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LIDAR Scanning. Sarah Sudduth Vizproto. General Information. LIDAR= Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging The technology uses ultraviolet, visible, or near infrared light to image objects and can be used with a wide range of targets. Non-metallic objects Rocks Chemical Compounds Aerosols - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


LIDAR Scanning

LIDAR ScanningSarah SudduthVizprotoGeneral InformationLIDAR= Laser Imaging Detection and RangingThe technology uses ultraviolet, visible, or near infrared light to image objects and can be used with a wide range of targets.Non-metallic objectsRocksChemical CompoundsAerosolsSingle Molecules2General Info ContinuedPrimarily used for atmospheric research and meteorologyPlaced on aircraft and satellites for surveying and mapping various land featuresThe technology has been identified by NASA as a key technology for enabling autonomous precision safe landing of future robotic and crewed lunar landing vehicles

Various UsesAgricultureArchaeologyArchitectureBiology and ConservationGeology and Soil ScienceMeteorology and Atmospheric EnvironmentLaw EnforcementMilitaryPhysics and AstronomyRoboticsSpaceflightLand SurveyingTransportation- Adaptive Cruise ControlWind Farm Optimization

Agriculture- helps farmers determine which areas of their fields to apply costly fertilizer and the scans can create a topo map of the fields that reveals the slops and the sun exposure of the farm land. Archaeology- planning of field campaigns, mapping features beneath forest conopy, and providing an overview of broad, continuous features that may be indistinguishable on the ground.Biology- Topo maps, biodiversity of trees Geology- aids in advanced in geomorphology (study concered with the origin and evolution of the Earths surface topography). Can detect elevation changes between repeat surveys.Meteorology- originally what the first lidar systems were used for. Measurements of a particular gas in the atmosphere, such as ozone, carbon dioxide, or water vapor. Measures wind speeds as well.Law- Speed gunsMilitary- mine detection, detail for identifing targetsPhysics/astronomy- precise measurement of the moons position in the sky, measures densities of gases in the middle and upper atmospheresRobotics- for the perception of the environment as well as object classification in robotsSpaceflight- utilized for rangefinding and stationkeeping of spacecraftsLand Surveying- creates digital terrain modelsTransportation- ACC mounted on the front of the vehicle and monitors the distance between the vehicle and any vehicle in front of it. Applies the breaks when the the distance is small between vehichles.Wind Farm- increases energy output from wind farms by accurately measuring wind speeds and turbulence.4My FocusArchitecture ScanningIdeal for historical renovations and repairs

Historical renovations and repairs are particularly suited for 3D laser scanning. Highly accurate true to scale as-built data is collected rapidly. Areas that are fragile benefit in that laser scanning is not intrusive. We can collect spatial data without touching the objects we scan and without endangering personnel or structures.5Example

High quality scanAlmost a virtual reality of an actual placePersonal InterestFascinated with new, complex structures

Buildings that look like sculptures/hard distinction between architecture and sculptureTo me, these structures are works of art. The amount of planning and designing that goes behind them is mind boggling and it is living proof that the engineer/architect and the artist must work together in order to create such a magnificent structure.7

Library in Thailand9

Frank Gehry10ResourceScott CedarleafWere a Brooklyn-based 3D capture and modeling company always striving to capture and visualize the clearest, cleanest, and most workable RGB LiDAR and photo-based deliverables in the industry.Our focus is capturing data of sets, locations, environments, heads, bodies, props, and anything else you can think

ExplorationMy initial idea was to evaluate structure and sculpture and how those two combine to create something extraordinaryUsing rapid prototyping and 3D modeling to create sculptures out of structures


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