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LESSON PLAN Dream, Dream, Dream

LESSON PLAN Dream, Dream, Dream

Theme Developing Myself

CAREER SKILLS Self Development

KEY SKILLS Communication, Working With Others


COMPETENCIES *ai, *aiii, *bi, *bii, *ci, *cii, *di, **ei, **eii, **eiii, **eiv, **evi, ***fiii, ***fiv, ****li, ****mi,

SUGGESTED SUBJECT AREA Personal Development, English, Science and Tech.Learning Outcomes

By completing this task students will be able to:

Explore a dream ambition.

Understand the difference between appropriate ambition and unrealistic fantasy.

Use career research skills to locate information.

Preparation and Materials

Copies of Activity Sheet Dream, Dream, Dream (1), (2) and if required (3) (see extension activity) for each student.

Access to occupational information (see Teachers Notes).

Posters of pop stars/sportsmen and women, film stars and other pin ups.


1. Put the students into groups of 3 or 4.

2. Explain the aim of the exercise using the learning outcomes on Activity Sheet (1).

3. Discuss with the class any dreams or ambitions they may have.

4. Ask the students to think whether their dreams are achievable and realistic.

5. Working with a partner or in a small group, ask students to identify a particular ambition or dream and, using occupational information available, analyse what would need to be done to achieve each of these dreams.

6. Give out Activity Sheets (1) and (2) for students to complete.

7. On completion, discuss with the class any particular aspects which may be difficult e.g. examination grades, finance etc.

8. Ask the students what they have learned from the lesson.

9. Summarise the main learning outcomes.

Extension Activity

Give out Activity Sheet (3) for students to complete using the occupational information available.

TEACHERS NOTES Dream, Dream, Dream

Preparation How to provide occupational information

This lesson can be used as an introduction to the careers library. Lesson plan in grade 9. Otherwise the students can be taken into the computer lab and told where they might find some careers information on the web.

However, this lesson could be used as a lighthearted and fun introduction, perhaps with the help of the guidance counselors to locate items in the library related to the students dreams/ambitions.

Alternatively, students could make a start on the first task at the end of the previous lesson by providing their dream/ ambition to you. Arrangements could then be made to either locate appropriate occupational information (computer printouts/photocopies) or to provide lunchtime support for students to find the information in the library to bring to this lesson.

Introduction and Conclusions

Ask the students who their heroes are. Which people would they most like to follow in the footsteps of? E.g. top model, a famous film star, part of a famous pop group, sport person etc.

Stress that most people have dreams and ambitions. Aspirations can be good if they help us to make an effort to use our potential, to succeed. To dot his we need to analyse how we can achieve our dreams and plan how to do it.

Without knocking any students dreams carefully explain that sometimes we need to decide whether we really have our head in the clouds and it is a case of missions impossible.

Examples of former students who have gone on to achieve success in different ways, and of your own youthful ambitions may help to reinforce the message.

Learning Outcomes: By completing this task you will be able to:

Explore a dream ambition.

Understand the differences between appropriate ambition and unrealistic fantasy.

Use career research skills to locate information.

ACTIVITY SHEET (1) Dream, Dream, Dream

ACTIVITY SHEET (2) Dream, Dream, Dream

ACTIVITY SHEET (3) Dream, Dream, Dream

In groups, list at least 3 ways in which you think that each of the following could fulfil their dreams:

What about me what dream or ambition do I have?

3 reasons for this ambition.

What qualifications do I need to achieve my dream?

Will I need any particular skills?

What personal qualities will I need?






I have looked at my answers A-E and I think my ambition is realistic/unrealistic (delete inappropriate answer) My reasons for this are:

Which particular aspects would I have difficulty in achieving?

Which aspects would I find fairly easy to accomplish?

I could find out more information about my dream ambition from:









Karen wants to be a

presenter on

childrens television.


Gary wants to be a

Stuntman in films.

Jane wants to sail

Around the world

Single handed.



Anthony wants to

Play for Canadas

Hockey team.