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Overview of the Library's resources for Fine Art students. Please see your library subject guide for news, resources and guidance:


  • 1. Welcome to the RobinsonLibrary for Fine Art studentsLucy Keating

2. Created with 3. Can I use images inmy seminarpresentation?Ive found an image of apainting on Google, but Imnot sure its the right versionI want to search forimages by colourWhere can I findexamples of fashionadvertising fromwomens magazines?Can I borrow DVDsfrom the Library?Are there any goodweb sites withadvice for studentartists?How do I find bookson my reading list?I need to read a bookpublished in the 17thcentury.The book I want isout on loan. Whatcan I do?Whats the beststarting place forresearching the pre-Raphaelites?Are there any otherlocal libraries withgood artcollections?I need some greenbooks for an artinstallation!Where can I find TVdocumentaries andradio interviews withartists? 4. Explore and discover with LibrarySearchBooks, articles andmuch, much moreFull & mobile views 5. Our subject guidesare packed withresources, news andguidance 6. Key resources: Fine ArtBooksArticlesandpapersAdviceforartistsImagesonlineSocialmediaImage credit: VADS (Central St Martins) 7. LibrarySearch?Subjectguide? 8. Finding images onlineCan you checkauthenticity?Usually search bykeyword,occasionally byother methodsFrom licensedimage collectionsto communitysharingScreenshots credits: VADS; V and A; Bridgeman 9. Using imagesJust because an image is on theinternet, doesnt mean you can use oradapt it!Creative Commons can help you both as aconsumer as well as a producer of creativeworksFlickrenables youto search bylicense typeOnline advice availableIts boring butread the smallprintSpecialiseddatabases giveyou full citationdetails 10. all our e-resources areavailable on or off campus 11. Our study spaces cater for all. 12. Were open 24 / 7 in term-time 13. @ncllibartsNULibrariesnewcastleunilibrary