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Year 7 Science Forces in Action. HCSC, Term 3 2012. Lesson 1-2 What is a Force?. Lesson overview Today we will be: Activating prior knowledge by using the word Force in a sentence, and listening to others. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Lesson 1-2What is a Force?Year 7 ScienceForces in Action HCSC, Term 3 2012

1Learning GoalSuccess CriteriaTo create a mind-map of starting knowledge

To identify and describe the changes in motion caused by forcesIve demonstrated my starting knowledge in a mind-map

Ive completed my forces worksheet to describe and identify changes in motion caused by forcesBoard = paper (I write, your write).2Whole class instructionLesson overviewToday we will be:Activating prior knowledge by using the word Force in a sentence, and listening to others.Listening and watching New information about the guidelines to mind mapping.Apply new information to achieve success criteria and learning goal, by creating your own mind map of your starting knowledge of energy and learning about force and motion.You will also participate in a class quiz at the end if theres time.

Review Expectations: In Todays lesson it will be important for you to pay attention.

Optional3Activate Prior Knowledge

Think of the word Force and record it in a sentence under the heading Activate prior knowledge (energy sentence).Read out your sentence or share with a partner and volunteer sentences.

Independent/ Collaborative and Whole Group FocusWhole Group FocusNew Information

Listen to new information about mind-mapping.

Check out some mind-map examples.

This is what a mind map looks like6Whole group focus/ Collaborative focus The Mind Map is a powerful learning tool!

Invented by Tony Buzan he studied the brain and how we learnA mind map mirrors how the brain stores and retrieves memories, makes connections and sees relationships.

What is a mind map?Has a central starting imageUses curved lines (thick-thin like the branches in a tree)Pictures with few wordsIs colourfulAll because your brain remembers things best using pictures and colour!

Research shows a person who created and reviewed a mind map has the potential to remember 98% of the information contains, 1 day, week and even 1 month afterwards!

Turn and talk to the person next to you about why you think a mind map can be a powerful learning tool.

Mind map examples, ask students what they notice about these mind maps, see if they can identify the features and record on the white board: landscaped page, central image, colours, pictures, word and picture location, branch widths, branch direction, line length, straight or curved lines, number of main branches vs. sub branches.8

Whole Group Focus7 Rules of Mind Mapping

Start in the center of a landscaped page, Use an image or picture for your central ideaUse colours throughoutConnect your main (thickest) branches to the central image, then connect 2nd level (thinner) and even 3rd level (even thinner) branchesMake branches curve and flow and horizontalUse one word per line, same length as lineUse images throughout.Go through the laws and demonstrate how to create a mind map on the white board using the 7 laws. i.e. mind map the 7 laws.11Apply New Information

Create your mind mapRemember the mind mapping laws!You have 20 minutes of class time to map your starting knowledge. If you are not finished it is homework.

Independent workExplain that to start off with the mind maps may not have much information and that is ok, because at the end of the topic we are going to mind map our learning, which will also serve as a form of assessment.12Whole Group FocusNew Information/Apply information

Pay close attention to the presentation on force and motion.Under the heading Force definition, record your own definition of what a force can do.Fill in the answers to the work sheet at the end of the lesson. Share answers.

Independent/Whole group work focusApply New Information

Class Quiz!

Goal ReviewWhat did you learn about Forces today? Success Criteria: Ive demonstrated my starting knowledge in a mind-map.Ive completed my forces worksheet to describe and identify changes in motion caused by forces15


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