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Slideshow of presentation at the Literacy and Learning in the 21st Century conference in Fredericton New Brunswick in August 16-17th 2007.


  • 1. Lets Go Global! Online Collaborative Learning Projects Sharon Peters LEARN sharonpeters@gmail.com http://globalprojects2007.wikispaces.com/ mtl-peters.net/blog
  • 2. Global Projects begin.....
  • 3. ...with Globally-Minded Educators
  • 4. Goals of Todays Presentation Getting Connected Skills Built Relevance Engagement Cool Tools Award-winning examples from ordinary teachers Project Opportunities and Portals
  • 5. What did this globally-minded student have to say? From a Neveh Channah student after receiving peer review from a student from LCC: quot;Thank you for taking the time to read my paper. I was touched by your warm words and the gentle criticism.Yes, some of the spelling should be edited and I didn't want to burden the reader with too many details and information.... I would love to host you here in Jerusalem and to join you personally on a walking tour through the streets of Nachlaot.quot;
  • 6. 5 Cs of the 1:1 Collate Create Construct Communicate Collaborate
  • 7. The Web has become our operating system
  • 8. Karl Fisch at NECC 2007 Did You Know 2.0? Shift Happens TeacherTube Link
  • 9. The Web is Us/Using Us
  • 10. Getting (and Keeping) Globally Connected iGoogle - RSS feeds Skype Webcasting Podcasts Blogging Twitter
  • 11. Your Network is Your Filter. (Tapscott) We learn from the company we keep. (Smith)
  • 12. Grace ... on the topic of backchanneling iLike.... Matthew
  • 13. Meg Fictionpress - Simply Meg ICT in Education - Music on the Internet A Real Teen Talks about Blogging and Social Spaces Facebook
  • 14. Nat Runescape YouTube for music videos
  • 15. Ttes Claques
  • 16. Skills Built Multiple Literacies: digital, cultural, media Cross-cultural communication Critical thinking Synthesis and summary Info literacy, research, validation, authentication of facts Negotiation and collaboration
  • 17. Whereas previous generations value loyalty, seniority, security and authority, the NetGens norms reect a desire for creativity, social connectivity, fun, freedom, speed, and diversity in their workplaces. (Tapscott)
  • 18. ATG - Conceptual Age Creators & Afuence, technology, globalization Empathizers Information Age knowledge workers Industrial Age factory workers Agricultural Age Farmers 18th century 19th century 20th century 21st century From the Agricultural to the Conceptual Age From: A Whole New Mind
  • 19. Cool Tools & Online Social Spaces Wikis Skype - Webcasting - Podcasting Blogs Google Docs Content-Learning Management Systems Personal Learning Environments Full descriptions
  • 20. Award-winning Global Projects GVCVirtual Classroom Web Design(2007 Silver Award Team 06 Wikispace - Global Contest) From Jerusalem to Montral - (2007 Silver Award ISTE SigTEL ) Flat Classroom Project - (2007 Gold Award ISTE SigTEL) Technospud Projects (2006 Global Schoolnet Award)
  • 21. These partnerships provide opportunities for students to quot;be human togetherquot; (Siemens)
  • 22. Karen Guth - teacher at Neveh Channah School in Etzion Bloc, Israel: quot;I would say that this became a project that engaged the minds, skills, and hearts of our students. It turned the English Bagrut project into an international research, writing, thinking, and teaching opportunity.quot;
  • 23. quot;From all of the work that we have done with other students, I have learned how to look over other people's work and let them edit my own. From working with other students, I also learned how to be patient and not always want things to happen at the exact moment I would like them to, but rather wait and spend more time on something to make it even better.quot; - Matthew, grade 7
  • 24. Technospud Projects: Charlottes Web Project Charlottes Web Project
  • 25. More Internet Projects Fruit Loops Project - most popular Salute to Seuss - now taking applications
  • 26. Other Portals LEARN (Qubec) site for Classroom Exchanges Israeli Pedagogical Network for Collaborative Learning Global Virtual Classroom Global SchoolNet iEARN Taking IT Global Teachers Without Borders (need for provincial coordinator)
  • 27. Books of Inuence The World is Flat - 3rd ed. (Thomas Friedman) Wikinomics - (Don Tapscott & Anthony Williams) A Whole New Mind (Daniel Pink) Knowing Knowledge (George Siemens) Coming of Age: An Intro to the New WWW (Terry Freedman, ed.)
  • 28. Goals of Todays Presentation Getting Connected Skills Built Relevance Engagement Cool Tools Award-winning examples from ordinary teachers Project Opportunities and Portals
  • 29. Global Projects begin..... ...with Globally-Minded Educators Sharon Peters LEARN sharonpeters@gmail.com mtl-peters.net/blog