life isn’t about finding yourself life is about life is about creating yourself creating yourself

Download Life isn’t about finding yourself Life is about Life is about Creating yourself Creating yourself

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  • Life isnt about finding yourself Life is about Life is about Creating yourself Creating yourself
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  • 1. Find your Passion 2. Set your goals 3. Stay Focused 4. Dont go to sleep until its done! Helpful Tips
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  • 1. Find your Passion Helpful Tips What I do What is MA My Why What I do Look Better Feel Better More Time More Money
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  • What are we NOT! What are we NOT! What did you think we were? What did you think we were? Customize your answer Customize your answer What is MA/
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  • I am an Internet Marketer. I partnered with Market America due to the fact they offer a preloaded website that combines drop shipping and affiliate marketing all in one e-commerce enabled website. Due to these features it allows anyone to take part in the Internet. MY WHY
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  • 2. Set your Goals Helpful Tips Specific Realistic Timely Write them down
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  • It is January 2012 we are financially free due to the efforts we put into our business. We have been privileged with being recognized at the MA Gala this summer for our commitment to our business. Due to this we have been asked to speak at many events and we find this to not only humble us but give us amazing personal grows. We are enjoying being part of the leadership team of Tampa Bay and strive to make it better for all that follows. Our personal team continues to grow and prosper. Our enthusiasm and belief attracts like minded individuals to us. So many partners are duplicating the foundation that MA and we have implemented. Training is the foundation to build and our team agrees and are attending events and participating in the webinar structure. As a family we spend time hanging by the pool and visiting our beach club. We continue to walk the dogs as a stress relief from the office. TJ and I are speaking more and more to many government officials and our community regarding TBI.
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  • The Year of Growth ProfessionalFamilyPersonal Activate 4 Distributors every quarter Sponsor 1 new partner every month Have one team member do a presentation every month More Home Corings Requalify for UFO Supervising Coordinator Take a trip to Ct Go see one movie a month Family dinner once a week Walk the dogs nightly See the sunset weekly Visit amusement park Read motivational book Get Pedicure monthly Eat healthy Exercise weekly Meditate 15 min daily Have lunch with a friend monthly
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  • Everything in life was either invented or created It all starts from one thought Dream Boards
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  • 3. Stay Focused Helpful Tips Stay the Course CHALLENGES Do not let others live for you
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  • Our Wall of Fame Challenges Local, Regional and Corporate Sell some product Show the Plan Go to Training Listen to Audios
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  • Challenges Local BACK
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  • Market Americas proven business system provides the vehicle mama
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  • All we need to do is follow the DIRECTIONS
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  • 4. Don't go to sleep until its done Helpful Tips
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  • Comfort Zone 90% of the population Just like everybody else Mediocre Life Surviving Getting by Fear Depression Settling for less Average What if I Fail? Wealth Fearlessness Confidence Dreams Prosperity Excitement Fulfillment Lifestyle Security Certainty Financial Freedom Peace of mind The Sky is the Limit
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  • Keep It Simple Use and Share Products Learn as we Earn Expose our business Select a path that is easiest for you Select a path that is easiest for you That falls within the Proven System
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  • Always Remember Have Fun, but Be Professional
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  • The individual who succeeds simply does what the individual who failed did not do or was not willing to do