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<ul><li><p>Metropolitan Life Insurance Company | Metropolitan Tower Life Insurance Company</p><p>Adjusting to your changing body</p><p>Fifty is the new thirty! Seventy is the new fifty! Creams that fight aging, supplements that proclaim to be anti-aging, the messages seem to be tacitly admonishing us: Its okay to grow older, but dont you dare age. While Americans are staying youthful longer, this constant barrage of youre as young as you feel can cause dismay. Regardless of how well we care for ourselves, we cannot entirely escape the effects of aging.</p><p>One key to aging gracefully is to accept the fact that your body is in a constant state of change, and the changes that happen in later life tend to bring diminished capacity in one way or another. Aging slows us down. It slows down the bodys natural powers of regeneration, it slows the metabolism, and it slows reaction time and healing. Some of the discomfort that people often feel as they age may be an unwillingness to accept these inevitable changes.</p><p>In the U.S., advertising that urges us to fight, fight, fight aging bombards us. What if, instead, we embraced aging? What if we made the aging process our friend and ally instead of our foe? What if we focused on what weve gainedwisdom, </p><p>experience, patience, trust, understanding, and intuitioninstead of on what were losing? What if we slathered ourselves in acceptance instead of expensive (and potentially toxic and ineffective) skin creams? Aging might become less daunting, less scary, and less pressurized. Instead of feeling compelled to act and look as if were frozen at age 30, we can enjoy the benefits of reaching our 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and beyond.</p><p>Here are some of the benefits that generally may go along with being a certain age:</p><p> Older people care less about what others think of them and are less affected by others judgments.</p><p> Older people are better able to manage their emotions. Aging helps people develop tolerance, and tolerance leads to an increased ability to withstand lifes (and peoples) shenanigans.</p><p> Older people have clearer priorities and are better able to focus on the things that really matter while jettisoning distractions.</p><p> Older people claim higher job satisfaction than their younger counterparts. According to a recent study by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, 92 percent of workers age 50 and older report that they are very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with their jobs, compared with only 80 of workers under age 30. Older workers reported </p><p>satisfaction regardless of gender, race, educational level, political ideology, and income level.</p><p> Older people generally are better at dealing with social conflicts than younger people.</p><p> Older people are better able to see the big picture. While studies have shown that younger people tend to become bogged down in minute details, those of a certain age excel at taking in the full scope.</p><p> Older athletes often develop new strengths to make up for loss of speed or explosiveness. Older, often, is smarter when it comes to certain skills. This does not apply only to the pros. Amateur athletes and hobbyists evolve as they age and embrace different aspects of their sports.</p><p>Seventy is not the new fifty. Seventy is seventy. Anyone who has spent seventy years living, loving, working, traveling, caring for others, and constantly learning has earned the right not to have to pretend to be younger than his or her actual age. Aging is not something to hide or pretend isnt happening. Aging is a privilege denied many. Instead of turning to anti-aging creams and schemes in an effort to fight nature, try this instead: Embrace positive aging. Be the best you can be at every age, and accept that your body and mind are always changing.</p><p>Source: Psychology Today (January 30, 2016)</p><p>Life Advice A newsletter for Total Control Accountholders</p><p>Summer 2018Volume 25, Number 3</p><p> You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind. </p><p> Joyce Meyer</p></li><li><p>Time out</p><p>Making the most of your smartphoneThe great thing about Smartphones is that they really can make you smarter!</p><p>Smartphones are tiny computers that can do many of the things a regular computer can do, and more. Whether you have an iPhone, Android, or a Windows phone, you can download programsappsthat can help boost your brainpower and enjoyment, since brain enhancing apps can be fun to use. Many apps are free, some cost a nominal amount, and others come with monthly subscription fees.</p><p>Here are some ideas for how to make the most of your Smartphone:</p><p> Duolingo is a language app that offers fun, easy instruction on how to speak, read, and write 28 different languages. If youve always wanted to learn a second language, Duolingo can help. Free.</p><p> New York Times Crossword Puzzle app puts the renowned newspapers daily crossword on your phonefor a price. Although this app costs $6.95 per month ($39.95 if you buy an annual subscription), crossword puzzle aficionados consider it well worth the price.</p><p> Pandora is a radio app that lets you choose the music genre you want to hear and then customizes a playlist for you. Listen to any type of music from any generation. Free with commercials.</p><p> WhatsApp lets you stay in touch with everyone, everywhere, for free. You can text or call for free to other WhatsApp users.</p><p> Google Hangouts is a free texting and video-calling platform developed by Google. Users need Gmail addresses to place video calls. Hangouts works on both your phone and computer.</p><p> The NPR app gives you access to worldwide news and your favorite NPR programs in a concise, easy-to-use format.</p><p> The Weather Channel and other free weather apps are available to help you plan. Free.</p><p> Pillbox (iOS-Apple) and Medisafe Meds &amp; Pill Reminder (Android) help you remember to take medications. Free.</p><p> Shopwell is your on-the-go nutritionist. This app helps you match foods with your health concerns. For example, if you have high cholesterol, Shopwell can suggest foods that may lower cholesterol.</p><p> Elevate is a brainpower boosting app that focuses on practical language and math skills. Free and premium subscriptions.</p><p> Lumosity combines proven cognitive science techniques with a fun, game-playing approach. Free and premium subscriptions.</p><p> Headspace uses scientifically proven meditation techniques to help you create health and happiness. Free 10-day trial, after which several subscription options are available.</p><p>Time out</p><p>Best national parks to visit in the summerAcadia National Park, MaineA splendidly diverse landscape includes sandy beaches, hardwood forests, and granite peaks. Take a drive along the scenic Park Loop Ride and stop off at Otter Cliff and Sand Beach.</p><p>Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, WisconsinThese 21 islands on Lake Superior offer glorious natural beauty and an abundance of water sports. As the cleanest of the Great Lakes, Superior offers crystal-clear scuba diving amid old shipwrecks as well as boating, fishing, and kayaking. While the beaches are the big attraction here, </p><p>serious, healthy hikers can enjoy trails that lead to historic lighthouses, scenic overlooks, and old farm sites.</p><p>Crater Lake National Park, OregonBrilliant blue water and 2,000-foot cliffs offer spectacular beauty. The park is one of the cleanest national parks in the country. A hikers paradise, Crater Lake boasts more than 200 miles of trails, including the 2.5-mile gradual walk up to the highest point in the parkMount Scott.</p><p>Grand Teton National Park, WyomingThe majestic Grand Teton is snowcapped well into July and sometimes August, making for dramatic photography and a sense of awe. Since it is a mere 10 miles from Yellowstone Park, its possible to visit both parks in one vacation. Avoid peak timessuch as Fourth of July weekendas Grand Tetons six campsites are first come, first serve.</p><p>Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee and North CarolinaA UNESCO World Heritage Site, Great Smoky Mountains National Park is vast522,419 wooded acresand is home to more than 1,500 kinds of flowering plants, more than any other national park in North America. Wildflower hikes, where youll spot black-eyed Susans, red cardinal flowers, purple-fringed orchids, pink turtleheads, and Turks cap lilies are a must.</p><p>Sequoia &amp; Kings Canyon National Parks, CaliforniaWith awe-inspiring Mount Whitney, the highest summit in the contiguous United States, looming above, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks feature the highest tree in the worldthe 274.9-foot General Sherman Tree. The parks also offer remote trails through glacial canyons and old-growth forests.</p></li><li><p>Fit for living</p><p>Adult-onset asthmaYou cannot imagine how precious the gift of breath is unless you have difficulty breathing. Adult-onset asthma can be dangerous for older adults because doctors sometimes misdiagnose the condition. Due to changes in muscles and stiffening of chest walls in people after middle age, older adults tend to have a lower forced expiratory volume (the volume of air you are able to take in and forcibly exhale in one second). This decreased lung function may cause doctors to miss the diagnosis of adult-onset asthma.</p><p>Elizabeth, for example, had been an active older adult well into her late 70s. She walked between three and six miles daily, took Silver Sneakers classes at the YMCA, and enjoyed a rich social life. When her energy levels began to drop and she experienced difficulty breathing, her doctor told her she needed to lose weight. When losing weight didnt help, he told her that she was out of shape and needed to add activity to </p><p>Glad you asked</p><p>Q: Can I pay my bills online or by phone from my Total Control Account (TCA)?</p><p>A: Yes. Generally, you can use your TCA as a source of funds to pay bills online from your service providers (phone, electric, credit card and mortgage companies, etc.) website or pay-by-phone features. Your TCA can also be used for automatic fund transfers. Additionally, you can write a draft to pay bills. Before using your TCA to pay bills, consider if you have other liquid assets that earn less interest than your TCA. If you do, you may wish to use those funds first. Once you withdraw money from your TCA, you cannot redeposit it.</p><p>Health note</p><p>The healing benefits of humor</p><p>Laughter is the best medicine. I remember first seeing that quote as a nine-year-old child when I picked up a copy of my parents Readers Digest magazine and saw a column of the same name. The benefits of a positive attitude are well documented. Having a good sense of humor helps maintain a positive attitude.</p><p>The benefits of a good sense of humor include:</p><p> Resiliencebeing able to see the humor in situations improves coping mechanisms</p><p> Sounder psychological healtha sense of humor is associated with a more positive psychological outlook</p><p> Increased pain tolerancelaughter has been shown to improve pain tolerance</p><p> Cardiovascular healthlaughter reduces arterial stiffness</p><p> Greater enjoyment of life</p><p>A sense of humor is something you can develop. First, learn to laugh at yourself and your foibles. Look for something to laugh over every day. Read humorous stories and articles. Get out and about and observe people. Go to a dog park and watch how ridiculously adorable dogs are while interacting with each other. Actively seek to be amused and watch your life improve.</p><p>Sources: EJOP: Europes Journal of Psychology (2014)</p><p> Colds that go to the chest or linger for 10 days or more</p><p>Managing your asthma is key to leading a normal life:</p><p> Take prescribed medications. Make sure your doctor and pharmacist know every prescription, over-the-counter (OTC) medication, and supplement you take. Do not make changes to your medication without consulting your doctor. Do not miss doses. Do not use OTC medications unless specifically approved by your doctor.</p><p> Allergy-proof your house.</p><p> Avoid pollen outdoors.</p><p> Avoid foods that could worsen your asthma or allergy symptoms. Some common trigger foods that might make your asthma worse include: peanuts, milk, eggs, salt, shellfish, dried fruits/vegetables, pickled foods, and beer/wine.</p><p>With the right medical treatment, adult-onset asthma can be manageable. See your physician for more information.</p><p>Sources: Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (2017), WebMD (September 14, 2016)</p><p>her life. She became caught in a vicious cycle with her doctors diagnosis: He continued to advise that she exercise more, but she had difficulty breathing that forced her to constantly decrease her activity. Being told to exercise more not only did not help; it hurt. Elizabeth interpreted her doctors message as judgment that she was merely lazy. When Elizabeths breathing difficulties continued to worsen, her doctor sent her to a cardiologist. It took years of deterioration and changing doctors for Elizabeth finally to receive the correct diagnosis: adult-onset asthma.</p><p>Symptoms of adult-onset asthma include:</p><p> History of allergies</p><p> Dry cough, especially at night or in response to allergy triggers</p><p> Tightness or pressure in the chest</p><p> Wheezinga whistling soundwhen exhaling</p><p> Shortness of breath after exercise or physical exertion</p><p> Difficulty breathing</p></li><li><p> Believe me, every heart has its secret sorrows, which the world knows not, and oftentimes we call a man cold, when he is only sad.Henry Wadsworth Longfellow</p><p>Life Advice welcomes comments and suggestions from readers. Please write Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, Total Control Account, PO Box 6300, Scranton, PA 18505-6300 Design: Jacqui Bonavito Editor/Writer: Lynn Braz, email: Please include your account number. We cannot guarantee a response to your email without your account number. 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