lessons learned from pediatricians’ responses to katrina and other disasters

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Lessons Learned from Pediatricians Responses to Katrina and Other Disasters. Lou Romig MD, FAAP, FACEP Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Miami (FL) Childrens Hospital Medical Director, FL5 DMAT. Loou Romig. Disclosure. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Lessons Learned from Pediatricians Responses to Katrina and Other DisastersLou Romig MD, FAAP, FACEPPediatric Emergency Medicine, Miami (FL) Childrens HospitalMedical Director, FL5 DMATLoou Romig

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  • Lessons Are LegionLou Romig

  • Disaster preparedness is everyones job. Lou Romig

  • Take preparedness personallyProtect yourself and your family72hrs? 7 days?Protect your livelihoodProtect your patients and their familiesSuggested Resource: A Disaster Preparedness Plan for Pediatricians, Scott Needle MD, FAAP, AAP Mississippi Chapter http://www.aap.org/healthtopics/terrorism.cfm

  • Preserve the Family UnitFEMA Photo Library

  • Families in DisastersTeach families how to maximize the chance of rapid reunificationHelp to establish networks to assist in identification and reunification of families

  • Make kids an issueFEMA Photo Library

  • Making kids an issueInsist on pediatric and family representation at all levels of emergency planningOffer our services to agencies in their planning processes

  • Nurture Pediatric PartnershipsFEMA Photo Library

  • Pediatric Partnership OpportunitiesPractitionersFacilities/NetworksGovernmental/Private agencies

  • Bolster our infrastructureFEMA Photo Library

  • Systems fail. People dont.

  • We must speak and act for our children.FEMA Photo Library

  • Lou Romig

  • Thank you!louromig@bellsouth.netwww.jumpstarttriage.comLou Romig

    In the short time we have together this morning Id like to share with you some of the overarching lessons that I feel we as pediatricians must truly learn in order to serve our children and their families in disasters.The levees of our health care and social support systems leak every day. In some aspects, parts of our infrastructure operate in disaster mode every day.Disasters bring out the strengths in people but the weaknesses in systems. The best way to prepare for disasters is to assure that our children receive the very best in the way of care and support on a daily basis.Anyone providing direct services to children and families affected by last years disastersAnyone who supported those who responded by covering shifts or patients or assisting the families of those who respondedAnyone who contributed in any way to the disaster planning and relief efforts last yearAnyone left seated, please rise. I hope you will not only join us now but also in the future as we work to better serve our children and families in times of disaster. If we dont do it, who will?