Lean UX SF November Meetup - Concurrent Set-Based Design

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  • 1.
    • LEAN UX SF
  • 2. Agenda
    • Lightening talk
    • Fishbowl
    • Design Charrette
  • 3. Concurrent Set-Based Design
  • 4.
  • 5. Concurrent Set-Based Design
    • Map the design space
    • Integrate by intersection
    • Establish feasibility before commitment
  • 6. Traditional Point-Based Approach to Product Development Styling Marketing Body Chassis Manufacturing
  • 7. Point-Based Concurrent Engineering Design Solution (Styling) Analyze and Critique Modify Marketing Body Chassis Manufacturing
  • 8. Set of Product Design Possibilities Set of Manufacturable Product Designs
  • 9. Map the Design Space DESIGN ENGINEERING MANUFACTURING Weve come up with several designs that would meet our functional requirements. They roughly look like this. Our manufacturing capabilities are best suited for designs with these characteristics.
  • 10. Define feasible regions.
  • 11. Explore trade-offs by developing multiple alternatives.
  • 12. Communicate sets of possibilities.
  • 13. Integrate by Intersection DESIGN ENGINEERING MANUFACTURING Great. We will work within these limits and keep you posted on developments. OK. We can handle any solution in that set. This is enough information to order tool steel and start process planning.
  • 14. Look for intersections of feasible sets.
  • 15. Impose minimum constraint.
  • 16. Seek conceptual robustness.
  • 17. Establish Feasibility Before Commitment Before Commitment DESIGN ENGINEERING MANUFACTURING Weve narrowed the possibilities to this set and also fleshed out some more of the detail. Looks good. Your set is still within our capabilities. We have some minor design changes to request, then well order castings.
  • 18. Narrow sets gradually while increasing detail.
  • 19. Stay within sets once committed.
  • 20. Control by managing uncertainty at process gates.
  • 21. If theres only one solution and we have not established what it will cost to produce, then the set is too small.
  • 22. Convergence Set of Product Design Possibilities Set of Manufacturable Product Designs
  • 23. Focus on convergence, rather than tweaking a good idea to optimize it.
  • 24.