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introduction of lenticular printing


  • 1. LenticularPrinting
    What is Lenticular Printing?
    What can it be used for?
    How to create value by it?
    How it works?

2. Definition
What is Lenticular Printing?
How it works?
What can it be used for?
How to create value by it?
3. Definition
What is LenticularPrinting?
4. Definition
Lenticular printing is a technology in which a lenticular lens is used to produce images with an illusion of depth, or the ability to change or move as the image is viewed from different angles.
5. Creativity
What can it be used for?

6. Creativity
Giving new perspective...
Objects within an image are layered to give the illusion of depth and perspective. Unlike 2-dimensional design, using this lenticular effect allows graphics to appear more realistic. Lenticular 3D can be incorporated into most images or design styles.

TIP:Color choice and placement play a large role in the optimum 3D effect. Neutral colors in the background and brighter colors in the foreground work best.
7. Creativity
Making a quick transition...
A dramatic swapping of two images-each vanishing and then reappearing from one to another. Utilizing this lenticular flip effect is most beneficial for demonstrating "cause-and-effect" or even "before-and-after" comparisons.

TIP:To maintain sharp contrast between the elements, limit the flip to only two images. The most dramatic visual presentation will result with fewer frames. In flip animation, less is definitely more.
8. Creativity
Moving to the forefront...
The illusion of movement from background to foreground to create the effect of "leaping out" or "jumping back." A lenticular zoom animation can consist of one or more objects, or even a full image. This effect works best for highlighting elements such as products, logos, or important messages.

TIP:Cool, darker colors in the background and warmer, lighter tones for the element in motion tends to produce the best zoom effect.
9. Creativity
Transforming before your very eyes...
The conversion of one image into another is used to create the illusion of transformation. This lenticular morph effect can be used for showcasing a product or feature that may change or create change.

TIP:It is important that the images are of a similar shape and color density. Elements that are not similar enough can cause one image to appear faintly over the other (known as "ghosting") when only one image should be seen.
10. Creativity
Bringing print to life...
With a series of images coming together to create an animation much like a short movie clip, this is the most complex lenticular effect. The illusion of motion actually comes from either a selection of video frames or sequential still images. This lenticular animation effect is great for emphasizing body movement or mechanical action.

TIP:While all master video formats can be used, digital betacam is the best source material to ensure high-quality motion.
11. Creativity
Even though it is possible and it is adopted more and more to combine more than one effect together, there is still some constraints on the result.
For flip, morph, zoom and animation, the alignment direction of the lenses is flexible - it could be horizontal or vertical depending on your required applications. However, for 3 dimensional, lens must be vertically aligned so as to obtain the visual parallax of depth illusion.
In other words, flip, morph, zoom or animation could combine freely with each other. but if you want to have 3 dimensional as well, the flip, morph, motion or animation will become left to right changing as the lens must be vertically aligned for 3 dimensional. Less promising flip, morph, motion or animation will then be the result.
12. Creativity
Creative thinking
Playing Ping Pong ball
( animation )
13. Creativity
Playing billiards
( animation )
14. Creativity
( animation + zoom )
15. Creativity
( animation )
16. Creativity
3D space
( 3D)
17. Creativity
Daytimeto night
( morph + animation )
18. Creativity
19. Creativity
20. Business
How to create value by it?
Branding ,
Out door commercial
Products & Packaging
magazines &
other printing materials
21. Branding ,
Out door commercial
22. Books,
magazines &
other printing materials
23. Products & Packaging
24. Technology
How it works?
25. 3D effect
26. Principle