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What an injured foot can teach you...


  • 1. What a broken ankle can teach youIt can teach you acceptance. When magnet therapy, homeopathy, ayurvedic oils, bandages, hot-cold water, herbs, mantras, vitamins and hope tellyou its going to be slow, you embrace patience. Doctors and physiotherapists smile and say it will take time. Action and effort seem to becomeweak agents. You have no choice. This is how it is. Accept from within.It can teach you freedom. Freedom from notions of form. When I limp bandage, brace and crutch, or climb a stair or hobble on the pavement slowand wary , people whove seen me gliding and hopping give a sorry look. I hold myself back from laughing out loud. How silly! Its the fact thatyou are different that leads them to a sense of pity. Would they feel the same if everyone had a walking stick? What if instead of a crutch I hadsprouted wings? An injured foot is not such a big a deal - a conditioned mind is!It can lead you to observe. Colours around you appear more vibrant. You notice the streak of orange next to the red. The loops of maroon and blue onyour bedcover surprise you. The folds of the silken sofa cover, that has slipped too low. The fruit tray reveals its aesthetic secrets, the freckledbanana skin, the orange with its loose, thick, spongy, yellow and green skin, the apples shiny and variegated, too have personalities. The steel platesin the kitchen shine Images jump out of life and into poetry.It can show you yourself. The space that motionlessness creates, brings whats hidden or forgotten to the surface. Now that you have the leisure,you start seeing the spaces in your heart the irritation, sadness, longing. Memories crackle and light up in dark corners. Aspects of you that didntseem to exist, arise, personality is pounded, thrashed, kneaded, brought out anew. New roads are seen the past and the future mesh into the now.It can give you a glimpse of stillness. When you dont buzz around too much, the mind slips into silence almost naturally. A slice of sunshinetumbling through the window onto the floor a simple pattern, and the world stops. Stillness. The blueness of the sky and the mind stops. Justblueness. The whirling of the fan, the cry of the child in the neighbourhood, the feel of the afternoon heat. Thats all. No more, no mind. Stillness.Sharing what brokenness has brought forthLove,Harvinderteachertalk@rediffmail.com
  • 2. Your memory clings to melike an anklet,Music mingles with my steps. Your memory clings to me like an anklet, Music mingles with my steps.
  • 3. Lost,in touching leaves,I forget appointments.... if only trees were bosses!
  • 4. The blueness seepsinto my skin.I stirred the sky in mycold cream!
  • 5. Licking ink,like blood.A carnivorous poem is born. ink
  • 6. Flakes of the pastpeeling off,Likeplaster from damp walls.
  • 7. Red hot coalsof longing,become ash.The sky changes colour,When you dont come!
  • 8. He stands - an unlit lamp-post,Waiting for you,to turn him on.
  • 9. Its nothing but an absence,But it scares youjust the same,A shadow does.
  • 10. Loops of light,swirlingaround the lamp,...like a childlost in play.
  • 11. Snip, snip, snip,it clips,my nails and yourlies.
  • 12. Silken shadowsof your memoryThe light of my dark days!
  • 13. BandageFrayed,yet, healing a wound.Likemy aging mothers voice...