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Learn to Meditate

Learn to Meditate Session 3: Stress-Free Attitudes and Peace of Mindthrough MeditationDate:Venue:Facilitator:CHANGE: Stress Free Attitudes to Stress-Free Attitudes. Stress-Free is a compound adjective appearing before the noun that it modifies (Attiudes),so it takes a hyphen.1From The Last Two SessionsRemember your answers to Who am I? and What do I want to be?

What is Values Meditation?Very gently talk to the bullets.. Also you may share anonymously if any feedback2What to Expect in This SessionTo see stress in a different light!

Developing stress-free attitudes

De-stressing using a meditation technique

Talk about cleaning as a way to de-stress 3Values and StressRemember exercise reviewing some event where your behavior was not the bestWere you under stress?Values clarity reduces stress Let us learn more about stress and stress relief.

4What is stress? Is it a cause or an effect? Physical MentalEmotionalOr something deeper?A trendA weakness?

Many think Stress is the cause of heart attack, chaos in families and societies. Stress is really a breaking point and is a symptom and not a cause.. The cause is elsewhere. It may at best be an intermediary cause for further effects in physical, mental and societal planes. Its main cause is the deep discontentment, insecurities and weakness that people suffer from as a consequence of prolonged wrong choices, habits, attitudes, goals, ambitions and values we have pursued, knowingly or unknowingly. Its effects are physical, mental and emotional. Mental effects includes would include unclear thinking, depression and memory loss. Emotional effects would include getting angry easily and becoming defensive. Explore whether, in addition, stress is part of a societal trend. For example, Did our grandparents experience this much stress?Are there any factors today in our lifestyle which aggravates stress? Social pressure etc.Explore whether stress results from weakness that is, from not being positive, clear, or courageous..

Speaker can spend about 5 mins on tthis slide.5VIDEOhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnpQrMqDoqEThanks to : Brainsmart BBCThis video talks about stress and how we have stress(3 minute Simple and nice), please download the video before the class and go thru it in advance. Also kept in Uconnect FTP.Play the video and conclude:This video does not tell it all Increase your capacity and reduce your desires, reduce the gap!!!6Let us read the next slide and introspect for 5 minutesA gap between desires and capability between goals and meanstoo much to do or pay, too many to please A state of confusionInability to prioritize, give and take or compromise and accept Values conflictDue to chaotic partnership between self and the societyIs StressWhat makes one achieve greater success without much stress put in long hours more than others.. Lift heavier burdens It is a capacity.. SO, when ones desire is greater than ones capacity, there is a gap.It could also be a gap between goals and means.. A corporation may have this problem and cause stress to its employees.. Having unrealistic goals, personal or business could result in stress. So a clever person or business would enhance ones capacity by learning, training and developing a set of attitudes including strength and courage

SO, anyone who does not understand stress in this perspective, tries to achieve ones goals forcibly.

Are we unable to prioritize.. Lack of clarity

Is this is a social trend pressure of keeping up with jones and joneses. So, it promotes collective incompetence. One must think peacefully to be productive.

This results in a chaotic self and the society at large. 8Its EffectsPhysicalChemical and hormonal imbalanceHealth deteriorates, heart attack, shattered dreamsMentalLoss of poise, balanceAnger and emotional problemsYou can imagine the rest

So, when there is stress, the effects are mental and physical Ask the participants if they have been under stress and what the effects have been on them

Facilitator may also have this slide hidden and talk to it.. Then show it.9ExerciseFrom the point of view of stress as a symptom of some inner imbalance

1. Think about the causes of stress in your life

2. List some ways in which you can reduce or cope with stressWrite down on 3 x 5 card and give to us. This may follow introspection slide 10Stress-Free LifestyleWhat makes for a stress-free lifestyle?

Simplicity is the panacea for stress relief -- not prayer, not any other external form of helpAspirational set of goals consistent with values and behaviorsIts ultimately about managing our own selfSo, How do we manage our self? You may ask the participants to write down on 3 x 5 card on what they thought made for their stress free lifestyle?

You may speak to simiplicity..So the cure for stress is to choose a simple lifestyle. Prayer may be useful only after one has put own self effort and take personal responsibility for choosing a lifestyle of simplicity.This is a sure way of accepting oneself, growing and reaching a goal one is happy with and peaceful with.

And its simply about managing your own self- connecting link to the topic Tips for Self Management

QUESTION: DO YOU WANT SO MUCH SPACE BETWEEN FIRST AND SECOND ENTRY?11Best Ways to Self-ManagementWhat is the one thing we can do, doing which changes everything else in our life? Walking, self-reflecting, meditating as habitsSeek someone who can help us (not judge us) - lover, friend, church or support group, priest, mentorThis is for the participants to think about lot more to the self management aspect.. But we want to think about it

Self responsibility is key12Practical SessionLet us meditate on How to develop peace of mind for 15 minutesDeepening The ExperienceWhen you return home, think about all that transpired in this session

Try to distill a few key ideas and deepen them

Please continue to meditate on an idea that would increase or contribute to your peace of mind. Meditate for 10 mins, twice daily

Same place, same time if possible

Write down any ideas, observations or Aha! moments

What is more meaningful to each of you


14Next WeekTopic: Need for A Meditation System

A few systems discussed

We will meditate for 15 minutes in class. We have been meditating for 10 mins so far. We will increase to 15 from next week. 15


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