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This document contains the candidate manifestos for the 2013 Executive Officer elections.



    Manifesto Booklet

    Executive Elections 2013


    See the candidates go head to head in a ght for your vote.

    Grill them about their promises and ideas.

    Find out what theyll do for you.

    The Big Debate 2013Tuesday 19 February, 6:30pm

    O2 Academy Leicester

    To nd out more about the elections,candidates and how your vote makes adierence visitleicesterunion.com/elections

    Voting Opens: Weds 20 February, 10am Voting Closes: Weds 27 February, 5pm leicesterunion.com/vote





    Executive Elections 2013



  • Vote Harry Wells #1 for Distance Learning Officer! Hi! I'm Harry. I'm a second year undergraduate reading a BA in English & American Studies. I've done my best to engage in the University of Leicester's Student Union since I first opened the door to Block JJ of Freemen's Common (shudder) in October 2011, and I wish to further my participation next year by taking on the part-time position of Distance Learning Officer. Union Experience Founding Vice President of the University of Leicester Quidditch Society, the second team to start in the country and the main body (six members) of 2012's UK international squad. Union Parliament Officer without Portfolio (Arts, Humanities & Law) for the year 2012/13: passed the Budget Transparency Bill, debated homo/transphobia in Leicester's nightlife and compulsory voting in Union elections. Why I want to be your Distance Learning Officer Our Students' Union and University are very focussed on its physical provisions; food, cafs, nightclubs etc. Distance learners need to be able to engage with the SU and take the same amount (if not the same kind) of benefits from it campus students do. The University's systems for studying abroad temporarily (Erasmus and JYA) are both in need of serious improvement and reform, to stop students being left uncertain of their accommodation or application status and seriously out of pocket.

    I will lobby to: Continue the work started by Michael Rubin's Lecture Recording proposal, so that distance and campus learners can experience the same educational material. Introduce specific Distance Learner Open Days, where staff will be available all day for video conferencing with potential/new distance learning students. Have a full sub-section of the Union's new website dedicated to campus elections, with candidate profiles and links to nomination and voting forms, so that distance learners can campaign fairly. Make learning more accessible for first-time students and those with commitments by introducing basic, free MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses) in study essentials like Essay Writing, Revision and Using Secondary Sources. Streamline the year abroad systems in order to ask the University to guarantee decisions AND guarantee some form of accommodation by Semester Two Have all departments guarantee they will publish ALL coursework, group project and assignment marks on Blackboard in a timely manner after the marking has been completed. Establish a University or Union funded scholarship to cover the cost of flights and sundries, which will be awarded via means testing. Begin a campaign to abolish fees charged to students whilst abroad on their Erasmus year/JYA. Increase the number of entry-level/Bachelor's courses available for DLs.

  • Hello everyone!!! :D

    This is Areej, vying for the position of Distant-learning executive officer.

    My responsibility would be to communicate on behalf of all the distant learners, covey there

    problems or any messages, to the University. This is a big challenge for me to gain this position. I

    have been nominated as a captain in my previous academy. Therefore, I do have the experience of

    what and how I should be handling my tasks. Maintaining the discipline of an institution and in

    parallel listening to the peers, their demands, such balance is possible by a true experienced

    leader! I have been with the academic studies until now without break, so I can guide the distant-

    learners, who are mostly continuing students, with any guidelines and improvement for course

    work, the necessary points to be remembered, etc. I am very much determined to be a part of the

    student union. I am patient, can deal with multi-tasks, and very confident plus very friendly! I,

    myself, being a distant learner, this fact will actually get me more encouraged to deal with any

    issues or situations another distant learner might have. I would also try to bring up more activities

    that are possible for distant learners. You can casually communicate to me regarding any

    academic issues or discuss any matter, which normally a distant student does not get the

    opportunity like the campus-based student!

    Bottom line, I can understand the problem of a distant learner, being one myself! Therefore, I

    believe I can tackle those issues flexibly.

    So I request you to vote for me, AREEJ. I wont just say what I can do but rather prove it. Promise

    less- deliver more! None of us is as smart as all of us! Together we can deliver!!!

    VOTE FOR AREEJ! Thanks! And if you have nay further questions, do feel free to ask me. I look forward

    to meet you and learn your views, suggestions and concerns!


    Do you think none of the candidates are good enough for the post?

    Do you think you can do a better job?

    Then vote forRe-Open Nominations (R.O.N.)

    If R.O.N. gets more votes than anyof the candidates the election for that

    position will have to be re-run allowing other candidates

    to come forward.


    Executive Elections 2013


  • My Manifesto.

    (1) Core Module Text books as e-books. The University should work towards creating more

    accessible and dynamically interactive learning. Students

    should receive more value for their degrees and I believe that the University should help students lessen the financial burden that they currently face. Offering

    core module textbooks as e-books would increase accessibility to essential course materials.

    (2) More study space. During the exam period many students resort to studying in the David Wilson Library. However due to the amount of students wishing to do the same thing, the library can become full pretty quickly and trying to find a spot to study can be exasperating. I

    propose that the University opens up more group study rooms around campus for longer hours during the assessment period to combat this issue; making studying more comfortable.

    (3)Extended Library opening hours. Students who wish to either stay in Leicester or wish to return to Leicester to study during the holiday period are often met with

    limited library opening times. I believe that when a semester finishes that shouldnt mean that access to the library is reduced. I propose

    that the current opening times are not adequate and should be

    extended ensuring that all students are able to study whenever they like.

    Vote Kimberley-Anne Fox for YOUR Education Officer 2013-14!

  • My Manifesto.

    (4)Written and Verbal Feedback on Examinations and Assessments

    There should be a significant improvement upon the way students receive their feedback. Academic feedback is more strongly and consistently related to achievement than any other teaching behaviour. More often than not exam results are given and students are left wondering why they received the grade they did. Even when written feedback is given, for essays for example, students are still unsure as to what they should do with their feedback. Personal tutors should help their students

    use feed back, to Feed Forward.

    (5) Peer-2-Peer Learning Students course-mates are an extremely valuable learning resource, both in terms of dealing with any concerns and also for autonomous learning and discussion. A survey completed at the University of Leicester displayed that 57% of students are motivated through collaboration with other students. I propose setting up a peer mentoring scheme in each department so that students can engage and learn from their peers.

    Vote Kimberley-Anne Fox for YOUR Education Officer 2013-14!

  • ABOUT MICHAEL 3rd Year Politics &

    Economics StudentLiving Wage Campaign

    FounderSU Campaigner of the YearSecretary, Economics SocietySecretary, Hope not Hate


    Chair, Campaigning Society of the Year

    Union Parliament Part-Time Officer

    Politics & Economics Course Rep

    Social Sciences College RepLeicester Ambassador

    1. All lectures recorded and available on Blackboard.2. Personalised exam feedback, just like you get for essays.3. Free University Bookshop gift-card for your core texts.4. All reading on blackboard, I'll end the constant scramble for library books.5. Employability as a central part of every course: placement years, departmental careers advisors

    and more outreach programmes.6. Earn while you learn. A part-time jobs fair during Freshers and Refreshers. 7. A mini Students' Union in Oadby: Ed advice rooms, shop, cafe, cash machine and study centre.


    Medic Scholarships: medics deserve bursaries too.

    Exam dates to be published earlier. Better personal tutors: I'll make the personal

    tutor system work for you. More contact hours, more teaching for your

    money. Increased course flexibility; more modules, more

    choice. Expand work-free Wednesday afternoons. Electroni