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One of the biggest keys to your success is working with someone who has already achieved the results you are working towards. For over 20 years it has been my delight to have mentored and coached hundreds seeking to improve some aspect of their business or personal life along with people who were seeking to live their dreams. SERVICES Life Energized Coaching partners with Best Year Yet Online Goal Planning and Tracking and Life Wave Wellness Systems to support clients in the power of focus, emotional and physical energy management, along with defined plans of action, tracking and accountability which support clients in turning dreams and desires into reality. Life Energized Coaching offers programs, services and products that combine spiritual / energy principles with practical goal setting - tracking - accountability strategies to help you grow your business, live an empowered life and serve others with your light. Testimonials: Wanda not only uplifted me emotionally, but she also gave me tangible tools and valuable information that empowered me to go out and be confident in my abilities. Words cannot begin to say how grateful and appreciative I am for what Wanda has done for me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Wanda!!! Mauricio Capetillo She is a blessing in my life! I was a Part time Realtor when I met her and she helped me with my mind set and goal setting, she has helped me every step of the way with staying on track and growing into who I am today. I am a Top Producing Agent with a Team and still growing. I Thank you God for Wanda Peyton! She helped me when It was hard and every time i felt like giving up. :) Wanda Chacon Torres Rain Maker - Keller Williams Rancho Cucamonga I find it hard to really capture in words all that Wanda Peyton has done both professionally and personally in my life. She has helped guide a young man with talent,but lacking direction and given me the systems, encouragement, and support needed to see me reach top 20% in my previous organization and gross 6 figures in my real estate business. Her tried and true business proncipals mixed with her style and understanding of people help Wanda connect with you in ways most others do not. I'm grateful to have been and continue to be a client/student of her philosophies about business and life. Thank you Wanda! Robert Watkins Top Producer - Re Max I am impressed with Wanda ability and experience, as well as knowledge. I am proud to write this review if you are seeking coaching, training there is no better coach out there. Wanda is skilled and brings honesty and warmth to trusting relationships. Wanda is committed at exceeding your expectations. I will continue to use Wanda as my personal coach , business coach. Kerry Thomson Top Producer - Allison & James Realty


<ul><li> 1. Coaching &amp; Training Click Below to Hear Interview </li> <li> 2. About Wanda Life Coach, Spirituality Coach, Career Coach Certification from Best Year Yet, Inc. Transformational Coach Certification CFS Institute. Past Owner Peyton Real Estate Past Manager Team Leader KW Fontana Past Productivity Coach KW Rancho Cucamonga More About Wanda </li> <li> 3. Life Energized coaching can take you above and beyond your own personal limitations. More often than not, people try to achieve their greatest potential, but dont even realize what stands in their way. We can offer an unbiased and objective perspective, and can help you realize your patterns and habits. </li> <li> 4. Life Energized Coaching has supported 100's of Clients in achieving success by: </li> <li> 5. Personality Assessment Beginning with personality profile assessments such as the DISC test to determine your personality proclivities. In other words we determine from the very beginning where your natural brilliances and talents are and where you need the greatest support. </li> <li> 6. Coaching Realtors For Realtors we use an interactive goal setting program to determine the following: </li> <li> 7. Net income desired over the next 12 months Broker split Expenses expected for 12 months Gross closed income (GCI) needed to reach desired net income Total sales volume needed to acquire desired GCI </li> <li> 8. The % of business which will come from buyers vs. sellers The average percentage of commission from representing sellers vs. buyers Determination of the average sales price you will be seeking to work with, which geographical farm area or people farm will help to determine this price point </li> <li> 9. Next we will whether you be pursuing Mets, non Mets or a combination. This will determine your conversion %. Non Mets will be a lower conversion % as opposed to Mets such as past clients, advocates, SOI or a strong farm area. </li> <li> 10. Then we guesstimate conversion percentage of calls to leads, leads to appointments, appointments to contracts and contracts to closings. $$$$$$ </li> <li> 11. Lastly we break down the annual numbers required monthly and then weekly. </li> <li> 12. Then we use the Best Year Yet online 12 month goal setting and tracking program to : Determine Your Big Why Create a Vision of Your Goal Destination We Project 12 Months into the Future and Take a Look at Your Desired Future as If Its Already Occurred! This is Exciting! </li> <li> 13. Next we review actual accomplishments the past 12 months and even touch on disappointments and lessons learned. </li> <li> 14. Next we access limiting belief paradigms and begin to rebuild new strong empowering ones. We crate new guidelines to keep us on track. </li> <li> 15. Then we discuss personal values and the various roles you play in your life for the purpose of building a well rounded plan that supports, business, financial, self care, family, spiritual, mental and emotional stability. </li> <li> 16. It is here where we integrate the real estate production goals we previously discussed. </li> <li> 17. We then create the top 10 goals in our life which gives us our final 12 Month Goal List. </li> <li> 18. Then we look at quarterly milestones, as well as monthly and weekly goals each of which support our quarterly milestones. We stay on track together with strong accountability and determine when we are off the path and why. </li> <li> 19. You will score yourself after each week, month and quarter and have an opportunity to view your progress objectively. </li> <li> 20. During this incredible coaching process you will have a printed goal sheet after each session to keep close by as you move closer and closer to your goal destination and you receive prospective, accountability and processes to manage emotional energy so that it supports not sabotages your progress. You experience encouragement and celebrations. </li> </ul>