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  • Leading through passion

    Cold Milling MachinesW 100 CF i | W 120 CF i | W 130 CF i

  • The outstanding innovations of the new, compact front loaders

    5 Time-saving pivoting mechanism Quick, automatic pivoting of the right-hand rear track unit or

    wheel without having to lower the milling drum to the ground Heavy-duty swivel joint via large friction bearing Additional third position of right-hand rear track unit or wheel

    6 Quick and dynamic maneuvering Larger steering angle for small turning circles Highly precise steering via fi ngertip steering system Travel speed of up to 4.7 mph (7.5 km / h) Stop and Go system for truck driver

    Innovations in driving and steering Pages 6 / 7

    2 Multifunctional armrest boosts effi ciency Ergonomic multifunctional armrest with color control screen User-programmable Favorites keys Additional machine height adjustment included in armrest Record and display the job data on the control screen

    1 Intuitive, precise leveling with LEVEL PRO PLUS Simple, intuitive handling Many new additional features and automated functions Management system fully integrated into the machine New hydraulic cylinders at the side plates with integrated

    displacement sensors for leveling control

    3 Unmatched visibility concept Reduced width of the machine frame on the right for an

    optimized view to the front Side-moving operators platform for signifi cantly optimized

    visibility High-quality camera system including display of the milling


    Innovations in operationPages 4 / 5

    4 Operator comfort Heated drivers seat swiveling to either side Convenient machine access including Welcome and

    Go home lights Additional height adjustment in increments of 1/16 (1 mm)

    or 3/16 (5 mm) Scraper position is displayed on the control screen Wind and weather protection equipment Electro-hydraulic power pack







  • 2 //3

    10 High traction ensured by optimized weight and automatic lowering of the milling drum into working position

    Many new automated functions signifi cantly reduce operator interventions

    Automated process of lowering the milling drum into working position including relief sensors

    Transport made easy by compact dimensions and low weight

    9 High effi ciency ensures tremendous productivity Most environmentally friendly engine technology in

    emission standard EC Stage 4 / US Tier 4 Final Tremendous engine power with increased maximum torque Three different milling drum speed options State-of-the-art engine control for lowest diesel consump-

    tion rates Minimized noise emissions

    Innovations in performance and productivity Pages 10 / 11

    8 Unrivaled discharge conveyor fl exibility Extremely wide conveyor slewing angle of 60 to the

    left and right Two slewing speeds for precise loading of the milled

    material Quick-release coupling for easy mounting and

    removal of the discharge conveyor

    7 Maximum performance with new milling drum unit Overload sensor at the scraper and active fl oating position

    at the side plates, left and right Active control of the scraper height by means of an

    ultrasonic sensor Milling fl ush to curb on the right at maximum milling depth Quick replacement of tools via the milling drum turning device

    Innovations in milling and loading Pages 8 / 9





  • Innovations in operation


    The new LEVEL PRO PLUS leveling sys-

    tem offers simple and intuitive operation,

    guaranteeing high-quality, highly precise

    milling results.


    Full integration of the LEVEL PRO PLUS leveling

    system into the machine management system

    allows a high degree of automation.

  • 4 //5

    FAVORITES KEYSFour FAVORITES keys can be programmed with 15 different functions.

    ELECTRO-HYDRAULIC POWER PACKThe electro-hydraulic power pack caters to functions such as canopy height adjustment, drum turning device, cutting tool extractor and various emer-gency functions, thus increasing the machines fl exibility on site.

    WEATHER PROTECTIONAdditional wind and weather protection equipment offers protection from exposure to rain and wind.

    CAMERA SYSTEMThe optimized camera system provides the machine operator with a high-resolution image of the milling drum or point of material discharge.

    JOB DATAPertinent job details are provided automatically to allow logging of daily performance rates.

    ERGONOMIC DRIVERS SEATThe drivers seat, with integrated seat heating, can be swiveled to the left and right to offer an excellent view to the side and to the rear.

    WELCOME AND GO HOME LIGHTSAccess and operators platform are fully illuminated when approaching or walking away from the machine.

    HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT IN INCREMENTSA new feature on the left control console enables precise adjustment of the milling depth in increments of 1/16 (1 mm) or 3/16 (5 mm) respectively.

    SIDE-MOVING OPERATORS PLATFORMThe operators platform can be moved outwards by 8 (200 mm) hydraulical-ly, enabling an optimal view of the area ahead of the milling drum unit and of the right-hand front track unit or wheel.

    4 //5


    The slender design of the machine

    frame provides a free view to the

    front and of the milling edge.


    The multifunctional, individually ad-

    justable armrest combines innovative

    design and user-friendliness. Impor-

    tant information is displayed on the

    color control screen.


    The position of the scraper is

    measured via a displacement

    sensor and then displayed on the

    control screen.


    High-precision displacement sensors

    installed in the hydraulic cylinders of

    the side plates measure the milling

    depth which is then displayed on the

    high-resolution LEVEL PRO PLUS

    control screen.

    LEVEL PRO PLUS leveling system. View of the area ahead of the milled surface.

  • Innovations in driving and steering


    Automatic tracking of the right-hand rear wheel when pivoted

    in front of the drum gives the machine unrivaled maneuverability.

    AUTOMATIC PIVOTING FEATUREThe right-hand rear track unit or wheel is pivot-ed quickly and automatically without having to lower the milling drum to the ground or unlock a bolt manually.


    The highly precise hydraulic steering system

    enables the machine to be steered quickly and

    smoothly via the steering wheel as well as the

    right-hand armrest.

  • 6 //76 //7


    The steering angle of the front

    axle has been increased to

    ensure the smallest possible

    turning circles.


    The stop-and-go system folds

    out hydraulically and enables

    visual, silent communication with

    the truck driver driving in front.

    MASSIVE FRICTION BEARING The robust, wear-resistant friction bearing minimizes the amount of kine-matic play to ensure consistently precise milling results.

    MAXIMUM SPEED OF 4.7 MPH (7.5 KM / H)The driving dynamics package, offering travel speeds of up to 4.7 mph (7.5 km / h), ensures an especially quick completion of construction projects even when fi tted with track units.

    THREE POSITIONS OF THE RIGHT-HAND REAR TRACK UNIT OR WHEEL (FOR MILLING WIDTHS OF 39 (1,000 MM) AND 48 (1,200 MM) ONLY)The operator can choose between three different positions: neutral, extend-ed and pivoted-in. In extended position, the track unit or wheel runs inside the cutting circle which enables easy positioning right next to the neighbor-ing milled cut on the right.

    Track unit or wheel in pivoted-in position.

    Track unit or wheel in extended position.Track unit or wheel in neutral position.

  • Innovations in milling and loading


    The quick-release coupling ensures

    easy plugging of hydraulic

    connections when mounting or

    removing the discharge conveyor.


    Milling flush to curb is possible also at large working depths. The large side plate

    lift enables a curb to be used as a level reference.


    The flexibility of the discharge conveyor is

    increased by the innovative, heavy-duty

    conveyor suspension.

  • 8 //9

    OVERLOAD SENSORS AND ACTIVE FLOATING POSITIONThese smart automated functions prompt the scraper or side plates to be raised briefl y, for example, to prevent sinking in on soft ground.

    ACTIVE SCRAPER HEIGHT CONTROLActive control of the scraper height by means of an ultrasonic sensor op-timizes productivity and minimizes wear and tear of the milling drum and milling drum housing when leaving the milled material in the cut.

    OPTIMIZED VACUUM CUTTING SYSTEMThe suction channel of the vacuum cutting system is designed for optimal fl ow.

    MILLING DRUM TURNING DEVICEThe hydraulically operated milling drum turning device and cutting tool extractor make easy work of tool replacement even with the engine switched off.

    WEAR PROTECTION SEGMENTSThe durability of the side plates is improved by welded-in wear protection segments.

    MILLING DEPTH OF 13 (330 MM)The new cold milling machine achieves maximum milling depths of 13 (330 mm).

    The intelligently designed milling drum is the core element of the 39 (1,000 mm) cold milling machine.


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