Life Never Dies

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A Power Point Presentation of a Buddhist Hymn by The Wayfarers. The lyrics contain spiritual messages for contemplation on life and death.


  • 1. LIFENEVERDIES LifeNeverDies

2. Life never dies although we live In midst of change and death 3. Only the forms shall pass away And not the spirits breath 4. The consciousness can never die Although it seems to fade 5. It doth but pass to other forms Which thoughts and acts have made 6. There is no death all Nature cries The rose will reappear 7. Its petal will more perfect be After the winter drear 8. The tiny bird that lifeless falls A victim to its prey 9. Returns again in higher forms Upon its upward way 10. From life to life more high and free The myriad forms evolve 11. O may we learn to know the Truth This mighty Riddle solved 12. THEEND May We Live A Worthy Life With Metta, Bro. Oh Teik Bin