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    Young Womens/ Womens Forecast Jocelyn Williams LXFM-740-OL

  • DEMOGRAPHICSMillennial Consumer Demographic:

    The Aspirational consumer is between the ages of 18-35 and has the most disposable income of all shopping demographics. This consumer has the income of at least $60,000 USD per year and lives in metropolitan areas. Though

    they aspire to live an above-average lifestyle, they are not big spenders. This market accounts for 40% of all luxury sales.

  • The millennial generation is a generation that takes pride in creating a community and working together to create the best world possible. Being a technologically driven generation, the millennials are used to being able to keep in constant com-munication with their peers in every corner of the world and have information readily available for consumption through their mobile devices. The millennial generation has also been noted as the generation that is striving to build a utopian society. This is the generation that is pushing for equality and the appreciation of differences-cultural and personal- and pushing their ma-terialistic values aside to be able to experience all that the world has to offer. The millennial generation is widely influenced by their peers and situations that allow them to make a positive impact on the world. While wanting to create an equal society, millennials still look to be recognized by their superiors as well as their peers for the good deeds they have done.


  • THE INFLUENCERS1. Life on Demand (Digital Connectivity)Digital connectivity in transforming the way we communicate, organize our schedules, relay information, purchase goods, work, and play. Life is now completely on demand as everything is right at our fingertips, inside of our smartphone. Our phones are almost like our personal assistant, keeping track of everything from what needs to be done in a day to personal information including our health and finances. Millennials are the most frequent users of smartphones, social media, and on-demand service apps like Uber and DoorDash.

    2. Gender Equality Gender identity and equality are topics that seems to be constanly reoccuring in both news media and pop culture. Following the passing of laws on marriage equality, many industries have begun to market gender fluid products. The fashion industry is beginning to market apparel that blurs gender lines, calling it unisex fashion. There is also an evolving trend in fashion where some designers are booking transgendered models for print ads and fashion weeks as a way to create a feeling of androgyny and complete inclusivity.

    3. Social Impact and the Greater GoodThe millennial generation is one of the biggest generations to date for their passion of doing the greater good. The millennial generation pushes for equality amongst the masses (personal rights, finances, ect.). This generation is also the most concerned with brands being accountable for the impact that their products have. Apparel brands like Everlane and Stella McCartney have begun to make their manufacturing and sourcing processes transparent to consumers. Shoppers will be more likely to buy products from a company that they are sure of their practices and companies that have a positive impact on society and the environment. Millennial comsumers are beginning to be inspired by a variety of individuals as opposed to just one.

    4. Less Focus on Things and More Focus on ExperienceMinimalism will become the new norm for millennials as experienes will be more valuable than material goods. The increase in international travel within the millennial market will continue to grow but the Westernized hotel industry will begin to decline. Millennials will want to travel across boarders to experience new cultures but will want to stay in accomodations that are traditional to their surroundings (complete immersion). Experiences will want to be had with family and close friends.

    5. Cultural AppreciationWith the rise of social media, a persons social circle extends far beyond those who live around them. Individuals are able to communicate and interact with others around the world and read and watch happening in other countries. With the increase of news of racial inequality and international tensions, the millennial generation is becoming more concerned about projecting the acceptance of other cultures and races. Business will begin to explore using cultural traditions as themes for products and fashion consumers will want to show their appreciation through the wearing of cultural inspired clothing.


  • UtopiaWe are experiencing rapid change just like the virtual reality realm and we have power to form narratives.We are adding another dimension...Its up to us to create positive situations for ourselves.

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    1. 2. Gareth Pugh S/S 11 3. 4. Wikipedia


    Millennials have become enthralled with the idea of having a perfect society where we are all equal. Millennials are pushing for equality in race, ethnicity, economy, education, and gen-der. Millennials are being called the generation of responsibility as they try to address all prob-lems facing individuals around the world.

    Trend Translation: Clean and minimal colors, structural silhouettes with precise cuts, linear lapels and overlays



  • VIRTUAL REALITY Right now, college students are doing the same thing by putting these dots together and creating their reality.

  • 1. Dazed Digital 2. Dior 3. 4. Mary Kantrantzou

    Virtual reality has become a huge phenomenon in the tech industry. Millennials can relate to this excitement in virtual reality as they are piecing together their lives to create their own virtual life. Millennials are trying to achieve perfection in their own personal lives while still understanding that this perfect life is not really tangible-just like in the virtual world. The virtual world is changing the way that industries are marketing their goods. Designers have begun to post 360o videos of their fashion shows allowing their followers to feel like they are really a part of the show.

    Trend Translation: Digital geometric prints and futuristic silhouettes, digital printed imagery used to create patterns





  • GIRL MEETS BOYThis generation views gender as a mark of self-expression- they view it as a way of displaying their full sense of self.

  • Since the passing of the marriage equality laws, Millennials have been in the fight for gender equality and a shift in the gender binary. A large group of millennials-including some designers and celebrities- have begun to blend the gender line and wear more feminine or masculine clothing depending on their mood. One of the biggest emerging designers to participate in this lifestyle trend is Gypsy Sport.

    Trend Translation: Gender neutral colors, loose fitting apparel, and baggier silhouettes

    1. Gypsy Sport 2. Reebok 4. #UnitedStatesofWomen 5.






  • THE MINIMALISTThe movement has inspired people to move into tiny homes, cut their wadrobes and donate their possessions...

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    1. Tibi 2. Helmut Lang 3,4,5. WhoWhatWear 6. Laura Kastamo 7.

    Millennials are beginning to shift away from quantity and are living their lives according to quality. Millennials are beginning to purchase goods that will last them for the long haul and will enhance their lives. They want experiences of material goods. This trend has led to the downsizing of homes, closets, and lifestyle choices.

    Trend Translation: Semi-fitted silhouettes with minimal details and design. Monochromatic color schemes

  • SOCIAL MEDIAMillennials are more engaged, more vocal, and more visual...They are not merely passive readers-the y post, pin, view, and blog. And, theyre willing to experiment and go onto the next innovation in social media.

  • Millennials are making purchasing decisions not based on what their friends tell them, but based on what they see on social media. 68% of millennials say they look up products on YouTube for reviews before purchasing. This audience looks toward social media stars on YouTube and Instagram as a way to learn about and see demonstrations of new products. Many companies have begun to understand that these social media celebrities have great influence over the millennial generation and have teamed up with these individuals to help in the marketing of their products.

    Trend Translation: Celebrity inspired outfits featuring apparel from fast fashion companies including graphic tees, jeans, and other casual yet fashionable apparel and accessories.







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  • Cultural AppreciationMillennials view diversity as the blending of different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives within a team, which

    is known as cognitive diversity.

  • Millennials have been the biggest generation to embrace diversity and cultural differences. This appreciation has come across in bo