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Lesson 4 : Editing. Professor Aaron Baker. Previous Lecture. Mise-en-Scene Narrative Function in Smoke Signals (1998). This Lecture. Editing Continuity and Discontinuity in The Limey (1999). Part I: Editing. Editing. Coordinating One Shot with Next Most Analyzed Aspect Film Form - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Lesson 4:EditingProfessor Aaron BakerPrevious LectureMise-en-SceneNarrative Function in Smoke Signals (1998)**This Lecture EditingContinuity and Discontinuity in The Limey (1999)Part I: Editing* Editing Coordinating One Shot with NextMost Analyzed Aspect Film FormFirst Films Just One ShotNow Hollywood Films 1-3 K*1896 - Edison's film entitled The Kiss saw May Irwin and John C. Rice re-enact the final scene from the Broadway play musical The Widow Jones - it was a close-up of a kiss. *Ways to EditIn-CameraStoryboardingEditing TableNow ComputerizedFinal Cut Back on NegativeShot RelationsFour Principles by Which to Connect Shots:Graphic - CompositionRhythmic - LengthSpatial - Build SpaceTemporal Relations - Define Time*Graphic EditingContinuity ContrastPictorial ContentMovement/Stasis*RhythmicTemporal Length of ShotLong Shots contemplative Short Shots energyASL in Hollywood Now: Few Seconds *Spatial RelationsEditing Can Create Story SpaceSpaces Juxtaposed to Suggest Contiguous*CrosscuttingParallel Editing We See Simultaneous Actions in Different SpacesSpaces LinkedCause and Effect Relationship Between Actions in Two Places*Crosscutting (continued)Unrestricted Range of KnowledgePlease watch the clip to see e.g. of crosscutting in Syriana (2005).*Four Spaces ParalleledEditing Here Connects Four Spaces:ConvoyCIAOil Execs at BanquetClooney Character*Editing and Time Controls Time of StorySupports Plots Manipulation of StoryDetermines Order, Duration, Frequency of Story Actions*Part II:Continuity and Discontinuity Editing in The Limey*OrderUsually ChronologicalFlashbacksFlashforwardsPlease watch a clip from The Limey.Back and Forth in Conversation, Plane, Gun, Warehouse MemoryPresent Tense: Wilson in LA for RevengeFlashbacks to Memories: Plane, Jenny as Girl, When She Confronted Drug SmugglersHis Motivation* RevengeFlashforwards Show What Wilson Wants Hint at Why Wont SatisfyViolent Future Cant Change Past Failed RelationshipE.g. Editing Often Elliptical Events Shown With Less Screen Time Than in Story Less Important Events Omitted By Plot*Overlapping Editing Repeating an Action to Expand Story TimeLends EmphasisPlease watch a clip from Do the Right Thing (1989)Important Action: Can Hits Window Twice*Continuity EditingDominant in Hollywood FilmCertain Rhythms: Long Shots Longer than Close UpsMain Objective: Clear Space and Time to Tell Story*Continuity TransitionsMove Story Forward, Demphasize Editing:180 Degree RuleMatch on ActionEyeline MatchShot/Reverse Shot**Other TransitionsFade out/inDissolve Time PassingWipe Iris Straight CutStill Aide Story Less InvisibleMore Continuity DevicesEstablishing Shot Whole Narrative SpaceBreakdown (Coverage) Closer ViewsRestablishment Shot New Character, Action*Such Analytical Cutting Directs Our Attention Emphasizes Dialogue, Reaction, Cause and Effect Create Narrative Continuity*The LimeyPlease watch a clip from The Limey that illustrates analytical editing.In this scene, Wilson hunts Valentine down in his Big Sur house.*Establishing ShotOf driveway Followed by closer shots in houseGunfightRestablishing shots as Valentine escapes house, Wilson follows*Intensified Continuity1930-60 Classical Continuity Style300-500 ShotsNow 1-3 KNew Continuity to Match New Pace*Contemporary EditingMore Close Ups (CUs)Closer Framing Easier to Understand When Shots are ShortMobile Camera*1960- Present Films Seen on TVFaster Editing, Moving Camera Energize Smaller ImageHolds Viewer Attention in Era of DistractionCUs Present More on Smaller Screen*Discontinuity Editing Connections Not Obvious, Invisible Viewer Interprets Assigns Temporal, Spatial, Causal Relations Between Shots *Discontinuity DevicesJump Cut: Transition from one shot to next jumps on screenMakes viewer aware of editingWhat is filmmaker presenting in these shots?*Discontinuity in The Limey Please rewatch the first part of the clip we saw earlier from The Limey.Jump Cuts as Eduardo and Wilson Talk*Discussion QuestionsWhy these jump cuts?Asking Us to Evaluate Characters? Post a response on the eBoard to these questions and the comment of a colleague.*Summary EditingContinuity and DiscontinuityThe Limey (1999)*Next Lecture: Cinematography*End of Lecture 4************************************