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A unique celebration of fur craft across 3 major fashion disciplines: Womenswear, Menswear, Surface Textiles Knitwear and Accessories.



    LCF 2012

  • A unique celebration of fur craft across 3 major fashion disciplines: Womenswear, Menswear, Surface Textiles Knitwear and Accessories.

    Winning students were selected and sponsored by Saga Furs to explore its appeal through techniques of this age-old craft, in a challenging and modernizing way. The outcomes were not about simply using fur but respecting it, understanding it and relating it to contemporary fashion. Enjoy.

    Rob Phillips


    Creative Director, Rob PhillipsPhotography, Hill & Aubrey assisted by John SeyerBeauty Jennifer Nelson and Meena BhellaCasting Coordinator, Gillian EvansIllustrated graphics and typography, David Hardy Shot on Location at London College of Fashion, Lime Grove Photographic and Film Studios

  • Wenmei Zhang

  • Wenmei ZhangBA (Hons) Fashion Jewellery Lauren Beckley

    The inspiration for my collection is traditional Inner Mongolian women and their hair styles and accessories. The Barga Mongols traditional fur hat and accessories are a big influence on my silhouettes due to my research on Mongolian women hair accessories, the hair style which is is immortalized in the movie star wars. One of the hair styles of Padm Amidala combined traditional Barga Mongols element with modern hair style. It is quite innovative. It fuses traditional and modern, untrammelled but feminine and elegant, simple but luxurious which are all key elements of my design style. Using these elements to develop a creative idea, I have used materials like marble and tortoise shell effect acrylic and some soft material like expensive ethically sourced animal fur. The jewellery is simple, elegant, luxurious, not constrained by the traditional Mongolian cumbersome hair jewellery.

  • Ekaterina Gerasimova

  • Ekaterina Gerasimova BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear Model: Rosemary Lambert

    This collection began through my love of illustrative, symbolic imagery and its application to textiles. The Collection revolves around a multitude of layered surface textiles techniques such as print devore, felting, appliqu and embroidery, in traditional and digital variations, including some specialist fur crafts (sponsored by Saga Furs) that are engineered into my womenswear designs. The creative collaboration between garment and print is a massive inspiration for me that I juxtapose onto sophisticated and playfully elaborate garments. A major influence in all the areas Im researching is Latin American parables and common lavish imagery (often seen in tattoos or religion) deconstructed and reconstructed with my own illustrations. Ive also looked at how elements of African and European Christian culture and local indigenous cultures create amazing, expressive visuals which I have found deeply inspire me. My work is a celebration of diversity through excessive decorative designs.

    I think about a culture obsessed woman from Europe travelling through Brazil discovering cults, crafts, spiritually, rituals, superstitions artefacts and more. These all dramatically affect her image. The element of travel and cultural diversity is inspiring to my work, and where and I want to share that obsession with colours, prints and textures in designs I have for my own.

  • Seth Yeung, Chun Yip

  • Seth Yeung, Chun YipBA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Surface Textile / Knit Lauren Beckley

    I am a Hong Kong born designer based in London best known for my fur/knitwear combinations. During my studies I have explored my interest in creating exquisite and innovative knitwear. Not only do I use domestic knitting machines but my work also features hand-knitting techniques and high-quality hand-craftsmanship. Inventing and exploring new knitting techniques and textiles are essential to my designs. For my final collection, I used fox fur and mohair combined with metallic yarn, very fine Italian cotton pieces with very intricate weaving (on a domestic knitting machine) and I used a technique of mixing with Alpaca fibers and metallic yarn. Only the best quality materials are applied throughout the collection from Italian mercerized cotton, Finland fox and mink to Japanese metallic and Swaziland mohair. During my studies I interned at Giles and Sibling (knitwear) in London, but before that I worked as a digital print and fur designer, working with top brands like YSL, Yves Salomon and Roberto Cavalli. I have worked at many trade shows for fashion week and HK Fur Fai. In 2010 I won the Hong Kong Young Fashion Designer Contest, party and evening wear, using lux cashmere, fox and 3D Hand beading.

  • Rory Parnell - Mooney

  • Rory Parnell - MooneyBA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Menswear Miles Better at M&P

    As a designer my aesthetic is deeply rooted in my up-bringing. I mediate between rural untouched Ireland and the urban backdrop of inner-city London. The bleak nature of these conflicting landscapes inspired my first collection 20XX. A dark minimal aesthetic is pursued through militant fabric selection and sharp pattern work. Precision fitting and fashion forward silhouettes are part of what makes me unique as a designer. Leather, fur, heavy wools and other luxury fabrics are the main textiles used in my work but the contrast drawn between these expensive luxury fabrics and the less refined basic denims and light cottons is what I find truly interesting. Essentially my work is about creating a modern functional minimalism within a raw dark aesthetic.

  • With a very special thank you to Saga Furs for their continued generous

    sponsorship and training.