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  • Learning with a differencein Lee Valley Regional Park

    Activity guide


  • Lee Valley Regional Park provides a vast educational resource, offering environmental and heritage programmmes and a wide range of sport and leisure activities.

    Discover our 10,000 acre classroom.

    Environmental and heritage education programmes are delivered by our Youth and Schools Service. Each year over 25,000 people of all ages and abilities enjoy our outdoor learning experiences.

    Our activities aim to engender a sense of ownership and understanding of the natural world, drawing on internationally important nature reserves and a wide array of species and habitats.

    Our sports venues deliver activities which contribute to the school sports and PE curriculum as well as developing broader life skills through sport and physical activity.

    Contact details for all our programmes are shown on page 23.

    Contents01 Youth and Schools


    03 Primary schools

    09 Secondary schools, colleges and universities

    11 Special schools and groups with special needs

    12 Youth groups

    13 Venues

    16 Sporting activities

    17 Athletics

    18 Horse riding and equestrian activities

    19 Ice skating

    20 Paddlesport activities

    21 Prices

    23 Bookings and enquiries

    24 Extend your stay

  • 1The Youth and Schools Service has been awarded The Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge for their diverse range of programmes for all ages and abilities. All sessions are led by experienced staff who are checked by the Criminal Records Bureau.

    Programmes last approximately two hours and full days can be made up by choosing two programmes. Activities will be tailored to suit the needs of your particular group. Please refer to the charges sheet for current prices.

    We offer programmes for:

    Youth and Schools Service08456 770 607 youthandschools@leevalleypark.org.uk

    Primary schools: Designed to help meet the requirements of the National Curriculum for Key Stage 1 and 2. Many of the programmes are accompanied by pupil project books and teacher information sheets.

    Secondary schools, colleges and universities: Activities help meet National Curriculum, GCSE, BTEC, A level and degree criteria.

    Youth groups: A wide range of fun, engaging activities that can cater for outdoor badge work and award schemes.

    Special schools and groups with special needs: Specially designed, adaptable programmes and project weeks to suit the needs of individuals or groups with a range of disabilities or educational needs. In addition we can adapt mainstream programmes to suit your groups requirements.Innovative project weeks and

    events are run throughout the year.

    Go to visitleevalley.org.uk for further details.

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  • 3Environmental & heritage educationPrimary schools

    Abbey trail Key subjects: History, English

    Turn back time 500 years to the Tudor period as pupils undertake a journey which uses role play, imagination and investigation skills to explore archaeological remains and discover the story of Waltham Abbeys important historical past.Session covers: Events, people and changes in the past; historical interpretation and enquiry; role play and english skills.

    Suitable for: KS1, KS2Venues: Abbey Farmhouse & GardensAvailable: All year (Tuesday and Wednesday)

    Bitterns and other waterbirds Key subjects: Science, Geography

    Explore the habitat of one of the rarest birds in the Lee Valley. Migrate to our bird hide and use binoculars to observe and record waterbird behaviour in this internationally important habitat.

    Session covers: Scientific enquiry; life processes including variation, classification, food chains and adaptations; geographical enquiry and skills including migration; knowledge of understanding of places, patterns and processes.

    Suitable for: KS2Venue: River Lee Country Park (Fishers

    Green entrance)Available: All year

    Autumn fruits, seeds and leaves Key subjects: Science, Geography

    Experience the amazing changes in plants during autumn. Use role play games to understand a seeds needs of life, test your skills on the squirrel nut hunt, collect and identify leaves, then plant your own seed to take home.Session covers: Scientific enquiry; life processes including variation, classification, plant structures and seed dispersal; knowledge and understanding of places, patterns and processes.

    Suitable for: KS1, KS2Venues: Abbey Farmhouse & Gardens, YHA

    London Lee Valley, WaterWorks Nature Reserve

    Available: September November Art of nature Key subjects: Art & Design, Science

    Use the wonder of nature to inspire your students. Pick and mix from a wide range of nature based art and craft activities, tailored to topics and seasons. Pupils take an investigative, hands on approach to explore colours and textures of natural materials within the park. Options can include: Lee Valley sprites, natures symmetry and habitat cocktail paints. This is an ideal option for evening, winter visits or to complement another programme.Session covers: Exploring, developing, investigating and making art and crafts; scientific enquiry.

    Suitable for: KS1, KS2Venues: Abbey Farmhouse & Gardens, YHA

    London Lee Valley, Tottenham Marshes, WaterWorks Nature Reserve

    Available: All year

  • 4 Canals and riverside history Key subject: History

    Step back in time to the Victorian era to discover the waterway of the River Lee Navigation on a two hour boat trip. Find out what life was like for the families that lived on board barges in Victorian Britain and get creative experimenting with canal art.Session covers: Knowledge skills and understanding of events, people and changes in the past.

    Suitable for: KS2Venues: River Lee Country Park, Broxbourne

    RiversideAvailable: All year (except November)

    Farms trails - self guidedFrom tamarins to meerkat, goat to guinea pig, come and visit the animals at Lee Valley Park Farms. Follow the Whose Baby Trail with downloadable booklets and teachers information packs to make the most of your visit. This programme is booked directly with Lee Valley Park Farms on 01992 892 781.

    Suitable for: Foundation Stage, KS1, KS2Venue: Lee Valley Park FarmsAvailable: February October

    DIY minibeast Key subjects: Science, Design & Technology

    Take your inspiration from nature. Use the design process to create your own model of a marvellous minibeast from recycled material. Research minibeasts through collection and identification, evaluate their adaptations and refine your final design.Session covers: Scientific enquiry and life processes including variation, classification, food chains and habitat requirements; developing and communicating ideas and evaluation.

    Suitable for: KS2Venues: Abbey Farmhouse & Gardens,

    Tottenham Marshes, Waterworks Nature Reserve, YHA London Lee Valley

    Available: April - October

    Cunning running Key subjects: Geography, PE

    Explore the park with our introduction to the exciting sport of orienteering. This fun fuelled competition allows groups to learn and reinforce important team building and map skills whilst challenging them to answer our nature quiz for extra points. Alternatively engage your students with the Lee Valley Challenge of a London 2012 Games fact finding mission. The class will be split into smaller groups, each of which must be accompanied by an adult.Session covers: Selecting and applying tactics, acquiring and developing PE and geographical skills.

    Suitable for: KS2Venues: Abbey Farmhouse & Gardens,

    Tottenham MarshesAvailable: All year

  • Sensory safari Key subject: Science

    Building on our Garden Sensory Adventure programme we are now pleased to offer pupils the chance to enjoy an exciting mix of environmental activities which use all of the senses to discover the delights of learning outdoors at three fantastic sites in the Lee Valley.

    Try the feely bag challenge! Collect fallen treasures and explore colour and shape using magnifying glasses and colour fans. Be all ears as you listen out for natural and human made sounds, test your sense of smell as you discover natural aromas and then take a look at your taste buds before you plant a seed to grow into something tasty! Session covers: Investigative skills; life processes and living things.

    Suitable for: Reception, KS1, special needs students

    Venue: Abbey Farmhouse & Gardens, Myddelton House Gardens, WaterWorks Nature Reserve

    Available: All year

    Field to fridge Key subjects: Science, Geography

    Experience the start of your milks journey to the supermarket shelf. This guided tour of our working dairy farm explores the crops we grow, how we look after our animals and wildlife, methods of milking and the farmers job. Self-led visits of our visitor farm are also available (see farm trails on page 4). Session covers: Life processes and living things; geographical enquiry; understanding of environmental change, development and places.

    Suitable for: KS2Venue: Lee Valley Park FarmsAvailable: February October

    Focus on dragonflies Key subjects: Science, Geography

    Discover one of the most amazing insects in the world. Follow this monster minibeast through its lifecycle. Survey where the eggs are laid, stream dip in the dragonfly nymphs habitat to find and identify aquatic creatures. Visit Cornmill Meadows Dragonfly Sanctuary and hopefully get a glimpse of the incredible adult insects. Session covers: Scientific enquiry and life processes including life cycles, variation, classification, food chains and adaptations; knowledge and understanding of places.

    Suitable for: KS2V