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  • LD 08 ALQP District Management Qualification Passport Feb 2015 Page 1 of 25

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    District Management

    Qualification Passport


    1. Summary of GGA District Management Qualification 3

    2. Your Support Network 4

    3. Steps to gain your District Management Qualification 5

    4. Induction 7

    5. Learning Plan and Record 9

    6. District Management Qualification Modules 11

    6.1 Leading Guiding ... 11

    6.2 Leading your Team . 13

    6.3 Minimising Operational Risk 15

    6.4 Managing Administration 17

    6.5 Building for the Future 20

    6.6 Being Involved with Guide Units 22

    7. Finalising your Management Qualification 24

    Qualification and Appointment form 25

    Girl Guides Australia Suite 103, Level 1, 100 William Street, Woolloomooloo NSW 2011 www.girlguides.org.au ALQP District Management Qualification Passport First published in 2013 by Girl Guides Australia Edition 3 - February 2015 Key Contact: GGA Learning & Development Manager Copyright Girl Guides Australia This work is copyright. Apart from any use as permitted under the Copyright act 1968, no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission by the copyright holder.


  • LD 08 ALQP District Management Qualification Passport Feb 2015 Page 3 of 25

    Section 1: Summary of GGA District Management Qualification THis Girl Guides Australia Qualification for both Assistant District Managers and District Managers consists of six modules, see summary below. The Being Involved with Guide Units module is only for Managers who have not previously held an Australian Girl Guide appointment. Managers with Guide leadership experience should be able to complete the Management Qualification within six months.

    District Management Qualification Passport sets out the full requirements for the Qualification and records any relevant experience and / or qualifications, as well as progress. Depending on previous experience and / or qualifications it is possible to gain exemption from some of the requirements.

    Learning Partner a qualified Manager who designs a tailored learning plan for the new Manager and provides guidance on completing learning activities.

    Induction comprises meeting with Region Manager, meeting with Learning Partner, meeting with previous District Manager and Induction to meeting place/s, leadership team and support group/s.

    Learning activities replicate the main management tasks, and can be completed in any order. Many activities in the Passport are signed-off by the new District Manager herself, but some are signed-off by her Region Manager, Learning Partner or other qualified Leaders and Managers.

    Management Qualification training course has two components: a one-day training, Becoming a Manager, ideally at the beginning of the qualification period, and a second one-day training, Leading Volunteers, ideally towards the end of the qualification period.

    First Aid training Provide Basic Emergency Life Support theory only. Can be completed online.

    Guiding Orientation webinar for those Managers new to Guiding. Delivered nationally.

    Completion of Qualification Learning Partner signs-off that new Manager has completed Passport and Region Manager confirms.

    Interim Review after 6 months with the Region Manager to provide further guidance as needed.

    Modules Reading Training Summary of Learning Activities

    Leading Guiding

    Meeting minutes / notes

    Region or State training course, workshop or update

    MQ training Leading Guiding

    7 activities: attend 2 District events, attend Support Group meeting and Region meeting, review State Office whos who, use SGGO website to obtain information, chair 2 District meetings, discuss formation of a Support Group

    Leading your Team

    ALQP Passport Guidance Notes

    Leader records

    Two Management Skills Learning Topics

    MQ training Leading Your Team

    6 activities: speak with 2 Leaders, incorporate Promise and Law in meetings, contact 6 parents, recognise Leaders, contact 2 District Managers, develop Learning Logs

    Minimising Operational Risk

    Guide Lines

    Risk Management Policy & Procedures

    MQ training Minimising Operational Risk

    Provide Basic Emergency Life Support HLTAID002 - theory only

    3 activities: review risk management forms, review how social media is used in District, review District accident or incident notifications

    Managing Administration

    SGGO admin manual

    MQ training Managing Administration

    MQ training Property Management

    MQ training Financial Management

    8 activities: access SGGO database and reports, establish filing system, review forms, complete correspondence and financial responsibilities for three months, review audit requirements, review District budget, identify any property issues

    Building for the Future

    Access local Council websites

    MQ training Building for the Future

    5 activities: undertake promotional event, represent Guiding at a community activity, create 12 month event calendar, discuss leadership opportunities with parents, discuss membership trends

    Being Involved with Guide Units

    Leaders Handbook

    Guiding Orientation

    MQ training Being Involved with Guide Units

    6 activities: access WAGGGS website, participate in 2 ceremonies, attend a Promise ceremony, take part in girl recognition, discuss girls developmental stages, visit 2 Units

  • LD 08 ALQP District Management Qualification Passport Feb 2015 Page 4 of 25

    Section 2: Your Support Network As you proceed in your Management Qualification journey, there are many people who can offer you support. You can write their contact details in the boxes below.

    Region Manager Your Region Manager leads Guiding in your Region and you are responsible to her. You will meet with her at the beginning of the qualification process and at the end she will confirm you have met the requirements for Qualification. She will involve you in Region events and ensure you have all the information you need to perform your role. She is also responsible for signing-off many of the activities in the Passport. Contact details:

    Learning Partner

    Your Learning Partner is an experienced Manager who will guide you through the qualification process. The Learning Partner is appointed by the Region Manager and is part of your Region team. She has undertaken specialist training to perform this role. Her responsibilities include offering advice on what activities will meet the requirements for the Passport as well as helping you to overcome any difficulties you might experience whilst working through the Passport. Your Learning Partner is your first point of call for queries on your learning. Contact details:

    Previous District Manager:

    Assistant District Manager:

    Assistant District Manager:

    Support Group President / Chairperson:

    Region training personnel:

    Neighbouring District Manager:

    Neighbouring District Manager:

    Trefoil Guilds:


  • LD 08 ALQP District Management Qualification Passport Feb 2015 Page 5 of 25


    Section 3: Steps to gain your Management Qualification

    This Passport is designed to help you achieve the Management Qualification for District Managers and Assistant District Managers. If you are already a qualified District Manager transferring from another State / Territory, you will need to meet the relevant Working with Children or Police Checks for your new State. You also need to complete the Induction form (Section 4) and Qualification and Appointment Form (Section 7) but otherwise you do not need to complete this Passport.

    Apply to become a District Manager

    1. Helpful information, including the Guiding for Adults leaflet, is available on the GGA website http://www.girlguides.org.au/get-involved/as-a-leader.html. You may also be able to get a copy of this leaflet from your State Office. Take the opportunity to talk to any Guide Leaders / Managers you know.

    2. The next step is normally to meet informally with your Region Manager so together you can explore the roles that interest you and your level of commitment.

    3. To become a Manager you will need to complete an application for membership and the forms needed to meet the legal and regulatory Working with Children and / or Police Check requirements for your State or Territory. Your Region Manager will give you the appropriate paperwork and tell you where to send your completed application. The application form is also available on your State website to download.

    4. The State Office will send you an information pack. Your Region Manager will help you to obtain a copy of the Leaders Handbook from the State Office. The Leaders Handbook has a useful glossary of terms to help you understand Guide jargon.

    Complete Induction (Section 4)

    5. The first part of your Induction is your meeting with your Region Manager. The Region Manager will set out the requirements of your leadership role, ask you to agree to the Code of Conduct, arrange for a local Induction and appoint a Learning Partner for you. (In some States, the Code of Conduct can be agreed to online or you can sign a form that the Region Manager wil


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