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Leader in Industry Specific B2B Websites Since 1997 Developed Hundreds of Vendor and Agency Websites Online Advertising to Database of More Than 100,000 Stores. Just a few of our clients. Highland Graphics Mug World Park Design Sterling Industries and many more!. Christhomas Delton - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Leader in Industry Specific B2B Websites Since 1997 Developed Hundreds of Vendor and Agency Websites Online Advertising to Database of More Than 100,000 Stores

  • About FaceBadash CrystalBrownlowCarsonChristhomasDeltonDennis EastFaith CollectionHighland GraphicsMug WorldPark DesignSterling Industriesand many more!

  • Complete Automated Merchant Electronic Ordering Made EasyCAMEO EZ sites are password-protected. Stores must register, enter their sales tax id and other business information. In 1999 OmegaNet developed this system to make it easy for Vendors to update their own websites by updating an Excel spreadsheet.

  • In 2003, OmegaNet developed a major upgrade that made it possible for stores to copy their registration information to multiple CAMEO EZ websites.

    This upgrade also made enabled Sales Agencies to easily add Vendors products to their websites.

  • Each Companys Site Has Its Own Custom Design

  • Registration & Login PagesSales Tax ID Number and Business Information Required

  • Your Office Gets Store Registration InformationStore Gets Customized Email Saying Thank You for Registering

  • Customizable Category Available Products Page

  • Customize Using Category & Sub-Category Image Options

  • Product Page Detailed Description Page

  • Order by Pricelist

  • Order by SKU

  • Random Search & Keyword Drop DownLets buyer find products across categories

  • View Last / Previous Online OrderRe-Order with a Click

  • (shot of shopping cart)

  • Checkout

  • Order Notification

  • The Secure AdminConsoleWhere your staff gets the complete credit card number

  • Sales History Reports

  • Our free email blast covered the entire cost of the website and then someI received a call from a sales rep this week who thanked us for building the site and listing our reps She said that she used to get her foot in the door with other products and then introduce our product After our blast, however, she had 3 appointments from stores who wanted our product.

  • She said it looked like it would now be our product that would be getting her foot in the door with new clients.Another sales rep principal emailed me to say that one of his reps had been trying to get us into a potential store, but was having trouble. When the store saw our email blast, however, the store owner immediately called for an appointment.

  • I always get excited when I visit a manufacturers website and see that they sell online.I find I SPEND SMARTER and feel better about my selections when I order online in the privacy of my office or home.

  • I dont enjoy the rushed feeling I get at market and ordering online means I dont have to worry about poor planning regarding quantities, colors, etc.Plus its nice to be able to plan my order at my convenience anytime day or night.

  • Direct Marketing Associations (DMA) Power of Direct Economic Impact Study reported that email marketing surpasses all other channels for the return on a dollar invested.E-Marketing: the VeryBEST Return On InvestmentLets take a look at the DMA findings

  • Catalog Marketing = ~ $7 per $1 spentNon-Catalog Direct Marketing = ~ $15 per $1 spent (such as telephone marketing)

    The ROI for Non-Email E-Marketing (PASSIVE E-Marketing) = ~ $20 per $1 spent

    The ROI for Email Marketing (ACTIVE E-Marketing) = ~ $45 per $1 spent

  • Potential customers can search for your company name, keyword or product type and find your companys link or banner. The link or banner gives them information about your company and will link TO your companys web site.

    Non-Email Internet Marketing on various wholesale portals, directories and search engines. Links Banners Display Ads SER SEO Providers, such as: AmericasMart FGMarket Gifts & Dec Giftware News OmegaNets GiftsWholesale.com DecorWholesale.comToysWholesale.com AccessoriesWholesale.com and others !

  • When your company sends out an advertisement via Email TO the potential customers email address. Email Internet Marketing: Company Sending Newsletters To Customers Industry Newsletters (such as OmegaNets Gift & Home Retailer) Email Blasts To Potential Customers / Store

    Providers, such as: AmericasMart Gifts & Dec Giftware News OmegaNet

  • What you are sending ?1) Product 2) Look of the Ad 3) Catchy Subject Line

    Who you are sending to ?1) Quality of Email List 2) Relevant Stores 4) Call to Action 5) Way to measure results /Expectations

    When you are sending ?Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Mon, Sun (in that order)

  • Regular Email Newsletters to Customers

    New Introductions

    Closeouts or Specials



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