learning exchange may 15 - how to quickly and effectively implement a new email and chat service

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Leeds Beckett UniversitySarah Cohen and Andrew KeyHow to quickly and effectively implement a new email/chat serviceAnnaWhats it all about?Background/historyWhy/how we chose LibAnswersHow we implemented LibAnswers LibAnswers use & growthWhat weve struggled withBenefits weve seen so farFuture possibilitiesLessons learntQuestions

Anna2A short history of remote enquiry management at Leeds Metropolitan/Beckett University Library2001-The present

Anna3Why?! How?!CompatibilityCapabilityMoney!!

Sarah4How we implemented LibAnswers (Chat and Email)October 2014-Started using LibAnswers to answer chats

Andy5An Example of a Recent Questionpoint ChatPatron:23:14:46 2015/05/10 (GMT +0100)Chat Transcript: Hello, I need urgent help!Librarian:23:17:00 2015/05/10 (GMT +0100)Librarian a.librarian (24/7 Librarian)' has joined the session.Librarian:23:17:05 2015/05/10 (GMT +0100)Hello!Librarian:23:17:21 2015/05/10 (GMT +0100)I'm a librarian from Kansas helping to answer questions for your library. Is there an emergency?Librarian:23:17:52 2015/05/10 (GMT +0100)If there is an emergency, please call 911 immediately.Librarian:23:18:07 2015/05/10 (GMT +0100)If you simply have a reference question, please continue here.Patron:23:18:36 2015/05/10 (GMT +0100)Hi, I made a powerpoint presentation today and saved it on my computer in the library.. I also put it in my pen drive.. but it saved as a word documentPatron:23:19:10 2015/05/10 (GMT +0100)can you please login to the library computer and check if it is still thereLibrarian:23:20:20 2015/05/10 (GMT +0100)I'm very sorry, I'm unable to do that for you. I'm a librarian from Kansas assisting your librarians and do not have access. I do have a phone # you could call for more help though.Librarian:23:20:36 2015/05/10 (GMT +0100)Phone: The main phone number for Leeds Beckett University Libraries is 0113 812 1000. Students can call this for all enquiries 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.How we implemented LibAnswers (Chat and Email) pt2

November 2014- Started using LibAnswers to answer emails

Andy7LibAnswers use & growth-Chathttp://libguides.leedsbeckett.ac.uk/contact_usAndy8

http://libguides.leedsbeckett.ac.uk/contact_usMany amazing instant stats from Libanswers Software!


Andy11Software Helps Speed Up Turnaround Time

Andy12The bad news.

Andy13The good news.

Sarah14Into the future..

Sarah15Lessons Learnt

Sarah16Thank you for listening! Any questions?Sarah Cohen s.c.cohen@leedsbeckett.ac.uk

Andrew Key a.key@leedsbeckett.ac.uk

Anna Hepworth a.hepworth@leedsbeckett.ac.uk

@beckettlibrary leedsbeckettlibrary




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