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I hope you enjoy a few things I've learned as I've gone through the highs and lows and my life. My Life Lessons are meant to inspire, reflect and engage the reader. We only have one life, so make it count.


  • 1. Life Lessons:What Ive Learned Along The WayChristine Honeygosky

2. You Are TheSum Total OfYour LifeExperiences 3. The Good 4. The Bad 5. The Ugly 6. Life Lessons 7. Embrace ChangeWithout change, there is no growth Change is scary Walking into the unknown andunfamiliar can be unsettling but do it!!! Embrace the changes that arehappening. Some changes are notpleasant You may not be able to stopthem. Remember, even unpleasantchanges can eventually bearpositive fruit. 8. Find Your CenterTo maintain thebalance in YOUR LIFE,do what fits YOU to find your center. Life a wild ride, filled with both joys andwoes. It can be difficult to maintain yourcenter as the chaos of life swirls aroundyou. Youre no good to anyone, especiallyyourself if you cant keep and maintainyour center. Finding a way to keep and maintainyour center is a very personal thing. Take the time to find your methodto maintain our center.Humor, jogging, yoga, walking,reading a book. getting amani/pedi, playing with yourpets, hanging out with your kids,lunch with a friend. 9. The best way to overcome fear of theunknown is to walk through the doorwith your eyes wide open that it mightbecome known and no longerfeared. 10. The Unknown IsAlways ScarierThan The KnownDont be afraid of the unknown. Find away to understand the circumstances ofthe situation and make it a known. 11. Always Look On TheBright Side Of LifeNo matter what happens inyour life, good or bad, happyor sad . . . Always Look On TheBright Side of Life 12. Have TheConversation WithYour Loved OnesFind the time to haveThe Conversationwith your loved ones. We think were tough andnothing bad is going to happen If we think about it, it welljinx it No matter the situation, its adifficult Conversation to have Terminal illness, old andfragile, healthy and vibrant The alternative is far worse 13. Say What You Need To SayNever miss an opportunity to tell those you careabout just how you feel. Dont wait for anaccident, illness or death . . . Say what you needto say. My husband had manyopportunities those last few weeksof his life to say what youneed to say to his daughters, hisfamily, his friends. He waited until the very end todo this He missed the opportunity withme Dont wait until the end 14. Attitude: The One ThingWe Can ControlLife is 10% what happensand 90% how we react to it. We have a choice everyday regarding the attitudewe will embrace for that day. We cannot change theinevitable. The only thing we can dois plan on the one thing wehave our attitude. It is with YOU we are incharge of our attitudes. 15. Its Never Too LateIts never too late to rekindle a sibling bond,they just have to meet you half way. 16. Life is the JourneyNOT the Destination While youre out accomplishingyour own set of goals, dont forget tolook to your left and right to see who isat your side. Be open to taking that road lesstraveled. Sure it may take a little longer toget to your destination, but oh . . . theview could be amazing!Always remember that your presentsituation is not your final destination.The best is yet to come 17. Thank You!If youre interested in my Life Lessons andother pearls of wisdom, go to my