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<ul><li><p>Iv ---I( The leader of the dwarves of Kelvins (airn</p><p>Stokely is a cousin of the great hero BruenorBattlehammer. After leading his boys to help</p><p>Bruenor in Gauntigrym, he returned to his homeand ruled in peace until Baerick Hammerstone</p><p>brought black ice into the dwarven valley.</p><p>POLE?LAYING Always ready to drink a toast to Bruenor,</p><p>the Battlelsainisier clan, or Mithral hall</p><p>+ Beleaguered</p><p>+ Simple but not stupid, practical,down to earth</p><p>+ Worried, concerned for his people</p></li><li><p>BACKGROUNDA young wizard ofthe Arcane Brotherhoodin Luskan, Vaelish Cant has grand vissons of</p><p>extending the Brotherhoods influence up anddown the Sword Coast.</p><p>ROLE?LAYINGSleazy and slimy; ingratiating in anunctuous way</p><p>+ Ambitious</p><p>+ Arrogant</p><p>+ Self-aggrandizing</p><p>+ Visionary, at least in his own mind</p></li><li><p>Three weeks ago, Baerick was a simple minerin the dwarven valley. When Vaelish Gants</p><p>apprentice hired him to look for Akar Kessellsremains, isis life was transthrined. He now rules</p><p>halfof the dwarven valley in open rebellionagainst Stokely Silverstream.</p><p>POLE?LAYING+ Suspicious of everyone and everything</p><p>+ Easily insulted</p><p>+ hostile to outsiders</p><p>+ hIot-teml)ered</p></li><li><p> w:e</p></li><li><p>BACKGROUND Formerly a simple merchant ofBremen, l)avrickFain became a disciple ofAuril after this wintersfirst great storm. He now leads a small, scattere(l</p><p>cult of the Frostinaiden in Ten-Towns.</p><p>ROLEFLAYING+ Fanatical, devoted to Auril, the goddess</p><p>of winter</p><p>+ 1)oonssayerEnthusiastic and emphatic</p><p>loud and talkative</p></li><li><p>P BACKGROUNDI)errick Gaffner is captain of the howling</p><p>Fiend, a fishing boat turned pirate vessel onLac I)inneshere. Corrupted by the black</p><p>ice used to make his ships keel, I)errick is vicious and hateful.</p><p>POLE?LAYINGf. Authoritarian, intolerant of dissent</p><p>+ Hot-headed</p><p>Intimidating, enjoys causing fear</p><p>1! Loud -</p></li><li><p>wBACKGROUND</p><p>Over a hundred years ago, Kessell was abumbling apprentice usage who stumbled uponthe pover of the Crystal Shard awl attempted</p><p>to conquer Icewmnd I)ale. Now a wight, he seeksonce more to bring the dale under his influence.</p><p>ROLE?LAYINGAshamed to subnsit to the Ice Witch</p><p>+ Bitter that the power of the CrystalShard eludes Isimis</p><p>+ Cocky, and confident he camst lose</p><p>+ Furious at Drizzt l)oIlrden forkilling hums</p><p>+ Self-centered, believing that no omseelse niatters</p></li><li><p>BACKGROUNDIlengar is a young warrior of tbe iribe of the Elkwho idolizes his tribes great hero, Wu1fjar sonof Beornegar. lie believes in duty to isis peopleand the interdependence of the Reghed tribes</p><p>and the Ten-Towners.</p><p>ROLE1LAYING+ Concerned for his peoples well being</p><p>Curious</p><p>Earnest</p><p>+ Friendly</p><p>Optimistic .</p></li><li><p>BACKGPOUNDA young woman of the Tribe of the Elk, Hedrun</p><p>was made Aurils Chosen and blessed withpowers of ice and cold. Unable to control them,</p><p>she accidentally killed the young man shelovedthe son of the tribes shaman. Sent into</p><p>exile, she has come into her own in the service ofthe Frostinaiden.</p><p>R9LE?LAYING+ Haunted by the death of a loved one</p><p>+ Filled with Aurils fury</p><p>heartless</p><p>+ Isolated</p><p>+ Merciless</p><p>+ Vengeful</p></li><li><p>BACKGROUNDThe speaker of Bryn Shander is a young woman</p><p>who has fought against prejudice to becomethe most capable leader the town has seen</p><p>in nsany years.</p><p>ROLEFLAYING+ Sliarp-toiigued; shes not hot-tempered,</p><p>but when she gets angry she reallycuts loose</p><p>+ Skilled at negotiation; she listeisscarefully, clarifies what she hears,and finds common ground</p><p>+ Strong leader witls a clear vision forthe future</p></li><li><p>BACKGPOUNDA cleric of Amaunator, Mithann is a retiredadventurer from Cormyr who spent yearsfighting evil ac-ross Faerfln before settling</p><p>in kewind l)ale. Tier adventuring days aredone, hut she tries to help other good-hearted</p><p>adventurers as smsch as she can.</p><p>K,OLE?LJ4YING+ hopeful, always sees the best in people</p><p>+ Caring</p><p>+ Cheerful</p><p>+ Devout</p><p>+ Vigilant against evil</p></li></ul>