Lesson 3 Anger - 3 Anger.pdfTheotherapy “A Journey to emotional Healing” 1 JUST FYI Repressed Anger People repress their anger because they think angry feelings are sinful

Download Lesson 3 Anger -   3 Anger.pdfTheotherapy “A Journey to emotional Healing” 1 JUST FYI Repressed Anger People repress their anger because they think angry feelings are sinful

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<ul><li><p>TThheeootthheerraappyy A Journey to emotional Healing </p><p> 1</p><p>JUST FYI </p><p>Repressed Anger </p><p>People repress their anger because they think angry feelings are sinful. When a persons anger surfaces in Theotherapy, we may encourage them to express their anger verbally and/or physically by </p><p>using a sock bat or by stomping their feet. After a person has released these negative emotions in a </p><p>way that does not harm themselves or others, they will have a greater sense of emotional freedom. Jesus expressed His anger in a physical manner when Gods temple had been misused by the </p><p>moneychangers (Mark 11:12-17). Anger is not good or bad in and of itselfit is what we do with it that determines whether or not it is healthy. </p><p>MODULE #3 </p><p>ANGER </p><p> 1. GOD IS OUR MODEL FOR JUSTIFIABLE ANGER. </p><p> God became angry when He was rejected, abandoned, USED, ignored, scorned, </p><p>criticized, and was not wanted. We are created in His image so when we also </p><p>experience the above, we get ANGRY. </p><p>they provoked the Lord to anger because they forsook Him and served Ball and </p><p>Ashtoreths. Judged 2:12 &amp; 13 </p><p>Yet my people have forgotten me Jeremiah 18:15a. </p><p>How long will this wicked community grumble against me? Numbers 14:27. </p><p>They have turned their backs to me and not their faces; yet when they are in </p><p>trouble, they say, Come and save us! Jeremiah 2:27. </p><p>they have perverted their ways and have forgotten the Lord their God. </p><p>Jeremiah 3:21. </p></li><li><p>TThheeootthheerraappyy A Journey to emotional Healing </p><p> 2</p><p>2. WE ALSO HAVE JUSTIFIABLE ANGER. </p><p> We were created for unconditional LOVE. When we are treated with the opposite, </p><p>there is a loss and it produces pain. This emotional PAIN causes anger. The same </p><p>things that make God angry make US angry. </p><p>A. Even though many times our anger is JUSTIFIABLE, when we hold </p><p>ANGER it produces bitterness, malice, desire for revenge, etc. and in the end </p><p>we are really HURTING ourselves. </p><p> Be angry and sin not... (Ephesians 4:26). </p><p>3. WHAT IS SINFUL ANGER? </p><p>A. When we allow the SUN to go down on our anger and are making no effort </p><p>to resolve it. When we go to sleep on it, we often suppress some of the </p><p>emotion attached to it and therefore dont fully resolve it (which will cause it to </p><p>surface again later when we are triggered by a person or event). Or we move it </p><p>to a deeper level of bitterness, malice and the desire for revenge. Another </p><p>example of sinful anger is when we take out our anger on others or on ourselves </p><p>in ways that bring about physical or emotional harm. </p><p>B. When we are in denial and dont want to FACE it, we will tend to </p><p>internalize our anger. Unresolved anger turned inward can cause serious </p><p>depression. This is very unhealthy and can result in actually causing physical </p><p>symptoms (psychosomatic illnesses). </p><p>psychosomatic psy-cho-so-mat-ic- a physical illness or other condition </p><p>caused or aggravated by a mental factor such as internal conflict or stress. </p><p>C. When we have inappropriate transference. We look to OTHERS to try to </p><p>collect our IOUs. They will never be able to meet our needs or expectations so </p><p>we get disappointed and frustrated, which produces MORE anger. </p></li><li><p>TThheeootthheerraappyy A Journey to emotional Healing </p><p> 3</p><p>4. RESOLUTON: </p><p>A. Express the anger in a way that doesnt HURT anyone. There are many </p><p>things we can do to validate our anger and express it in healthy ways rather than </p><p>destructive ways. Some healthy ways to express anger are: </p><p> Hit your bed or a chair with a sock bat or scream into a pillow. </p><p> Exercise, jog or hit a punching bag while you process through your angry </p><p>thoughts. </p><p> Journal or write a letter to the person you are angry at (but dont mail it)! </p><p> Tell God all about it. He knows how you feel and can handle it. </p><p> Do a role-play with someone you trust. </p><p>B. Apply Theo-therapeutic forgiveness: </p><p>1. We have to acknowledge what has happened to us, and ACCEPT the </p><p>fact that we are POWERLESS to change it. </p><p>2. We must surrender all desire for revenge or retaliation. We have to let </p><p>go of trying to CONTROL the situation and put it all in the Lords </p><p>hands. </p><p>3. We must develop Theo-theraputic Indifference which is being able </p><p>to say from your HEART, It doesnt matter it you reject me. You </p><p>dont have the power to hurt me. </p><p>C. Appropriate Transference (TRANSFER TO THE LORD): </p><p>1. At the cross, God transferred His ANGER onto Jesus. </p><p>2. We transfer our GUILT and shame onto Jesus. </p><p>3. Christs righteousness can then be CREDITED to us, which is called </p><p>the justification process. </p></li><li><p>TThheeootthheerraappyy A Journey to emotional Healing </p><p> 4</p><p>Name: ________________________ Lesson Number: (3) Anger </p><p>Date: _________________________ </p><p>STUDY QUESTIONS: </p><p>1. Does God ever get angry? </p><p>2. How can a person be angry without sinning? </p><p>3. Give some examples of justifiable anger. </p><p>4. What is sinful anger? </p><p>5. How do you resolve anger in a healthy way? </p></li><li><p>TThheeootthheerraappyy A Journey to emotional Healing </p><p> 5</p><p>6. What is THEOTHERAPEUTIC FORGIVENESS? </p><p>7. Can you see areas in your life where you are still angry? </p><p>8. Who in your family of origin are you most angry with? </p><p>9. I am most angry with myself for ____________________________________ </p><p>__________________________________________________________________ </p><p>__________________________________________________________________ </p><p>__________________________________________________________________ </p><p>__________________________________________________________________ </p><p>__________________________________________________________________ </p><p>10. I feel enraged at ________________________________________________ </p><p>__________________________________________________________________ </p><p>__________________________________________________________________ </p><p>__________________________________________________________________ </p><p>__________________________________________________________________ </p><p>__________________________________________________________________ </p></li><li><p>TThheeootthheerraappyy A Journey to emotional Healing </p><p> 6</p><p>Upon completion of these study questions please mail them to: </p><p>Marcus Odom, GLF-President </p><p>RMSI / 387496 / 6B-109 </p><p>Nashville, Tennessee 37209 </p><p>COMMENTS OR CONCERNS: </p><p>____________________________________________________________________________</p><p>____________________________________________________________________________</p><p>____________________________________________________________________________</p><p>____________________________________________________________________________ </p><p>RESPONSE TO COMMENTS OF CONCERNS: </p><p>____________________________________________________________________________</p><p>____________________________________________________________________________</p><p>____________________________________________________________________________</p><p>____________________________________________________________________________ </p></li></ul>


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