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1. Commonly Used Fermented Food Food Biotechnology 2. 1. Kombucha A fizzy, fermented black tea that's no stranger to New Yorkers, kombucha gives you a bang for your bacterial buck because of the variety of microorganisms it contains. "When you drink a bottle of kombucha, you're drinking four to seven microorganisms all at once, building a really strong gut," 3. 2. Sauerkraut AKA fermented cabbage. It has a powerful impact on brain health, including depression and anxiety. "There's a tremendous connection between gut and brain health," Unlike non-refrigerated, store-bought varieties, homemade 'kraut has no chemical preservatives or added sugar. 4. 3. Pickles Pickles are the gateway ferment. Not only do they provide a healthy dose of probiotics, they're a familiar food item and have a taste that many people already loveincluding those who may hold their nose at the idea of eating fermented foods. 5. 4. Coconut Yogurt Kimberley Snyder, celebrity nutritionist and author of The Beauty Detox Foods, loves coconut yogurt, because it's a delicious, dairy-free way to work plenty of enzymes and probiotics into your diet. Though regular yogurt are also fermented foods, Snyder is less enthusiastic about them. " 6. 5. Miso Jeff Cox, author of The Essential Book of Fermentation, loves miso for its nutritional profile. The paste made from fermented soybeans and grains is "full of essential minerals, like potassium, and consists of millions of microorganisms giving us strength and stamina," he says. 7. 6. Tempeh Tempeh (fermented soybeans) is a complete protein with all of the amino acids. Try flavoring organic tempeh with some tam (also fermented), then add it to a sandwich with tomato, and toast. Or eat it tossed in a bowl of steamed veggies. 8. 7. Kimchi Think of this spicy Korean dishtypically made from fermented cabbageas a beauty food, as well as an energy-booster, says Snyder. It can help "enhance digestion and nutrient assimilation," she explains. "You may also notice, with improved digestion, an improvement in the look of your skin."


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