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<p>Behavior by DesignLean UX Meetup April 18, 2012Nir Eyal NirAndFar.com @nireyal</p> <p>Who is this for?</p> <p>NirAndFar.com</p> <p>The frustrated creator</p> <p>NirAndFar.com</p> <p>NirAndFar.com</p> <p>Me</p> <p>NirAndFar.com</p> <p>So I looked for patterns</p> <p>NirAndFar.com</p> <p>WTF? businesses</p> <p>NirAndFar.com</p> <p>Vitamins or painkillers?</p> <p>NirAndFar.com</p> <p>Selling painkillers</p> <p>- Obvious need - stop pain - Quantiable market - Monetizable</p> <p>NirAndFar.com</p> <p>Selling vitamins</p> <p>- Emotional need, not efcacy - Makes me feel good knowing... - Only viable business if habit</p> <p>NirAndFar.com</p> <p>Vitamins or painkillers?</p> <p>NirAndFar.com</p> <p>Its a habit when not doing it causes you pain.NirAndFar.com</p> <p>Habit-forming technologyPleasure seeking Pain alleviation</p> <p>Vitamin</p> <p>Painkiller</p> <p>NirAndFar.com</p> <p>Why am I here?</p> <p>NirAndFar.com</p> <p>1. Help you understand your own behavior.</p> <p>NirAndFar.com</p> <p>Access + Speed + Data High addictive potentialNirAndFar.com</p> <p>Behavior engineering is a Super Power ... can be used for good or evil.NirAndFar.com</p> <p>2. Help you build stuff to help us all.</p> <p>NirAndFar.com</p> <p>"We wanted ying cars, instead we got 140 characters." - Peter Thiel</p> <p>NirAndFar.com</p> <p>Nirs Rule: Users interests = Designers interestsNirAndFar.com</p> <p>Your challenge: More distractions Harder to nd new users Viral channels are dying</p> <p>NirAndFar.com</p> <p>Habits &gt; ViralLeaky BucketK &gt;1Viral Coefcient (K)Spammy apps Facebook, Paypal, Pinterest</p> <p>Rocket Ship</p> <p>GarbageK</p>