free to view. Trip will start on Saturday, 7/26/14, departing from Norfolk and arriving in Rome on 7/27/14 in the morning. Trip will end on Friday, 8/1/14, departing from Rome and arriving in Norfolk that same evening. 3. Why Rome? Where else on Earth can you see sites such as these 4. Why Rome? And the art. 5. Transportation The most timely and cost efficient method to get to Rome, Italy would be by airplane. As detailed, a flight for two people from Norfolk, VA to Rome, Italy would be $3823.60 round trip. Transportation in Rome would consist of traveling by taxi most of the time. The average cost of a taxi in Rome is about 1.5 to 1.8 Euro per kilometer, which is about $13.50 per mile. With the major museums and landmarks of Rome within a tight radius, you rarely will have to travel more than 6 or 7 kilometers. All other short distances of 2 kilometers or less, will be walked. 6. Transportation 7. Transportation 8. Longest Travel Of all activities, the trip to the Montemartini Museum is the longest at only 7.7km each way, taking about 17 minutes. 9. Shortest Travel The shortest travel distance of all the activities is about a 1.3km walk from the Hotel and Spa to the Zoological Gardens. 10. Lodging For the entire stay in Rome, I chose a hotel and spa in the heart of Rome that offers free meals. The name of the hotel is the Parco dei Principi Grand Hotel and Spa. The total price for two adults per night is $277. It is within walking distance of the Zoological Gardens of Rome. Total nights at the Parco dei Principi Grand Hotel and Spa will be 12, totaling $3324. 11. Lodging 12. Dining Since meals are provided with the hotel and spa package, most meals will be at the hotel. I have scheduled two dinners at two of the most well reviewed restaurants in Rome. These two dinners should cost about $100 per meal, for two people. The two restaurants are the L Archeologia and the Fortunato al Pantheon. 13. Dining 14. Activities The majority of activities I would plan in Rome would be to visit the art galleries, museums, and ancient buildings. Rome has such a rich history that it would take many trips to see everything. Most museums have fairly reasonable ticket prices, most come in at around 10-20 Euro, or $13 to $27, per person. 15. Activity Prices 16. Activity Prices 17. Activity-Galleria Borghese 7/20/2014 Admission for 2-$47.76 Transportation-$0 (Walk) 18. Activity-National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art 7/21/2014 Admission for 2-$32.76 Transportation-$30 19. Activity-Montemartini Museum 7/22/2014 Admission for 2-$17.74 Transportation-$60 20. Activity-Spa Day 7/23/2014 Admission for 2-$0 (included with lodging cost) Transportation-$0 (no transportation) 21. Activity-Vatican City 7/24/2014 Admission for 2-$0 (free) Transportation-$50 22. Activity-Sistine Chapel 7/24/2014 Admission for 2-$40.94 Transportation-$0 (included from previous slide) 23. Activity-Colosseum 7/25/2014 Admission for 2-$45 Transportation-$75 (dinner transportation included) 24. Activity-Temple of Venus and Roma 7/25/2014 Admission for 2-$0 (free) Transportation-$0 (included from previous slide) 25. Activity-Pantheon 7/26/2014 Admission for 2-$0 (free) Transportation-$40 26. Activity-Piazza del Popolo 7/27/2014 Admission for 2-$0 (free) Transportation-$40 27. Activity-Santa Maria del Popolo 7/27/2014 Admission for 2-$0 (free) Transportation-$0 (included from previous slide) 28. Activity-Capitoline Museums 7/28/2014 Admission for 2-$35.49 Transportation-$40 29. Activity-Ponte Sisto & ponte bridge 7/29/2014 Admission for 2-$0 (free) Transportation-$50 30. Activity-Basilica of Maxentius 7/30/2014 Admission for 2-$0 (free) Transportation-$50 (dinner transportation included) 31. Activity-Spa Day 7/31/2014 Admission for 2-$0 (included with lodging cost) Transportation-$0 (no transportation) 32. Relaxation Days One day out of each week set aside to relax at the hotel and enjoy the spa. (7/23/14 & 7/31/14) 33. Financial Summary Total cost of round trip flight to Rome, Italy for 2 adults--$3823.60 Total cost for Hotel & Spa accommodations for 2 adults--$3324 Total cost for additional food not covered by Hotel, for 2 adults--$250 Total cost for 2 weeks of activities for 2 adults-- $219.69 Total taxi costs for 2 weeks for 2 adults--$435 Grand total for vacation--$8052.29 34. Conclusion Given a budget of $10,000, it is very possible to plan a trip as I have described to Rome, Italy, for 2 adults for 2 weeks. While activities might not suit everyones tastes, they come at a bare minimum of expenses and will be enjoyable to those who cherish history, art and culture. 35. References http:// http:// http:// http:// 36. References-Cont. http:// o.htm /0,31489,1850368_1850304_1850196,00.html