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  • 1.Recycle Recycle Helps To Save The Environment

2. The Recycling area outside a large house What do you notice particularly about the bins? 3. Look at the cylindrical barrels

  • How has the waste for recycling been sorted?Why do you think this is?
  • Why are there lids on the floor?

4. What is in this container?

  • How could it be further sorted?
  • Could the contents be stored more efficiently?
  • Could the contents of the cans be packaged differently?

5. Plastics

  • Which part of the contents cant be recycled?
  • Which plastics arent included
  • Why do you think this is?
  • Can you recycle plastics on your doorstep?

6. Glass

  • How could these jars and bottles be further sorted?
  • What types of foods are stored in bottles?

7. Paper

  • Where does the majority of the paper come from?
  • Can it be collected from your doorstep or recycled at school
  • Could you use it further before sending to recycle
  • Is there any paper you cant recycle?

8. Glass

  • How do these bottles differ from the previous glass container
  • Do you think there is a seasonal influence on glass re-cycling or how about paper


  • How is the user encouraged to sort the waste?
  • Could you produce similar labels with clip art and a laminating machine?


  • Anything included here we havent considered yet?
  • Where do you go to recycle it?
  • How is it different from paper?
  • What can you do to boxes to help in transportation?

11. The Dustbin

  • What of the traditional dustbin?
  • Is it now redundant?
  • Has the grey wheelie bin taken over?
  • How could we put it to better use?

12. Look again at the first shot

  • How many of the containers are recycled themselves?

13. And what do you think this basket is used for? 14. Bio waste Biodegradable waste is best dealt with in the home. Collected in the kitchen in a container with a lid it can then be turned into compost in the garden with zero carbon footprint 15. SourcingVegetables and meat sourced locally has minimum carbon impact, provide jobs for locals and have a minimum of packaging How many different vegetables can you identifyThere are seven 16. Synthesis

  • Recycling is easy
  • Be organised
  • Think about what you are doing
  • Strive to make it better
  • Be prepared to spend some down breaking down materials
  • Bio waste can be turned into compost in your garden and even used to grow more vegetables
  • Waste bags are not ripped open by foxes and will not attract vermin if they do not contain food an all round winner

17. About Recycle Did You Know That When We Are Recycling We Save The Environment And We Save Money. 18. Done by : The Champion Rockz

  • Thank You to let us share our ideas with you. Thank You
  • Done by :Aniza,Eugene,Hanif,NurhaidahAnd RUSDI