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I create this slide to support people who are needing to be inspired for their lives. I love to do this. Thanks!


  • 1. Life like a football match For a positive view of life

2. To start life you need to 3. WaKe-Up, Boy! ! 4. Smile when think about your life 5. Go out to discover the world 6. To achieve not big successes, but wonderful experiences 7. To play great games of the life 8. To score your goals 9. Yeah! Live with your style 10. You might face difficult challenges 11. People might oppose you 12. Sometime you cry 13. But it cannot stop you 14. and you still have the support from you friends 15. Yes! You can fly Good luck 16. Do D you lik this slide?like thi lid ? Share me your feelings or your comments that h l th t help me to make better inspiring slides.t k b tt i i ilidPham Thanh Nhon www nhonpt com