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Results from strong wind flow over mountainous area. Sometimes indicates an approaching snowstorm. Lenticular Clouds. epod.usra.edu. Lenticular Mammatus. www.ksntv.com. WEATHER INSTRUMENTS. Thermometer. Mercury in a Thermometer. Wind Gauge. Handheld Wind Gauge. Barometer. Hygrometer. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Lenticular CloudsResults from strong wind flow over mountainous areaSometimes indicates an approaching snowstormepod.usra.edu

  • Lenticular Mammatuswww.ksntv.com


  • Thermometer

  • Mercury in a Thermometer

  • Wind Gauge

  • Handheld Wind Gauge

  • Barometer

  • Hygrometer

  • Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer

  • RadarStands for RAdio Detecting And RangingUses radio waves to detect wind direction and precipitation in the air


  • www.wrh.noaa.gov

  • AnalysisUnderstanding what the weather is doing at the moment

    Surface mapsRadar mapswww.meteor.iastate.eduwcau.nbcweatherplus.com

  • Temperature MapsSatellite Imagesfwww.lawnandlandscape.comwww.goes.noaa.gov

  • wcau.nbcweatherplus.com

  • PredictionUnderstanding what could happen in the future

    Predicting what we think will happen in the future

    Communicating the predictions to the public

  • Numerical Modelswww.atmos.millersville.edu

  • A weak area of high pressure over the Northeast may bring us a few peeks of sunshine today, however, by tomorrow a potent storm system from the deep south will be taking its place. This low pressure system will bring windy conditions, scattered showers, and a chance for a gusty thunderstorm. Finally, that system will move out of the area on Friday and slightly cooler conditions will follow for the weekend.Today: Mostly cloudy skies with a few peeks of sun. High: Near 65Tonight: Mild and breezy with increasing clouds and a chance of showers. Low: 54-58Thursday: Windy with showers and a possible thunderstorm developing. High: 64-68Thursday Night: Evening showers, breezy and mild. Low: 44-48Friday: Mix of clouds and sun with a mild breeze. High: 54-58Typical Forecastwww.atmos.millersville.edu

  • Meteorology at Millersville

  • Science Building

  • Earth Science Department Faculty

  • 2006-2007 American Meteorological Society Members

  • www.millersvillemeteorology.org

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